Roger Norman Will Iron Man 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 After Completing Full Solo PreRun

Roger Norman / Lance Clifford

RENO, NV     NOVEMBER 11, 2010  – Roger Norman’s Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck will start first off the line in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  Roger Norman will remain the driver the entire 1050 miles, with co-driver Lance Clifford.  “I feel that this is the best opportunity that I would have in my life to Iron Man a race and win.  You just can’t turn down an opportunity like that,” states Roger Norman who will be first off the line with an incredible truck, a co-driver who has invested as much effort into pre-running the race as Norman and an extremely supportive team.

Norman and Clifford have pre-ran over 5,200 miles since mid-October.  “We have been putting in a lot of time making sure that our notes are right, and then checking them again,” said Clifford.  “Roger is a very strong driver and I think that we will be solid come race day.”  They have been recapping their daily adventures of pre-running at

After the extensive time invested in pre-running, Roger wanted to do one complete run of the course to ensure that he was ready to Iron Man the race.  He successfully completed the task this week driving the entire racecourse, less the first 30 or so miles. “We had a little longer pits than normal, and we lost communications for almost the entire racecourse, but I didn’t have one flat BFGoodrich tire or any real problems with the truck.  Overall, we had a great run, and I feel very confident that Lance and I will be able to run the entire race and be successful.”  Norman drove the single seat trophy truck that he has competed in twice this year at the NORRA 1000 and the Mexicana Logistics 300.  “The most wild part of the whole thing was at around midnight I hit a mile long silt bed outside of Loreto, there was a so much silt coming over the hood it was amazing!  I knew that I was the only one out there to dig myself out with no way to call for help, so I was even that more motivated to get through it,” laughed Norman.

The entire Norman Motorsports team is very excited about the race coming up next week.  Roger will be in Ensanada all week handing out autograph cards featuring KMC wheels and the entire team.

For More information on the SCORE Baja 1000:

Roger Norman Website:

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Next Race:

Baja 1000 ;  November 17-20, 2010

Save the Date:

December 4th Fundraiser at Norman Motorsports Facility in San Diego, CA supporting Foster Kids of San Diego and Cruz Roja


Norman Motorsports Partners: Crystal Bay Casino, BFGoodrich, KMC, Vision X, K&N Filters, Mastercraft, Fire ETC, NEO, CMI, Big Ass Fans, Safety Klean, Cruz Roja, Baja Fools, AutoVac, Fluidyne, Rod End Supply, High Angle Drivelines, Trail Glow, Galley at the Marina

43rd Annual TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000
Nov. 16-20, 2010—Final round of five-race 2010 SCORE Desert Series
Ensenada, Baja California, to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico – 1050+ miles
TOTAL ENTRIES: 207 (33 States, 15 Countries) (as of 10/10/10)

8 Roger Norman
21 Gus Vildosola Jr.
97 B.J. Baldwin
31 Andy McMillin
84 Nick Vanderwey
71 Rick D. Johnson
9 Mark Weyhrich
23 Mark McMillin
59 Craig Potts
1 Robby Gordon
35 Jason Voss
74 Rob Bruce
2 Pete Sohren
47 James Bult
16 Cameron Steele
3 Mark Post
94 Steve Strobel
22 Damen Jefferies
13 Ed Stout
61 Josh Hall
24 Adam Householder
45 Gary Magness
49 Troy Herbst
88 Jerry Whelchel
19 Tim Herbst
54 Jesse James
7 Scott Steinberger
48 Jimmy Nuckles
27 Dave Crinklaw
73 John Harrah
86 Mike Jenkins
20 Rob MacCachren
76 Jesse Jones
30 Robbie Pierce
95 Scott Whipple

CLASS 1 (17)
101 Steve Appleton
102 Kory Halopoff
103 Daniel McMillin
104 Josh Rigsby
105 Cameron Thieriot
106 Dale Lenk
107 Dan Martin
108 Armin Schwarz
109 Eric Chase
110 Juan C. Flores
111 David Greenhill
112 Armin Kremer
113 Rudy Cortez
114 Todd Romano
115 Paul Keller
116 Conan Barker
117 Ikuo Hanawa

CLASS 1-2/1600 (8)
1601 Jay Reichert
1602 Wes McKenzie
1603 Harry Curtin
1604 Arturo Velazco
1600 Hiram Duran
1647 Arnoldo Ramirez
1648 Luke McMillin
1649 Daniel Lopez

CLASS 3 (1)
301 David Moore

CLASS 5 (5)
501 Cody Kellogg
500 Kevin Carr
503 Drew Belk
518 Vince Wavra
519 Tom Bird

CLASS 5/1600 (4)
551 Dennis Webb
552 Trevor Anderson
553 Sergio Moreno
579 Enrique Zazueta Jr.

CLASS 6 (5)
601 JT Taylor
602 Marc Burnett
603 Fernando Manzo
600 Heidi Steele
619 Dave Caspino

CLASS 7 (2)
701 Jackie Husmann
700 Dan Chamlee

741 Norman Turley

CLASS 8 (4)
800 Clyde Stacy
801 Sam Stahl
802 Noah Ostanik
839 Francisco Monroy

CLASS 10 (5)
1001 Peter Hajas
1002 Lars Ferry
1003 Jesus Gonzalez
1004 Sergio Salgado
1005 Jon Walker

1201 Justin Davis
1202 Perry McNeil
1203 Zack Langley
1204 Samuel Araiza
1205 Jose Cervantes Jr.
1206 Lee Banning
1207 John Padgett
1208 Dave Wert
1209 James Marquez
1200 Brent Parkhouse

CLASS 11 (2)
1101 Alfonso Lacarra
1100 Eric Solorzano

861 Sam Edgar
879 Joe Bacal

778 Ivan Stewart
760 Gavin Skilton

1360 Nils Castillo
1340 Chelsea Magness
1313 Paul Perrizo
1301 Troy Vest

CLASS 17 (3)
1700 Mike Shaffer
1701 Eric Filar
1702 Perry Coan

BC1 Mike Cassling
BC2 John McInnis III
BC3 Dr. Steven Funk
BC4 Christian Hammarskjold
BC5 Bud Brutsman
BC6 Brian Valentine
BC19 Nick Baldwin

CLASS 2 (2)
201 James Kirby
202 Mark Stevens

CLASS 4 (1)
401 John Langley

CLASS 7-2 (2)
721 Fawn Finchum
722 Reid Rutherford

M1 Glenn Harris
M2 Donald Verhoff
M3 James McAvoy
CLASS 22 (8)
2x Gabriel Williams-S
3x A.J. Stewart
4x Junpei Saito
5x Steve Corrie
1x Kendall Norman
7x David Pearson
8x Colton Udall
9x Francisco Arredondo

CLASS 21 (2)
101x Sol Saltzman
102x Adam Neuwirth

CLASS 20 (1)
151x Jason Trubey

CLASS 30 (6)
301x Javier Henandez
302x Steve Garnett
303x Jonathan Jessy
304x Markus Saarinen
305x Ace Nilson
306x Francisco Septien

CLASS 40 (7)
401x Tom Vogt
402x Lloyd Andrew
403x Boo Custer
404x Louie Franco
405x Mike Prunty
406x Andrew Wilkins
449x Terry Peregoodoff-S

CLASS 50 (2)
501x Jim Dizney
500x Jim O’Neal

CLASS 60 (2)
600x Donald E. Lewis
619x Bill Nichols

CLASS 25 (4)
2a Felipe Velez
3a Scott Chandler
1a Wayne Matlock
5a Josh Edwards

CLASS 24 (4)
101a Shawn Robins
102a Brandon Brown
103a Tom Wright
104a Natanael Morron

CLASS 26 (1)
201a Reid Rutherford

1401 Dan Kolenich
1400 Peter Lang

1501 Randy Swink
1502 Bill Wolford

1800 Thomas Graves
1801 Kevin Fuller
1802 Chris Koch

SPT M/C 250< (5)
201x Edd Price
202x Michele Bergman
203x Matt Ladendorf
204x Greg Willitts
205x Fred Sobke

SPT M/C 250> (32)
251x Tom Lajoie
252x Don Gentry
253x Mike Frick
254x Mike Mensinger
255x Barry Van Fossan
256x Oscar Fazz
257x Donald Hatton
258x Lance Kane-S
259x Carl Westphal
260x John Legate
261x David Smoljan-S
262x Craig Anstine
263x Yoshiyuki Imai
264x Peter Hardy-S
265x Chuck Shortt
266x Tibi Imbuzan-S
267x Tom Buikema
268x Nobuyuki Oguri
269x Go Onodera
270x Makoto Mitsuki
271x Anthony Nicodemo
272x Paul Lopez
273x Ulises Fierro
274x Salvador Sainz
275x Michael Korenwinder
276x Sanjay Shanbhag
277x James Avery
278x Tomoki Hayashi
279x Timothy Schimke
280x Andrew Tweedle
281x Keith Ciampa
282x Thierry Mas-S

99a Gustavo Ameca
S-Indicates Solo Rider

If you would like more information about this race, wish to schedule an interview, or want to inquire about sponsoring Roger Norman, please call Charlene Bower at 714-394-1716 or email Charlene at

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