Rubicon Trail Foundation

The Rubicon Trail Foundation Mission Statement is to enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year-round trail access.

I was asked to lead their 2012 Annual Summit and was honored.  The board has a healthy past and future.  They have continued to set goals and reach out to achieve them, the most recent a purchase of 316 acres of land for family camping near the Rubicon Trail.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation hosts two major fundraisers a year: Cantina on the Con   and    Black Tie & Boots.  They also host smaller events throughout the year as opportunities arise.

For more information on the Rubicon Trail Foundation go to:


As part of our experience, we did Board of Director videos.  These are great videos sharing why the Foundation is important to each and a point of significance.  These will populate their website and help spread the word about the Foundation.


As posted on:


Scott Johnston, President: 



John Arenz, Vice President:


Dave Gross, Treasurer: 



Chris Coan, Secretary:


Jeff Nilluka:


Rusty Folena:



Ken Hower: 


Matt Farley: 


Frank Funk: 


Dave Thomas: 


Sean Russell:


Ryan Mohondro: 


Dan DeWolf: 


Don Spuhler: 



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