Raceline Wheels Supports Many Drivers at Upcoming King of the Hammers

Raceline 2nd Annual Show and Shine & Raceline Volunteer, Driver and Crew Dinner

GARDEN GROVE, CA    JANUARY 31, 2011:  Raceline Wheels was one of the original sponsors of the King of the Hammers in 2008 and continues to be the Official Wheel of the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers.  In this years race 53 of the 148 listed racers are utilizing Raceline Wheels.  “Many racers in the Ultra4 class have experienced the Raceline effect: winning races and more importantly finishing races,” said Raceline Offroad Brand Manager Greg Mulkey.

Raceline will be in HammerTown the entire week for any technical questions for rock crawlers, tow rigs, trailers, UTVs and race vehicles. During the vendor show Raceline Wheels will have a booth with deals on wheels in the Main Tent.  “We have been involved with King of the Hammers since day one and we are proud to be a part,” said Mulkey.  “I always look forward to being a part of this innovative type of racing.”  Raceline, in conjunction with Extreme Wheelers 4 Christ in Yucca Valley, will be providing volunteers, racers and crew dinner on Thursday night consisting of over 3000 tacos.  Raceline will also host the 2nd annual Raceline Show and Shine on Thursday from 2pm-5pm where racers and spectators can enter their vehicle.  Trophies made of forged billet aluminum are built at Raceline for all race winners, show and shine winners, volunteers and others that earn special recognition.

raceline wheels

2010 Preparing 3000 Tacos for Volunteers, Drivers and Crew

The main stars of the event are the racers and Raceline Wheels is proud to have some of the best racers at the King of the Hammers on their wheels including Ben Napier, Chris Ridgway, Derek West, Doug Bigelow, Eric Anderson, Jesse Haines, JT Taylor, Kevin Sacalas, Kevin Yoder, Lucas Murphy and Rick Mooneyham.  All of these drivers profiles can be found on RacelineWheels.com.  Many of the racers compete in more than just King of the Hammers including Kevin Yoder who said, “My Raceline wheels performed flawlessly all year.  Yoder Racing competed in Rock Crawling, Desert Racing, King of the Hammers, Rock Racing, Lands End hill climb and also did many trail runs all on the same set of Raceline Monster beadlock wheels.”  It is the quality of the Raceline Wheels that keeps racers rolling including Jesse Haines who said, “Raceline Wheels have always been so solid for me that it’s a part of the car I never have to worry about. There are tons of things that can take you out of a race, but I’m confident that my Raceline Wheels aren’t one of them.”

The team from Raceline Wheels will be at the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers to support all the racers and enthusiasts.


Additional Information on King of the Hammers:  www.Ultra4Racing.com


About Raceline Wheels®

Founded in 1996, Raceline Wheels® are competition proven wheels with multiple championships in many different racing disciplines.  Raceline Wheels® has had great success on taking knowledge from racing to the street, bringing the same high quality products to a full line of wheels for everyday vehicles. Owned by Allied Wheel Components, Inc., Raceline Wheels® distributes its products through an independent distributor system in the United States and through international distributors in more than 30 countries.  Headquartered in Garden Grove, California (Orange County), Raceline Wheels® is a wheel industry leader in performance, craftsmanship, engineering and innovation. For more information on Raceline Wheels®, log onto www.racelinewheels.com.

Complete List of 2011 King of the Hammers Competitors on Raceline Wheels

#            Team Name                        Driver                        CoDriver            HomeTown

13            Torchmate Racing            JT Taylor            Nick Socha            Fountain, CO

22            Trent Fabrication                        Derek Trent            Mike Turner            Reno, NV

23            Trent Fabrication                        Chris Ridgway            Taylor Tracy            Apple Valley, CA

67            Hollfelder Racing                        Jeff Hollfelder            Jeffery Hollfelder  Mountain Ranch, CA

66            Team 4 Wheel Parts            Eric Anderson            Aaron Frappier            Apple Valley, CA

70            Ellett Racing                        Clint Ellett            Roy Ramey            Calhan Co

80            Desert Concepts                        Larry McCrae            Jarred Jones                        Banning, CA

88            Hendrick Jeep Chrysler            Scott Sines            Randy Baum            Charleston, SC

109            H & H Racing                        Fred Hill            Richard Gauthier            New Smyran Beach, Fiji

124            No Limit                        Andy Johnson            Phil Blunton            Grass Valley, CA

187            Crawling Chaos                        Shawn Inman            Carl Langerhans            Fredericksburg, TX

202            Crush Motorsports            Ritchie Keller            Kyle Keller            Elkland, MO

212            Rock Ware Motorsports            Matt Peterson            Ben Robbins            Colorado Springs, CO

313            Big Country Customs            Dustyn Friesen            Jaime Colbert            Mission BC Canada

343            Emick Racing                        Dustin Emick            Tim Emick            Orangevale, CA

407            Billygoat Motorsports            Bill Kreisel            Bryan Haycock            Citrus Heights, CA

450            NorCal Rock Racing            John Goodby            Ian Jorgensen            Folsom, CA

518            Branik Motorsports            Brandon Haynes            Sean Vinyard            Fort Wayne, IN

554            Trick Toys Racing            Rick Mooneyham            Nate LaRusso            Lake Havasu City, AZ

780            Team ICELAND-TNT            Ragnar Robertsson  Corey Kruchkowski  Iceland

816            Murphy’s Law Motorsports  Lucas Murphy            Jon Hastie            North Easton, MA

864            Team BNS Racing            Joe Bunker            Marcus Williams            Monroe, WA

913            DynoMax                        Bob Willis            Rob Bonney            Chandler, AZ

929            WWSD Rockracing            Michael Feagins            Chris Corbman            Batesville, IN

604            604 Racing                        Kris Fraser            Tommy Hunter            MapleridgeBC, Canada

4138            Rig Racing/Rarworx 4×4            Craig Ross            Mike Isom            Montrose, CO

4343            Liquid Iron Racing            Tim Diekmann            Kyle McShea            West Berlin, NJ

4405            MFS Racing                        Travis Carpenter            Dan Trout            Orangevale, CA

4406            Usnick Motorsports            Rob Usnick            Billy Brown            Fayetteville, NC

4413            Bigelow Motorsports            Doug Bigelow            N/A                        Emmitsburg, MD

4416            Motorsports Fab Services            Brian Tilton            Craig Baum            Orangevale, CA

4420            Crush Motorsports            Derek West            Jason Henne            Springfield, MO

4424            Team Nasty                        Matt Enochs            Kelly Kaisel            Alvord, TX

4434            Yoder Racing                        Kevin Yoder            Al Frangione            Grass Valley, CA

4435            Team Gen-Right                        Kevin Sacalas            Kory Merrill            Riverside, CA

4440            LT Motorsports                        Travis Cook            Lisa Rush            Springfield, MO

4443            Emick Racing                        Tim Emick            Keith Pardue            Orangevale, CA

4441            D 2 Racing                        Darren Henke            Darlene Henke            Golden, CO

4447            Camco Rock Racing            Joel Withers            Joseph Hines            Brandon, MS

4448            Bomber Fab                        Randy Slawson            Mike Slawson            Grand Terrace, CA

4449            NUHighSchool 49er ROP  Joe Silva            Mike Vargas            Grass Valley, CA

4461            BN Motorsports                        Ben Napier            Wayne Isrealsen            Sydney, Australia

4462            Essentially Offroad Racing  Matt Overton            Daniel Parker            Birmingham, AL

4471            BLC Motorsports                        Dave Schneider            Jason Conover            Reno, NV

4472            Team Bongo Mexico            Jose Manuel             PonceBill Bridge              Morelia, Michoacan, MX

4474            Race Prep Racing                        Richie Carter            Kristen Carter            Simi Valley, CA

4473            4Wheel Parts/BFG            Brent Goegebuer            Robert Park            Corona, CA

4496            Ballzout Motorsports            Louie Keener            Heath Catron            Springfield, MO

4498                                                Rusty Bray            Dean Evans            Richmond, KY

4499            Torchmate Racing            Jesse Haines            Lil’ Rich Klein            Sparks, NV

4491            RMB 4 x 4                        John Bennett            Mike Nappi            Golden, CO

4475            444 Racing                        Gary Ferravanti Jr  Kevin Myer            Paso Robles, CA

7214              505 Performance                        Zach Steele                                    Farmington, NM

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