Torchmate Racing Heads to Warmer Weather at W.E. Rock Nationals Jesse Haines and Roger Norman to Compete

roger Norman rock crawl torchmate

Roger Norman

RENO, NV     MARCH 30, 2011   Torchmate Racing will be in full force at the opening round of the W.E. Rock Nationals this weekend in Tucson, AZ with Jesse Haines competing in the Unlimited Class and Roger Norman competing in the ProMod Class.  Also on the track this weekend will be Torchmate Racing Rusty Bray at the TREC series and five-year-old Gwen Garwood in a Sprint Kid Kart.

Jesse Haines bought his winning Unlimited Class buggy back and is excited to be competing in the Unlimited Class this year.  “Not many people know, but I sold my Pro Mod and will be running the Unlimited Class again,” said Haines.  JT Taylor will be spotting for Haines.  He has won an astounding twelve rock crawling competitions from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and had dozens of podium finishes. Between competitions, Haines has built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and other competitors.

Roger Norman will be competing in his first ever rock crawling event this weekend in the Torchmate Racing Pro Mod car.  Normally the pilot of the #8 Crystal Bay Casino winning Trophy Truck, Roger Norman will experience the slow and technical side of rock crawling.  “Communication

Jesse haines torchmate rock crawl

Jesse Haines

is the key.  It’s all about listening and doing exactly what the spotter says.  It’s like having a puppet master,” said Norman after practicing in Reno, Nevada earlier in the week.  “I have been on Fordyce and the Rubicon Trail before, but never as a driver, just as a passenger,” comments Norman about his previous experience.  “I am ready and excited to compete this weekend!”  Mike Shaffer will be spotting for Normans premier appearance.


Also on the track this weekend will be Torchmate Racing’s Rusty Bray racing his Ultra4 car in the TREC Series at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica, IN.  Bray recently finished the King of the Hammers 45th after qualifying through the Last Chance Qualifier.  The TREC series offers a 12+ mile course that has been designed around speed and endurance, not necessarily the difficulty of an obstacle including rocks, hills, mud and sand.

Gwen Garwood will be piloting the Torchmate Racing’s Sprint Kid Kart at the Crossover Series in Dixon, CA this weekend.  At 5 years of age, Gwen Garwood is the youngest member of the Torchmate Racing team and is going to go for the All-Star Karting Championship at the Prairie City Kart Track in Sacramento in her Sprint Kid Kart this year.

Track the success of each of the racers over the weekend on Torchmate Racings Facebook page, and then check next week for their full event recaps.

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Torchmate CNC Cutting Machines can be purchased and more information can be found at


Video of Roger Norman First Time Rock Crawling:

Video of Jesse Haines in his Unlimited Car:

About Torchmate : Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems has been bringing affordable CNC plasma cutting tables and other automation solutions to manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years, and have now extended their product line to include a 2×2 table suitable for any fabricators’ garage.  Torchmate Racing has supported the offroad racing community through marketing partnerships and putting their key employees behind the wheel of the best equipment.  The Torchmate Racing Team is currently involved in racing a Class 6 in the SCORE Baja series and BITD, a Rock Crawler in CalRocs and W.E. Rock, an Ultra4 racer and also support multiple racers in other series including CHCA, TORC, LOORRS and Dirt Track.  Please join the thousands that are already part of the Torchmate family.  Call toll free today at (866)571-1066 or internationally at (775) 673-2200 and let one of the trained CNC professionals guide you through every step of the CNC cutting process.

Sponsors: Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Radflo Shocks, WARN, Raceline Wheels, Magnaflow Exhaust, Eibach Springs,


About Jesse Haines: Over the past decade Jesse Haines has established himself as one of the top fabricators in the off road industry while simultaneously cementing his legacy as one of the winningest drivers in rockcrawling history. Haines was first introduced to rockcrawling while competing at the legendary Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge in 2002 and quickly developed a passion for the sport. Just three short years later, Jesse found himself atop the podium as the WE Rock Unlimited Class National Champion in a vehicle of his own design. To his record, Haines has won an astounding twelve rockcrawling competitions from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and had dozens of podium finishes. Between competitions, Haines has also built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and other competitors. Haines has been on the leading edge of the wildly popular Ultra4 Racing explosion with respectable finishes at VORRA desert races, the Ultra 4 Stampede, and the King of the Hammers. Throughout his career Haines has been seen on Trucks TV, Extreme 4×4, Superlift TV, Lucas Oil – On The Edge, MTV’s Megadrive, and Modern Marvels.
Marketing Partners: Torchmate, Maxxis, PSC, Superior Axle and Gear, Raceline Wheels, Branik Machine Shop, High Angle Driveline

About Roger Norman: Roger Norman will make his premier appearance as a rock crawler in the 2011 W.E. Rock series driving the Torchmate Racing ProMod crawler. His rock crawling experience to date may only include traveling the Rubicon Trail in his stock Hummer, but he is a highly acclaimed desert racer with multiple wins including the 2008 Baja 1000 and the 2010 Mint400.  Roger grew up on the helm of his step-father Bill Muncey’s racing career driving Miss Atlas Van Lines Hydroplane with a exceptional career of over 100 wins. Roger’s first desert race was in 1996, when he competed in BITD Vegas to Reno in a Class 10. He has raced in almost every class, in almost every series including SCORE, BITD, NORRA, CODE and SNORE. Roger has raced, or strived to race, everything. He and his high school sweetheart Elise own the Crystal Bay Casino in Lake Tahoe, CA along with other properties used for offroad and recreational use.
Marketing Partners: Crystal Bay Casino, BFGoodrich, KMC, Vision X, K&N Filters, Mastercraft, Fire ETC, NEO, CMI, Big Ass Fans, Safety Kleen, Eibach Springs, Cruz Roja, Baja Fools, Rod End Supply, High Angle Drivelines, Trail Glow, Galley at the Marina

About Rusty Bray: Kentucky native Rusty Bray brings a Southern style to the team. Bray has been involved in rockcrawling and rock racing competitions for the past decade and has achieved considerable success in that time. Notable accomplishments include winning the 2007 XRRA Eastern Division season championship and winning the 2008 Baja 1000 in Class 1700. In 2011 Bray placed third at the King of the Hammers Last Chance Qualifier in a brand new buggy designed and built by Torchmate Racing’s Jesse Haines. Bray then went on to finish the main event in 45th place, while over half of the 100 car field did not finish. Bray intends to use this new buggy to not only compete in the Ultra4 series but also the East Coast WE Rock, RcRocs, and TREC series as well.
Marketing Partners: Torchmate, Aamco Transmission, Maxxis, Yukon Gear and Axle, Radflo Suspension, High Angle Drivelines, PSC Motorsports, WARN Industries, Branik Motorsports, Raceline Wheels, Griffin Industries, Jesse Haines, Spidertrax

About Gwen Garwood: At only five years of age, Gwen Garwood is the youngest member of the Torchmate Racing team by a wide margin. Her father Josh recognized her driving talent at a young age, when she would drive her “Barbie Jeep” on a homemade track at their home in Northern California. When Gwen turned four last year she got a 50cc Kid Kart for her birthday and it was not long before she wanted to compete. While she did not win her first race, Gwen showed confidence and bravery. For 2011 Gwen will be competing in a select few dirt oval races in her Outlaw Kart and going for the All-Star Karting Championship at the Prairie City Kart Track in Sacramento in her Sprint Kid Kart. Gwen’s goal’s for 2011 include winning the All-Star Karting Championship and gaining as much experience as she can in her Outlaw Kart.
Marketing Partners: Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems, Kartel Motorsports, Magnum Racing Engines,, MTFX Graphics

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