Tom Wayes Physical Lead At King of the Hammers On BFGoodrich Tires Demands Fans Attention

KOH-Wayes-2-BowerMedia-300x200GREENVILLE, SC (Feb 19, 2014) –Tom Wayes sat on the pole at the end of a strong qualifying run on his BFGoodrich Tires on Tuesday for the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers. After Wednesdays qualifying, only one person upped his time by 3 seconds: Nick Nelson. The two started side-by-side at 8am Friday February 7th in an impressive showing, but the talk of the town and live streaming internet coverage was of Tom Wayes.

He was in the physical lead, and on winning pace, until the tone changed with the news of Wayes missing a trail. “I had some navigational errors that cost me the win, but when it came to the BFGoodrich Tires, they were hands down unbelievable. I abused them being in the single-seater, and they withstood everything until the last few miles. I came in on a rim, but that also testifies the strength and traction when three tires can take you over 10 miles and up the sand hill bypass to the finish line!” said Tom Wayes after learning about the penalty assessment. Wayes eventually finished seventh overall.

KOH-2014-BowerMedia-1-300x199Reigning King Randy Slawson finished ninth after battling for the top spots all-day utilizing BFGoodrich’s newest Baja T/A KR2 prototype tire. “Mike and I kept taking about it. We are just blown away at the obstacles that we can crawl. We climbed the waterfall at the top of Wrecking Ball right behind Loren Healy when we caught him, he was in the lead, he winched and we drove it like it was flat and didn’t even spin a tire,” said Slawson at the finish line.

Roger Lovell, driver of record for the Friday’s Ultra4 race, raced the same car Brad Lovell won in on Thursday but with different tires. “The class rules state that the Legends Class have DOT-approved 37” tires, while Friday’s Unlimited Class can have any tire size. On Thursday night we swapped back over to our 39” Baja T/A KR2, a much stronger tire for the type of terrain we put them through,” said Roger Lovell who finished first on Thursday as the co-driver in the Legends Class and 12th on Friday in the Unlimited Class as the driver.

KOH-2014-BowerMedia-1-300x199The BFGoodrich Team of professionals was onsite and consistently busy for the entire week of the King of the Hammers helping all drivers who choose BFGoodrich Tires. Friday, the area was used to help pit for multiple BFGoodrich Tire teams.

Historically, BFGoodrich has been the tire of choice for five of the six past Kings:

· 2008: Shannon Campbell – BFGoodrich

· 2009: Jason Scherer and Jason Berger – BFGoodrich

· 2010: Loren Healy and Rodney Woody – BFGoodrich

· 2012: Erik Miller and Robert Ruggiero – BFGoodrich

· 2013: Randy Slawson and Michael Slawson – BFGoodrich


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