Tis the Season: Gift Guide Ideas

im not just a girlI’m Not Just a Girl – I’m Not Just a Girl is a Clothing line that has nice, respectful and fun clothing for Ladies that fits properly from XS-4XL.  The Jewelry line includes Sterling Silver charms and multiple variations of necklaces. ‘I’m Not Just A Girl’ applies to all girls, women and ladies that strive to be more everyday: I Drive, I Ride, I Surf, I Ski, I Fly, I Shoot, I’m a Mom, I’m a Survivor, I’m a Veteran, I’m a Racer and so many more…  www.ImNotJustAGirl.com







Race Team StoreRace Team Store – Want to support an Off Road Race Team, Event Series or Company?  Shirts, hats and other branded gear is now available online in one spot!  Profits go to the teams to help support their efforts.  Buying 3 shirts before the shipping increases allows you to fill out your closet or buy for many on your shopping list this year.  If you don’t see your favorite team listed, send them our way or let us know!  www.RaceTeamStore.com







Gift Idea Bower mediaBower Motorsports Media –  Have a Favorite Picture that has a Bower Motorsports Media logo on it?  We can turn that picture into one of many one-off photo creations for your home, office, garage or man-cave.  A great gift for someone that already has everything!  From as simple as a Large Frameable Picture to more intricate Wall Décor.  Many options include but are not limited to Mugs, Totes, Glass Prints, Blankets, Mouse Pads, Clocks, Keepsake boxes, T-shirts and more!  Contact Charlene@BowerMedia.com directly.   www.BowerMedia.com

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