Roger Norman Prepares for the Baja 500 Teamed with Eleven Time Baja 500 Overall Winner Larry Roeseler

RENO, NV     MAY 26, 2010  –  Roger Norman and the Crystal Bay Casino team of Larry Roeseler and Eric Branstrom are focused on the win of the Baja 500 on June 5, 2010.  “This is a very important race for us as a team,” states Norman, “Larry has won the Baja 500 eleven times overall and it is important that we work together to add another win to that list.”  Starting 37th out of the 42 trophy trucks entered, this team will have to have their passing game in check to work their way to the front.

Recently they spent the weekend in Baja pre-running to begin making notes on the course and the passing areas. “The pre-run went excellent,” said Norman who spent his birthday on the trails of Baja.  “I got to run my section three times, the first time taking over 17 hours to complete while making meticulous notes. Come race day we anticipate this section (240 miles) will take around 4 hours to complete and the overall race will take about 8 to 9 hours.” This years race will be more extreme than in recent years because of heavy rains on the coast and in the mountains.

Roger Norman and Jen Horsey

Eric Branstrom, the co-driver for both Norman and Roeseler, has 12 years experience in the off road fab and mechanical side bringing the technical aspect to the driving team.  “I know that Larry and I are going to have to work at picking off one driver at a time, and hopefully by Borego when Roger gets in we will be right in the thick of things,” comments Branstrom.  “We have a lot of dust challenges so pre-running to develop quality notes will be key to our success.  With the nature of racing, some will hand us the position and others we will have to fight for it.”

Norman Motorsports continues to look for winning solutions, and Norman has found an interest in learning from Rally Racing.  Joining the team for the pre-run last weekend was Jen Horsey who is a rally co-driver and an in car announcer for the X-Games.  “I haven’t been exposed to this sport before, so it was fun for both of us to learn a little from each other,” comments Horsey.

Larry Roeseler has eleven Baja 500 overall wins, nine on a motorcycle and two on 4 wheels, and countless more class wins which brings the team the experience that will be needed to push through the pack early in the race.  “I have always been successful at this race, it’s not too long and it’s not too short, but it is always really exciting,” said Roeseler.  His first official race was the Baja 500 in 1972 on a 125cc motorcycle taking the class win.

The #8 Crystal Bay Casino Norman Motorsports team will be taking on the Baja 500 June 5th with a 60 plus person team including four chase trucks, one communication bus, a video group including a helicopter and the Baja Fools will man two pits with 28 volunteers.


Norman Motorsports Coverage for the Baja 500 can be found at or

More Information on the Baja 500:

Photos Compliments of Jen Horsey


Next Race:

Octane Fest ; June 12, 2010 First time in a Short Course SuperLite Truck

Xtreme Outlaws ; June 19, 2010


Sponsors: Crystal Bay Casino, BFGoodrich, KMC, Vision X, K&N Filters, Mastercraft, Fire ETC, NEO, CMI, Big Ass Fans, Safety Klean, Cruz Roja, Baja Fools, AutoVac, Fluidyne, Rod End Supply, Summers Brothers, High Angle Drivelines


If you would like more information about this race, wish to schedule an interview, or want to inquire about sponsoring Roger Norman, please call Charlene Bower at 714-394-1716 or email Charlene at

Roger Norman Baja500 Pre-Run – DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT

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