Pirate4x4 TV Live! July – November

Pirate4x4 TV Live! hosted by Jessi Combs and Camo

Produced by Lance Clifford

Segments and Arrangements made by Charlene Bower

July Part 1 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live10.php

•    Brent Bradshaw and his moon buggy – W.E. Rock competitor
•    Chris Anderson from Wheel Pros/ATX Wheels
•    SMORR Racing action!
•    Tool time with Camo – Locking fasteners and saftey wire

July Part 2 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live10b.php
•    Lucas Murphy – Winner of the SMORR KOH qualifier
•    Matt Messer and his moon buggy – W.E. Rock and KOH competitor
•    ARB portable fridge product review
•    KURTULEAS and the bikini babes discuss land use!

August Part 1 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live11.php
•    58th Annual Jeeper’s Jamboree
•    Wheelers for the Wounded
•    Bikini car wash for Land Use
•    Erik Miller IEC Champ
•    ATL fuel cell vs. Jaz fuel cell
•    Renee, Charlene and Jessi give away some Pirate swag!

August Part 2 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live11b.php
•    Factory tour of the WARN Factory!
•    Disabled Sports Run on the Rubicon (bet you shed a tear!)
•    Del Albright and the Land Use “War Machine”
•    Jessi Combs gives a Mig Welding 101 lesson
•    Matt Messer and the girls give away a couple of Rock Assault axle housings

September Part 1 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live12.php
•    Vegas to Reno race highlights
•    Yukon factory tour and axle breaking demonstration
•    Chris Pook from Canada on set
•    John Goodby from NorCal Rock Racing on set

September Part 2 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live12b.php
•    Ultra4 Stampede video by Heavy Metal Concepts!
•    Curtis Warner and his rig all the way from Canada
•    Jessi Combs teaches us how to lay a bead in “Welding 102″
•    Travis Watford and his rig all the way from North Carolina
•    Will Carter from North Carolina

October Part 1 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live13.php
•    Wheelin in the Tillamook forest with WARN
•    60 year old Madam Susan Austin and her Rod Hall HUMMER H2 on set
•    The Pirate4x4 Baja 1000 team – Ultra4 vs. Class 1!
•    Off Road Expo coverage

October Part 2 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live13b.php
•    Roger Norman, Trophy Truck racer and Baja 1000 overall winner
•    Tig welding 101 with Jessi
•    W.E. Rock Grand Grand Nationals coverage

November Part 1 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live14.php
•    Pre Running the Baja 1000 with Roger Norman and Lance
•    Jeff from Arabias Overkill
•    Nor Cal Rock Race action
•    G&J Aircraft shop tour

November Part 2 http://pirate4x4.com/tv/live14b.php
•    SEMA Show highlights
•    Dan at Ruff Stuff Specialties
•    Bebe discusses current hot land use topics and what we can do about it
•    Jessi Combs and TIG welding 102

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