Team Badoink Race Baja 500 With Driven Experiences

badoinkTeam Badoink Trophy Spec #869, consisting of driver of record Tim Whale and business partner Mark Hoashi, will take the ultimate adventure in racing on Saturday June 6th at the 41st SCORE Baja 500.  After an intensive two weeks of driving between Driven Experiences training facility at Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado, the deserts of Barstow California and a full week in Baja pre-running, the team is confident that they are starting with the skills they need to finish. “When we got to Colorado we really didn’t know anything about these trucks and the Baja, we just had a dream to race them,” said Tim Whale.  “We have been working tireless hours with everyone at Driven Experiences learning and perfecting how to drive.  It is way more than just pressing the gas pedal and going!”


The blue and white Team Badionk #869 will start 9th in their Trophy Truck Spec Class at approximately 10:30am on Saturday June 6th.  The race can be tracked online at


badoinkTim began looking for a program like Driven Experiences offers years ago.  When he recently saw a GoPro video that featured the race truck, he called Driven Experience to see how it worked.  Talking to Andrew Hendricks and Jeff Humberson they scheduled the Baja 500 opportunity.  Tim, travelling from London, and Mark, travelling from San Francisco, arrived in Colorado with high expectations yet no idea how the team would get them to the finish line.  With the help of their sponsors Well Hello!, Like a Boss, Housewives, Media Reps, Mojo Host, Gilad Desert Produce Ltd and J-Pop Music Group, Team Badoink has confidence that the finish line is in sight.


With pre-running as co-drivers coming to and end and the drivers seat on the itinerary for the next couple days, Tim and Mark had the following to say:

Tim Quote – “I am a bit nervous about pre-running, there is some tricky terrain out there, I just want to keep it rolling until the finish,” said Tim.  But after pre-running, “I had a good time, I enjoyed it.  I ate about 3 kilos of dust, but it was good.”


Mark Quote – “The best part was Gateway Canyons at Driven Experiences, it was actually a resort.  This isn’t a resort,” laughed Mark.  But as he started to pre-run he saw a different side, “I saw my first mirage today, my first real mirage, other than the one I have seen in Vegas.  This one I would walk towards,” said Mark.


Marketing Partners: Badoink Magazine, Well Hello!, Like a Boss, Housewives, Media Reps, Mojo Host, Gilad Desert Produce Ltd and J-Pop Music Group

Photo Credit: Bower Motorsports Media

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