Warrior Lifestyles Honored at American Sand Association Anniversary Party

REACH Air Medical Award

Weekend Warrior Water Presents Check to ASA

PERRIS, CA    SEPTEMBER 28, 2010:  Larry Broyles from Warrior Lifestyles was honored at America Sand Associations (ASA) 10th Anniversary party September 18, 2010 at the Sand Sports Super Show.  He received an award from REACH Air Medical and presented the ASA with a check from Weekend Warrior Water.

Warrior Lifestyles supplied a trailer for the REACH Air Medical Glamis landing pad location.  The trailer is used as the ground headquarters for the area where pilots spend comfortable hours on call for potential immediate first response calls.  “We want to thank these folks who allowed REACH Air Medical to do some amazing things out there this season, this is a small token of our appreciation for the work that they have done, that has allowed us to have our service as close to those that recreate as possible,” said Don Wharton, West Coast Regional Manager for REACH.

Sand Show Awards – DOWNLOAD WORD DOC

Larry Broyles, President of Weekend Warrior Water, presented the yearly check to the American Sand Association based on water sales.  Five cents from every bottle of water sold goes directly to ASA with the intention of helping keep the dunes open.  “Read the bottle, I have sent the message to people that have no idea about riding, being safe or even being on an ATV,” said Broyles.  “Thank you, I am glad to be a part of this organization, this is my second year and am very proud to work with Bob Mason and all you folks.”

Warrior Lifestyles is focused on the off road community as a whole.  The company gives back as much as they enjoy building quality trailers that allow enthusiasts to have a quality trip.  “Its not a weekend anymore, it is a lifestyle.”



Video of Warrior Water & Check Presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ0r-m-TeDw

Photo Credit: Mike Sommer

About Warrior Lifestyles®

Warrior Lifestyles is a combination of companies that focus on making enthusiasts trip to anywhere imaginable the best possible.  Warrior Lifestyles produces four styles of high quality trailers and is available for service and repair at their Perris, CA location.  Warrior Gear produces trailer accessories and a complete clothing line.  Weekend Warrior Water was originated as a vehicle to assist the American Sand Association with a portion of every sale going towards keeping our land open so we can enjoy the great outdoors.

Sand Show Awards – DOWNLOAD WORD DOC

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