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Rubicon Trail Foundation 2012 Accomplishments and 501(c)3 Donation Opportunity

Rubicon Trail Foundation logoAs we look back on 2012, the Rubicon Trail Foundation has been busy working to maintain its Mission of ‘Enhancing the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year-round trail access.’  If the Rubicon Trail is a part of your favorite places, please consider donating to the 501(c)3 non-profit Educational Foundation so they can continue their efforts.  Direct Link to Donate, or Contact current President Scott Johnston with questions  There are many ways you can participate and get involved, read more here

Below is a List of Accomplishments for 2012, Thank you to all that helped make this possible.


RTF 2012 Accomplishments

  • Provided Friends of the Rubicon work weekend meals and supplies: The work weekend in June on Cadillac Hill, Work on the repeater building, The work weekend in September on the Wentworth Springs water-bars and the sigh kiosk. The Pirates of the Rubicon Clean Up Run in October.
  • Attended over 18 local events educating the public about the Rubicon Trail. (Calrocs, FLB fundraiser,Cal4, Jeepers Jamboree, Jeep Jamboree, etc)
  • Maintained bathrooms along the Rubicon Trail, including pumping water into and solids out of the toilets at the end of the year.


Political Action Team (PAC) 2012 Activity

  • Attended Sierra Cascades Dialog Meetings, the best form of mass communication with the US Forest Service to shape their actions with regard to social, environmental and economic impacts in or near Sierra forests.
  • Provided continuous leadership and participation in the Rubicon Oversight Committee.
  • Interacted consistently with the Central Valley Regional Water Board in order to understand and affect the outcomes of their decisions.
  • Participated in the Rubicon Trail Easement NEPA process, including scoping, comment, appeal, and appeal negotiations.  This insured the quality of the final product and prevented the possibility of future lawsuits.
  • Commented on the 42 trails project, and encouraged comment among the users, encouraging the forest to consider continuous use of the Richardson Lake/Sourdough Mountain trail.
  • Met with the County on multiple occasions at formal meetings and in the field to encourage the limitation of trail alteration during BMP work, including limiting rock size reduction in Little Sluice.
  • Provided on the trail services for the public in the form of Mid Trail Staff, bathroom placement and maintenance, and toilet pumping.
  • Met with other organizations (Blue Ribbon Coalition, California Off Road Vehicle Association, California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs etc.) in order to solidify those relationships for the betterment of the trail.
  • Met with State Parks and El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in order to assist with planning and execution of law enforcement on the trail.


Thank you to supporters of our annual fundraisers helping us to Enhance the Future Health of the Rubicon Trail:
Black Tie & Boots raised $28,000
Cantina 2012 raised $48,000


Direct Link to Website:

Direct Link to Donate,

Contact current President Scott Johnston with questions


Rubicon Trail Foundation

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