Roger Norman will Ironman the Mexicana Logistics 300 in Single Seat Trophy Truck

RENO, NV     SEPTEMBER 26, 2010  –  Roger Norman is excited to go back to Baja and compete in the Mexicana Logistics 300 in the single seat Trophy Truck.  “All the desert racing fans down there are awesome, Mexicali is the biggest city and they have the most fans.  This CODE race is the biggest race in Mexico not sanctioned by SCORE,” said Roger Norman.

Norman will start in the 11th position.  There are currently 21 Trophy Trucks and Class 1 cars entered.  “I am going to drive the single seat Trophy Truck, so I will just ironman the entire race,” commented Norman.  “In that truck I sit mid cab, with one foot on one side of the transmission bell housing, and the other foot about 2ft away on the other side.  It is awkward for the first few miles, but then it is just 2 footed racing.”  Ensenada Motorsports maintains the truck and he has campaigned a 100% Mexican team, “I’m the only one that is not Mexican yet, but I’m getting close!” laughed Norman.

Norman attended the Media day a couple weeks ago where he took members of the northern Baja media on rides in the pre-runner.  “Are you guys ready?” said Norman….”Muy Bien!” exclaimed the reporter after sailing over the large jump.  Norman will be back in the Mexicali for all the pre-race ceremonies including a Dezert People 8 premier at the Boom Boom Club on Thursday and an evening with the Mayor of Mexicali and the CODE officials.

Starting Order: Class Open Truck/1

10 Elias Canchola Sr.

88 Armando Bravo

45 Gary Magness

80 Juan Carlos Lopez

50 Jason McNeil

5 Juan Carlos Ibarra

30 Raul Montiel

32 Chelsea Magness

21 Gustavo Vildósola

27 Carlos Ibarra

8 Roger Norman

60 Robert Pickering

69 Fernando Gazca

101 Hiram Ibarra

102 Charles Rudolph

103 Mario Acosta

104 Javier Robles

105 Shawn McCallum

147 Gonzalo Pirrón

148 Alfredo Torres

149 Ricardo Valdez

Videos from Media Day:

Roger speaks at 2:34, Action at 8:30:

Roger takes Media in the Pre-Runner:

For More information on the Mexicana Logistics 300:

Roger Norman Website:

Next Race:

Baja 1000 ;  November 17-20, 2010

Save the Date:

December 4th Fundraiser at Norman Motorsports Facility in San Diego, CA supporting Foster Kids of San Diego and Cruz Roja


Norman Motorsports Partners: Crystal Bay Casino, BFGoodrich, KMC, Vision X, K&N Filters, Mastercraft, Fire ETC, NEO, CMI, Big Ass Fans, Safety Klean, Cruz Roja, Baja Fools, AutoVac, Fluidyne, Rod End Supply, High Angle Drivelines, Trail Glow, Galley at the Marina


If you would like more information about this race, wish to schedule an interview, or want to inquire about sponsoring Roger Norman, please call Charlene Bower at 714-394-1716 or email Charlene at

Mexicali 300 – DOWNLOAD WORD DOC

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