Raceline Wheels Supports Those That Support Off Roading

Del Albright

GARDEN GROVE, CA    DECEMBER 30, 2010:  Raceline Wheels is a big supporter of those that fight to keep our public land open, long-standing leaders in the industry and key events.  “When it comes down to it, if these guys and gals aren’t out doing their job, we all may not have a job or a place to use our wheels,” said Greg Mulkey.  Raceline Wheels supports the Blue Ribbon Coalition, ORBA, key leaders like Del Albright and Dan Mick and multiple race series including W.E. Rock, CalRocks, SNORE and the King of the Hammers.

One of the most visible red jeeps on the trails these days is that of Del Albrights from Blue Ribbon Coalition.  “Greg Mulkey of Raceline Wheels changed my BlueRibbon landuse life when he gave me the idea of a BRC Auction to raise funds online,” said Del Albright BlueRibbon Ambassador.  “Greg also put a set of Raceline Wheels on my Land Use War Machine Jeep to ensure I can handle the big boy trails like the Rubicon, and I’ve never had better performance and air-down capability, let alone looked so darn good!”  Blue Ribbon Coalition works daily to support keeping land open for all of us to use and share with our family and friends.

Dan Mick

Dan Mick is a name known synonymously with Moab.  He has been offering guided trail rides since 1992 and holds many accomplishments including pioneering the Golden Spike Trail in 1989.  Dan Mick’s JK Jeep, whos signature paint scheme is instantly recognizable, has Raceline Wheels.  “Greg Mulkey and Raceline remember who the grass roots are.  They have kept us on the trails for years and I can say we have never had a wheel problem in the years of wheeling in Moab on some of the most extreme red rock terrain,” said Dan Mick.

Dave Cole and Jeff Knoll introduced the King of the Hammers in 2008, and Raceline Wheels stepped up to be one of the first sponsors of the event.  Raceline wasn’t wrong, as the event has grown to be one of the biggest offroad events today.  Raceline continues to be the Official Wheel of the Griffin King of the Hammers for 2011.  Raceline Wheels will host the 2nd Annual Show and Shine and will supply the trophies for the drivers and volunteers.

Raceline Wheels believes in treading lightly.


About Raceline Wheels®

Founded in 1996, Raceline Wheels® are competition proven wheels with multiple championships in many different racing disciplines.  Raceline Wheels® has had great success on taking knowledge from racing to the street, bringing the same high quality products to a full line of wheels for everyday vehicles. Owned by Allied Wheel Components, Inc., Raceline Wheels® distributes its products through an independent distributor system in the United States and through international distributors in more than 30 countries.  Headquartered in Garden Grove, California (Orange County), Raceline Wheels® is a wheel industry leader in performance, craftsmanship, engineering and innovation. For more information on Raceline Wheels®, log onto www.racelinewheels.com.

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