Rausch Creek Qualifier

The 29 competitors that came to the starting line on Saturday morning May 21, 2011 knew they all had one thing in common….they would come back wet and covered in mud!  A mud fest it was, but less than what had been anticipated when the rain subsided that morning for the remainder of the day.


The question was simple…was Shannon Campbell going to win the third race in the series?  One of three single seat vehicles, also including Doug Bigelow and Cottin Rodd, were they at disadvantages when it came time to winch?  Would that really play a role?


The answers came around mid day when Shanoon romped up the muddy hill and rolled causing him multiple issues throughout the day, and finally a tow job back to the pits.


The real race was between Lucas Murphy who started 8th and Levi Shirley who started 6th from the beginning all the way to the last lap.  They battled, they held each other off, and at the end, Levi Shirley blew up the engine, and Lucas Murphy got tied up on a hill allowing third place lurker Rusty Bray to show his consistency and sneak in for the win.  Brian Shirley took second and Derek West took third.


Of the 29 that started, only 10 finished the race.  Now that is some mud flinging action!

Tag Pictures on Facebook

Friday Qualifying: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.207330925975675.56207.125714130804022&type=1

Raceday Album 1: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.207339052641529.56209.125714130804022&type=1

Raceday Album 2: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.207349255973842.56213.125714130804022&type=1

Friday Quailfying

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Saturday Race Day

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List of Finishers

1.     Rusty Bray  5:09:10     #4498

2.     Brian Shirley  5:13:18  #18

3.     Derek West  5:15:58   #4420

4.     Lucas Murphy  5:19:37  #816

5.     Bill Baird  5:25:07    #5252

6.     Ben Napier   5:33:36    #4461

7.     Doug Bigelow   5:49:14    #13

8.     Alan Wodson   7:00:03    #86

9.     Jim Lambert   7:13:43    #327

10.  John Sweet   7:54:14      #366

11.  Sean Rose   8:08:19      #914

12.  Matt Noually  8:17:11    #328


1.     Cottin Rodd    #4407

2.     Levi Shirley    #81

3.     Erik Miller   #4421

4.     Lou Levy    #231

5.     Aaron Turcotte    #617

6.     Scott Morris    #4492

7.     Mike Feagins    #929

8.     Shannon Campbell    #4495

9.     Mike Collville    #4418

10.  Tim Diekmann    #4343

11.  Bill Gilbert    #696

12.  Craig Jerson   #513

13.  Bunny Rose   #812

14.  Brett Keller

15.  Tim Smoluk   #108

16.  JT Stephens   #4454

17.  Kim Matzen    #36

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