Pikes Peak – Race to the Clouds

JT Taylor Pikes Peak

JT Taylor Pikes Peak 2010

The Checker Flags may have been given out to the winners, but the race action is still here.  Enjoy the daily pictures and videos.

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C4x4 Online Magazine:  http://www.c4x4.com/201107f3.htm

Torchmate Racing Team Recap:
Torchmate Racing Brad Lovell 2nd JT Taylor 3rd in Open Pike Peak Class

We are here at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and ready to watch some of the most amazing vehicles take on the tallest mountain.  Keep scrolling down for the most recent days updates at the bottom.

We will be chasing the Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems Team around the Mountain picking out all the Raceline Wheels, but also paying attention to all the different technology at the event.

Find out more about the team, and watch JT Taylors Hill Climb Videos….JT Taylor Breaks Hill Climb Records in Preparation for Pikes Peak; Sam Berri and Roger Lovell to Compete in First Pikes Peak Alongside Brad Lovell

Check back DAILY for Pictures, Videos and More…

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2011 pikes peak map

Rookie Notes:

There are 3 Practice Sections, each of them have specific groups of drivers.  The Practice Sessions start at 5:30am and end at 9:30am (an hour longer than in the past).  There are 3 days of Practice, Saturday is a Day Off, Sunday is Race Day.

During Practice, the BOTTOM SECTION is Timed and Recorded.  Your best time out of the bottom section is your QUALIFYING TIME.  The Starting Order for Race Day is Slowest to Fastest, with the Fastest Qualifier having the opportunity to go whenever he wants.  By the end of the Lower Section Practice, you know your starting order for the Race.  There is supposed to be live tracking at  http://www.usacracing.com/usac_live/ppihc_timing

Bottom Section (Start Line to Glen Cove): Motorcycles, Quads, Side Cars, Exhibition Powersports
Middle Section (Cove Creek to 16 Mile): Unlimited, Open Wheel, Time Attack
Top Section (Devils Playground to Summit): Electric, RMVR, Pikes Peak Open, Super Stock Car  (I am running with the Pikes Peak Open Class)

Bottom Section (Start Line to Glen Cove): Electric, RMVR, Pikes Peak Open, Super Stock Car  (I am running with the Pikes Peak Open Class)
Middle Section (Cove Creek to 16 Mile): Motorcycles, Quads, Side Cars, Exhibition Powersports
Top Section (Devils Playground to Summit): Unlimited, Open Wheel, Time Attack

Bottom Section (Start Line to Glen Cove): Unlimited, Open Wheel, Time Attack
Middle Section (Cove Creek to 16 Mile): Electric, RMVR, Pikes Peak Open, Super Stock Car  (I am running with the Pikes Peak Open Class)
Top Section (Devils Playground to Summit): Motorcycles, Quads, Side Cars, Exhibition Powersports

Description of Divisions: Click Here

Drivers List: (Click to Enlarge)

2011 pikes peak competitor list 2011 pikes peak competitor list 2011 pikes peak competitor list


Practice Times Link: http://www.usacracing.com/ppihc/ts/2011


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There is a group of us that are staying at JT Taylor’s house and in the surrounding area for the Pikes Peak experience.  Today all of the Torchmate team assembled, got some practice runs down in the field, did a couple final touches and put the rigs to rest for Tech tomorrow.  Here are just a few teaser shots of the Pikes Peak Open Class, but as we encroach on the real action tomorrow there will be lots of awesome rigs…I’m Sure Of It.

[nggallery id=27]



Today was Tech, Rookie Meeting and Drivers Meeting.

Tech was organized and official, but not as “big” as I thought it might be.  The teams came and went as quickly as the officials were satisfied and the stickers were stuck.  Fan Fest on Friday Night is where all the big rigs will be!  However, I did get to meet some of the drivers/riders and was really impressed with the pure numbers of dirt bikes rolling through tech as well.  Watch the video for some of the interviews and vehicles.

The Rookie Meeting was interesting.  I learned a lot.  What stuck out the most was when Race Director  said “The Mountain has a spirit of its own.  Respect it.”  Isn’t that the truth.  The other part that we realized is that there will be a lot of early mornings.  We have to be at the gate by 3:30am tomorrow morning!  But we will be up on the mountain until the end of practice at 9:30am.

JT Taylor was on the Channel 11 News!


[nggallery id=28]


The first day on the Mountain.  We were told it had a spirit and to respect the mountain:  We did. Straight to the top we went to practice the Upper Section.  The altitude is no joke.  When we stepped out of the truck at 12,900ft  at 4:15am it was cold and dark.  It didn’t take much walking to know that there wasn’t going to be any running for sure!

I hopped between the start of the Top Section and the Finish of the Middle Section.  From the top of the middle section I got to see all the fast guys which was pretty cool.  Throwing the cars into the tight turns and accelerating out.  Seeing past trees wasn’t an issue ~ There were none… Treeline = 12,000ft.

[nggallery id=29]

charlene bower pikes peak bower mediaJT Taylor took us on a tour of the mountain after practice on Wednesday.  When we got to the top we even got to be tourists for a few minutes.  Here is a series of 4 videos that take you up the hill.  Starting with some history, then as we approach the course he talks about the different turns and how to get in and out of them.  Of course, there are other comments and antics along the way.  Head up the hill with us:



My Plan didn’t work out the way I wanted it to…but sometimes that is ok.   I was going to be on the lower section, so was headed to the dirt section to get the rock throwing action.  With not getting through to the right people at the right time, that plan got adjusted to me hiking up the mountain.  Don’t worry, I didn’t really hike, it was more like…. Walk. Hear Car Coming.  Stop.  Take Pictures. Walk. Hear Car Coming.  Stop.  Take Pictures.  It was really quite do-able.

I got some good pictures from different spots with the Peak in the background.  I also committed myself to going to the dirt section for the main race day…I mean that is why we are here…it’s the last year of the dirt!

[nggallery id=30]


The final day of practice, and I finally caught up with the Motorcycles and ATV Group!  I went to the top of the middle section to get some good shots all the way down, which also put me into the pits with the Motorcycles and ATV’s as they took on the final and top section.  Brand new state of the art bikes, old vintage bikes, quads lowered and side car bikes with monkeys.  Love it!

Friday night was Fan Fest in Downtown Colorado Springs.  There were over 30,000 people estimated in attendance.  The crowds were packed around all the vehicles.

[nggallery id=31]

[nggallery id=32]


Saturday was an “Off Day” on their schedule.  We wondered why, but welcomed it today!  The lack of sleep and probably the elevation change all week really adds up.  There were no such things as naps all week.  The longest that I was able to squeeze in was about 11 minutes before a door opened and it was time to get to the action.  2:15 am wake ups; 3am leave times; 5am driver meetings; 5:30 on course.  So today we all slept in, don’t think there was much movement on the ranch until around noon.  Then it was time to put the final touches on the cars, load up, and head to the mountain…to Camp!  This is the one night of the year that they allow camping on the mountain.  Couldn’t pass that up, plus, we are hoping for a couple extra hours of sleep.  Wonder if that will happen?  Gates for Competitors opens at 3am to get into their pit area.  4am for Spectators and Race starts at 9am.

I will be leaving the pit area around 5am to go to the Ski Area.  I decided that would be the best place to base camp from and get all the action in the dirt, since it is supposed to be the last year.

Sunday: RACE DAY

Live Radio broadcast on KRDO Radio (105.5 FM/ 1240 AM) beginning at 8:00 am (Mountain Time)
Live Timing & Scoring: www.PPIHC.com all day on race day beginning at 9:00 am (Mountain Time)
Live Streaming Coverage: Of Finish Line at the Summit on www.PPIHC.com beginning at 9:00 am (Mountain Time)

Starting Order For Cars: (Click to Enlarge)

Starting order 2011 Pikes PeakStarting order 2011 Pikes PeakStarting order 2011 Pikes Peak

Here is the Wild Card:  Nobuhiro Tajima (Fastest Qualifier) can at any time during the day say that he wants to run.  At that time, the flow of cars is stopped and the entire Unlimited Class has to run.  It puts that class on edge the entire time.

I didn’t receive the Motorcycle line up sheet.  They start 5 at a time at the bottom and race to the top with passing involved.

I will put a bet out that you will know the winner before I do.  I will be at the Ski Area in the dirt for the race taking pictures and video, and probably won’t have any internet or phone service there.  We will be following the race vehicles back down the hill and into the awards ceremony.  Hopefully the ones you are cheering on are on the podium!


It is Beautiful cloudless sky today.  A slight breeze where we are sitting at 11 Mile Water Station I was planning on heading up to the Ski Area, but I saw I had internet and hung a quick left to part!  😉  Yep, it’s what makes me happy.

Dirt, it is all about dirt.  This is supposed to be the last year of the dirt and so I had to hang out here.

Here are some beauty pics of the sunrise.  The picture with the concrete rail has potential to cause problems in this dirt section.  They have started the railing for the future paving, and if you get out of shape and slide too far, it will be a tire for sure!  Or worse, it will be off the side, that is a long ways down!

Not going to say that I will be posting any updates and pictures throughout the day, but you never know…

[nggallery id=33]

The Cars kicked up the dust on the absolutely blue sky day, those that have been coming for years were amazed at the “best weather ever”.  It didn’t look like Mother Nature was going to throw storms at us, but the heat created another problem as portions of the asphalt reached over 110 degrees pulling out the slick oil.

Pikes Peak commentary was broadcast over a AM station so no matter what rock you were sitting on, you could hear exactly what was happening.  It reminded me of what it must have been like when there were only radios…  As Monster Tajima went past us, we all turned our eyes to the radio for the rest of his run up the mountain.  As he made it to the top, you could hear people cheering from their vantage points.  A record was broken:  Nobuhiro Tajima conquered Pikes Peak in 9:51:278    It was amazing!

[nggallery id=34]

As the afternoon went on the Motorcycles claimed the mountain also breaking some records and maintaining awesome speeds.

The fun part to watch was all the drivers coming back down the hill.  The crowds lined the streets and the drivers hi-fived them along the way.  Pictures were taken, smiles through the helmets were obvious, the fan and the racers day was complete.

[nggallery id=35]

I will have to say that I am exhausted after the week long festivities of Pikes Peak.  The early mornings, the hiking in high altitudes, the constant on-the-go mode.  But it was entirely worth it.  I am so glad that I got to see what it was like to have cars running in the dirt on Pikes Peak.  I am humbled by the speeds that they carry with vertical drop offs just feet away from where their wheels are.  It is plain cool to say I was on the mountain when Monster Tajima broke the 10 minute barrier, although the motorcycles were still not able to.

Will I go back?  That is always the question I ask myself after an event.  I Would.  After accomplishing my rookie year of figuring out where to be and where not to be, I would invite others to join.  It is wild week, but one that is certainly worth it and leaves a smile on your face!

Congratulations to the winners and every competitor for taking on Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: It’s Majestic Mountain


Survival of the Mountain is not only about the vehicle.  It’s not only about the perfect set of tires, the correct jetting, and the right set up.

Survival of the Mountain is not only about the driver.  It’s not only about the fastest driver, the most experienced, and the drivers ambition.

Survival of the Mountain is respecting the Mountain for its grace, beauty and difficulty at every turn.  Respecting Mother Nature changing the weather at any point during the day, and even within the 10+ minute run up into the sky.  Enjoying the scenery and the commodore that is built within the groups of racers.  Survival of the Mountain is knowing how to “Gas it until you see God, and then hit the brakes,” said a racer on KRDO Radio.

The 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb started on Tuesday and climaxed on Sunday June 26th at the formal start of the 89th running of the mountain.  Mother Nature delivered a perfect blue sky for the entire day, not a fluffy cloud to be seen, making heat and asphalt oil an item for crew chiefs to consider in tire pressures at the start line.  The Wind was blowing 30-40mph presenting an issue about half way up the mountain and beyond, pushing wings and slowing times.

The gates opened at 3am and the line of vehicles heading up the hill was already backed up for 2 miles.  The largest crowd of spectators in the history of Pikes Peak could be because it was the last year with about a 2 mile section of dirt or because of the strong possibility that Monster Tajima or Paul Dallenbach was going to break the 10 minute barrier and set a new record.  It was possible and everyone lined the street with their chairs, coolers and AM/FM radio ready for the action and the times.

The Exhibition class started the runs up the hill and one by one each driver got to accomplish a dream, even if it was a repeat dream.  A few of the drivers didn’t get to finish, being recovered by the Pikes Peak Safety staff that was on hand for emergencies.  In the interim of racing, the Radio announcers talked with some of the drivers.  “It’s frustrating waiting, and I think I drank too much water.  I have been re-thinking the turns all night long and I am ready,” said rookie Sam Berri.  Up at Devil’s Playground, Malcolm Smith told the crowds about son Alexander “is riding a Ducati today.  He crashed two weeks ago at 105 mph and went right through his leathers;  he is a little more careful this week, and is also battling a sore back.”

One of the big crashes of the day was Roger Lovell doing a 3.5 flip on the asphalt, while his brother Brad was sitting on the starting line ready to take the green flag next.  “We just heard that he is ok, but still thinking about him and just sitting here is increasing my nerves,” said Brad Lovell.  The Lovell brothers were two of the four Torchmate CNC Racing team members also including JT Taylor and Sam Berri.  The class of Rock Buggys were welcomed into the Pikes Peak Open class, where Raceline Wheels were the wheels of choice.

It was a family event for quite a few of the drivers including Randy Schranz who has a 37 year history on Pikes Peak that reaches back to being able to run as all dirt, and next year is prepared to run it as all asphalt.  This year he was driving a Propane Powered Cobra Kit Car breaking the class record and his son Layne Schranz was driving in the Super Stock Car Class in a Chevy Monte Carlo.

The cars kept zipping by.  The stories built within the cab of each vehicle.  Then came the story that everyone was following: the Go-Pro Suzuki SX4 driven by Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima.  With a record to be broken and a 10 minute barrier to be hit, Monster Tajima had a goal, and he wasn’t shy about using the throttle and the road to get what he wanted.  He passed the spectators in a split second one at a time and then the spectators turned their ear to the radio…would he make it?  The announcers tracked his progress to the top and at the finish line the level of excitement could be felt all the way down to the start line, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima had finished with a time of 9:51:61…he broke 10 minutes and set a new record on Pikes Peak!  He was out of breath as his broken English said “It was a tough race, we had overheating problems.  Thank you very much!” and he kept repeating “Thank you”  Monster’s record remained intact as Paul Dallenbach snapped a axle before making it to the official start line, and Rhys Millen lost brakes in the middle of the W’s loosing seconds on each turn.

As the cars finished it was only half way over, the Motorcycle and ATV class was up next.  With a slightly different format, they left the line 5 at a time and had to pass and negotiate each others movements in addition to climbing the hill.  They came by in fast packs and headed up the mountain. Side Car’s with Monkey’s hanging off the side, Quads screaming on the pipe, Vintage Triumphs, Supermoto bikes with street tires, to the top of the line 2011 Ducati Multistrada. Carlin Dunne, riding one of the Ducati Multistrada’s, was the fastest motorcycle on the mountain with a 11:11.  There was hopes of the motorcycle class breaking the 10 minute mark this year as well, but it seems that barrier will be waiting for another champion.

The day ended with what I am calling the Parade of Champions.  All of the competitors had to come down from the finish line and one by one filed through the crowds, winners holding their earned checkered flag, hands out the windows hi-fiving kids and adults alike, revving engines and wrapping up a spectacular day on the Mountain called Pikes Peak.

The majestic mountain is seen by Colorado Springs locals on a daily basis, but the Mountain is only attacked by high horsepower one week out of the year.  The history of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is vast covering 89 years.  So what will the 90th year bring?  A completely asphalted course?  More record breaking runs?  Additional classes that have been waiting for their opportunity?  Guess we will have to come back and see.



2011 Results

Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Chad Hord 909             14:33.429 14:33.429
Ikuo Honawa 16         05:50.540   06:29.544 12:20.084
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
James Robinson 902             15:46.609 15:46.609
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Jimmy Olson 40       01:51.497 03:08.592 02:42.625 3:00.662 10:44.163
Spencer Steele 43       01:51.468 03:03.964 02:42.273 03:04.661 10:42.366
Dave Wood 11       02:05.952 03:21.186 03:03.025 03:27.848 11:58.011
Dan Novembre 28       02:06.128 03:24.979 03:18.389 03:28.951 12:18.447
Shawn Johnson 90       02:06.503 03:30.995   00:00.00 12:24.560
Rodney O’Maley 65       02:13.842 03:29.099 03:14.666 03:40.858 12:38.465
Andy Figueroa 71         06:03.017 03:27.555 04:04.508 13:33.916
Lorie Wood 12         06:01.017 03:27.555 04:04.508 13:33.916
Chris Strauch 56       02:09.878 03:23.267 03:11.264   DNF
Jimmy Kenney 69       01:50.185 03:01.164     DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Randy Schranz 17       01:59.647 03:33.605 03:02.654 03:19.226 11:55.132
Brad Lovell 432       02:13.944 03:40.828   06:38.837 12:33.609
David Cole 454       02:20.364 03:36.465 03:22.410 03:46.078 13:05.318
JT Taylor 13       02:26.759 03:39.045 03:30.143 03:50.910 13:26.857
Dean Burling 74       02:20.826 03:41.384 03:31.066 03:54.566 13:27.843
Samuel Berri 149       02:27.006 03:43.953   07:37.729 13:48.688
Kevin Yoder 34       02:30.133   07:32.738 04:07.192 14:10.063
David Schmidt 26       02:24.465 04:12.842   00:00.00 14:14.040
Shawn Fink 307       02:31.773 04:06.509 03:57.734 04:12.788 14:48.804
Gavin Skilton 93       02:43.454 04:16.358 04:02.252 04:34.960 15:37.024
Roger Lovell 32               DNF
Mattew Petersen 212       02:23.611 03:41.985 03:29.150   DNF
Lauchlin O’Sullivan 76       01:54.065 03:09.859 02:51.366   DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Ralph Murdock 30       02:12.812 04:02.758 03:08.176 03:27.259 12:51.004
Douglas Mockett 133       02:12.331 03:55.543   06:54.123 13:01.997
John Groendyke 476       02:15.835 04:02.980   06:52.497 13:11.312
Tony Landon 372       02:27.756 04:10.042 03:24.266 03:48.955 13:51.018
John Heavey 554       02:26.555 04:13.423   07:41.573 14:21.550
Rickard Hockert 721       02:43.916 04:44.117     DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Keith Davisdon 163       02:12.215 03:56.769 03:07.104 03:28.039 12:44.126
Jess Neal 42         06:15.391   07:05.266 13:20.657
Jack Rogers 369       02:17.875 04:01.907 03:27.663 03:44.490 13:31.936
Bob Hill 110       02:23.009 04:11.699 03:33.837 03:45.585 13:54.129
Ralf Christensson 389         06:43.688 03:39.498 03:55.659 14:18.881
Jim Hodgson 164         06:57.621 03:46.659 04:07.751 14:52.030
Mark Visconti 995         07:18.659 04:13.159 03:30.553 16:02.372
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Clint Vahsholtz 18       01:53.340 03:15.184   05:47.079 10:55.603
Layne Shranz 7       01:53.776 03:21.504 02:56.575 03:10.645 11:22.500
Steve Goeglien 27       01:59.755 03:32.765 02:53.282 03:18.722 11:44.524
Rod Moberly 14       02:08.588 03:30.651 03:03.730 03:32.556 12:15.525
Bobby Register 44       01:54.179       DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Rod Millen 676       01:49.702 03:24.663 02:48.112 03:02.425 11:04.912
David Kern/Allison Kern 156       1:55.579 3:21.264 2:47.275 3:03.751 11:07.869
Toshiki Yoshioka 104       01:56.700 03:30.441 02:56.571 03:10.022 11:33.734
Jerad Voight/Mark Miller 77       02:09.096 03:53.010 03:19.273 03:37.168 12:58.546
Roy Tomkins 119       02:07.572 03:49.078   07:07.581 13:04.231
Savannah Rickli/Rebecca Greek 127       02:12.100 03:43.453   07:28.743 13:24.296
Kris Antal 88       02:29.251 03:38.471 03:34.531 03:47.163 13:29.417
Ryan McLaughlin/Patti Wyckoff 460       02:35.776 04:14.936 03:48.455 04:15.349 14:54.515
Ken Stouffer/Travis Tollett 22       02:12.896 03:46.497 03:24.540   DNF
Kash Singh 37       02:19.360 04:39.543     DNF
Roger Matthews/Jack Penley 72       02:33.550 04:02.641 03:50.473   DNF
Brianne Corn/Jeremy Rowland 968       01:59.956 03:23.492 03:02.884 03:30.091 11:56.422
Robert Thorne/Nicholas Caruso 95       02:01.613 03:23.464 03:09.942 03:25.642 12:00.661
Harrad Demuth 585       02:00.679 03:36.615 03:07.770 03:22.247 12:07.312
Victor Kuhns/Curtis Jones 116       02:01.913 03:20.638   06:46.081 12:08.632
David Kern/Allison Kern 156       01:52.219 03:11.635 03:33.026 03:35.750 12:12.630
Tom Wright 15       02:18.076 03:42.677 03:16.730 03:42.877 13:00.360
Carlos Martinez De Campos/Roberto Mendoza 123       02:19.456 03:45.220   07:05.485 13:10.161
Martin Mennig/Ryan Schnell 486       02:23.178 03:44.319   07:20.196 13:27.694
Valentin Ivanitski/John Wiggins 21       02:35.393 04:11.701 03:49.450 04:11.815 14:38.358
Stephan Verdier 300       01:54.376 03:06.881     DNF
Christy Carlson/Adam Kneipp 298       02:23.113 03:46.549 03:34.366   DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Nobuhiro Tajima 1       01:40.254 02:55.600 02:28.253 02:47.170 09:51.278
Rhys Millen 67         04:39.144 02:34.553 02:55.545 10:09.242
Jean Phillippe Dayraut 3         04:45.677 02:36.430 02:55.600 10:17.707
Dave Carapetyan 959         05:17.150     DNF
Paul Dallenbach 98               DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Chuck Lee 56   Honda   02:12.033 03:38.233   06:49.100 12:39.366
Zach Warnock 107   KTM 250SX 02:13.232 03:41.721   06:48.119 12:43.072
Codie Vahsholtz 285   Kawasaki KX 250 02:16.012 03:42.912   06:52.259 12:51.183
Randy Belisle 33   Yamaha YZ 02:14.527 03:40.065   07:00.078 12:54.669
Scott Warner 232   Yamaha YZ 250 02:20.774 03:59.478 03:18.445 03:42.752 13:21.449
Joey Hamilton 39   Yamaha yz 250   06:13.522   07:18.686 13:32.208
Jimi Heyder 442   Heyder/Suzuki HRM250 02:21.248 03:55.155 03:31.217 00:00.000 13:43.59
Paul Delio 68   Honda CR 250Z 02:24.356 03:55.483   00:00.000 13:50.56
James Buchner 23   Honda CR250R 02:25.541 03:57.499   00:00.000 13:59.40
Daniel Perry 989   Honda CRF 02:29.057 04:05.504 03:37.892 00:00.000 14:16.18
David Perry 137   Honda CR 02:28.245 04:06.681 03:38.362 00:00.000 14:21.31
Daniel Berendes 591   Honda CR250F 02:44.341 03:49.331 03:55.958 00:00.000 14:21.75
Anthony Miele 407   KTM YZ250F 02:41.927 04:18.031 03:41.025   DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Davey Durelle 58   Kawasaki KXF 02:03.334 03:27.030 03:02.441 03:18.184 11:50.988
Joe Prussiano 421   Honda CRF 02:06.665 03:30.675 03:06.643 03:27.063 12:11.046
Travis Newbold 747   Honda CRF450 02:06.143 03:34.511 03:09.163 03:29.628 12:19.445
Tom McCarthy 26   Honda CRF450 02:12.796 03:39.588 03:08.966 03:34.234 12:35.584
Mike Woodard 66       02:13.533 03:39.837 03:11.708 03:33.297 12:38.274
Darryl Lujan 69   Honda CRF450R 02:11.855 03:41.113 03:14.964 03:39.784 12:47.717
Scott Lee 151   Honda CRFX 02:06.841 03:44.724 03:34.485 03:33.621 12:59.671
Teague Sawyer 10   Honda CRT450R 02:32.455 03:42.630 03:14.459 00:00.000 13:01.47
Dave Stock 22   Honda CRF450R 02:17.110 03:46.813   00:00.000 13:04.37
Doug Chestnutt 211   Yamaha WR-500 02:11.122 03:49.986 03:22.536 00:00.000 13:07.12
Donnie Burns 937   Honda CRF 02:23.881 03:42.912 03:21.386 03:43.953 13:12.114
Chris Johns 214   Kawasaki KX450F 02:21.159 03:47.934   07:11.298 13:20.391
Michael Kassebaum 4   Honda CRF450R 02:35.501 03:44.121 03:28.124 03:52.753 13:28.499
Justin Rastegar 801   Yamaha YZF450 02:25.358 03:47.350   07:16.528 13:29.235
Mark Bartle 313   Yamaha YZ450F 02:25.417 03:57.036 03:25.138 03:54.374 13:41.965
Dean Mizes 711   Kawasaki KLX-450R 02:24.973 04:06.339 03:23.742 03:51.718 13:46.771
Charlie Ford 312   Honda CRF450R 02:24.264 03:57.803 03:28.670 03:57.175 13:47.913
Mitchell Trom 263   Honda CRF450 02:27.027 04:04.159   07:27.198 13:58.385
Mike Scarsella 776   Honda C and J Frame 02:24.731 06:30.708 03:29.871 03:53.931 16:19.240
Joshua Hamblen 171   Woods Rotax 04:30.456 04:41.707 04:18.926 04:56.066 18:27.155
Zach Kinzler 920   Honda CRF450 02:08.128 03:38.214 03:12.997   DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Stuart Sinclair 508   Aprilla SXV 01:59.571 03:18.868 02:53.268 03:15.689 11:27.396
Gary Trachy 357   TM 660 SMX SMX 01:56.837 03:32.370   06:02.796 11:32.004
Marco Belli 229   Ouroboros srl ZAETA DT 530 02:06.532 03:31.993   06:32.134 12:10.660
James McKay 333   Husaberg FS650C 02:06.546 03:37.808   08:29.858 12:14.212
David Johansen 570   KTM SMR 610 02:12.102 03:42.336 03:15.325 03:37.529 12:47.292
Rusty Wilson 113   Aprilla SXV550 02:21.156 03:46.846 03:13.896 03:36.904 12:58.802
Jerry Brown 121   Husaberg 570FS 02:18.811 03:46.993   07:01.204 13:07.008
Chris Koxlien 931   KTM 613 SMR 02:19.882 03:49.461 03:17.863 03:45.802 13:13.008
Dan Harmon 74   KTM SMR 610 02:20.263 03:53.540 03:25.235 03:50.763 13:29.802
Joseph Toner 360   BMW X-Moto 02:20.692 03:58.687 03:25.956 03:46.837 13:32.171
Ryan Sweeney 669   Aprilla SXV 02:24.726 04:14.619 03:27.479 03:55.671 14:02.495
Pierpaolo Vivaldi 979   Husamberg smr570 02:25.896 04:13.975 03:33.249 04:02.564 14:15.683
David Rutherford 223   Suzuki SV650 02:20.527 04:25.482   07:30.076 14:16.084
Dustin Flagge 303   Ducati Monster 02:31.996 04:27.769 03:36.600 03:59.976 14:36.342
Seth Cohen 102   KTM LC4 640 03:04.314 04:14.970 03:46.686 04:09.010 15:14.979
Dimitri Coste 67   Triumph TR6C 02:40.022 04:15.610 03:55.165 04:25.328 15:16.125
Dale Wentworth 64   Aprilla SXV         DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Carlin Dunne 34   Ducati Multistrada 1200 01:54.963 03:24.226   05:52.140 11:11.329
Jeff Grace 97       02:02.432 03:44.999   06:15.078 12:02.510
Alexander Smith 55   Ducati Multistrada 02:06.340 03:50.492   06:16.087 12:12.920
Glenn Cox 13   KTM SuperDuke R 02:08.053 03:50.581   00:00.000 12:15.000
Jeff Jensen 500       02:18.944 03:51.724   00:00.000 13:06.000
Mark Cernicky 50   Ducati Multistrada 01:58.951       DNF
Bob Milewsky 106       03:29.224 05:11.211     DNF
Greg Tracy 555   Ducati Multistrada 01:55.878 03:27.778     DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Joe Kopp 3   Triumph Speed Triple 01:59.652 03:34.063   05:52.815 11:26.530
Chip Yates 489   SWIGZ COM Pro Racing, USA Electric Superbike Prototype 02:03.762 04:19.192   06:27.140 12:50.094
Aaron Butler 195   Can-Am Renegade 02:38.167 03:48.365   00:00.000 14:54.00
Edward Smith 529   TreMoto 3Z1 02:50.945 04:37.840   08:23.331 15:52.116
Douglas Siddens 111   Polaris RZR 00.000 00.000 00.000   DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Steve Tutt 7   Honda TRX450R 02:15.452 03:27.025   06:59.482 12:41.960
Craig Kilday 44       02:24.793 03:32.722   07:17.434 13:14.938
Troy Smith 322   Suzuki LTR 02:18.586 04:07.797   07:09.540 13:35.923
Michael Taylor 626   Suzuki LTZ400 02:26.145 03:42.463   00:00.000 13:47.92
Adam Rapier 666   Kawasaki KFX450R 02:33.753 03:54.229   00:00.000 14:48.30
Scott Kolm 921   Honda 400ex 02:41.728 04:08.208   09:07.379 15:57.316
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Michael Coburn 138   Honda 450R 02:04.293 03:14.648 02:59.676 03:22.399 11:59.021
Mike Ell 131   Yamaha Banshee 02:02.214 03:31.072 03:12.225 03:31.753 12:17.264
Mike Tollett 75   Suzuki LT 500 R 02:13.589 03:26.483   06:46.327 12:26.399
John Stallworth 91   Yamaha YFZR 02:14.560 03:25.769 03:21.804 03:40.785 12:42.919
Chris Wagner 919   Yamaha Banshee 02:15.377 03:29.624   07:13.929 12:58.930
Joe Portillo 147   Suzuki LT 500 R 02:32.965 03:48.130 03:28.579 04:03.540 13:53.214
Theo Bernhard 42   Yamaha YZ 465 02:04.934 03:18.708     DNF
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
John-Thomas Wood 187   Windle Formula 2 02:16.515 04:06.072   06:46.891 13:09.04
David Hennessy 122   Suzuki eml 02:37.342 04:08.464   07:49.836 14:35.641
Hans Shulz 699   Kawasaki/Suzuki ZX7 Mod   02:59.039 04:31.174   08:56.102 16:26.315
Ken Kyler 178   Yamaha Wasp 03:05.096 04:38.020   10:23.142 18:06.258
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Leeland Sinclair 521   Honda 450F 02:07.698 03:29.754 03:05.101 03:22.625 12:05.178
Greg Chicoine 100   Kawasaki KX450SPPR 02:08.095 03:29.103 03:04.919 03:23.410 12:05.527
Craig Gleason 96   Yamaha YZ4500F 02:10.494 03:39.030 03:02.381 03:22.723 12:14.628
Geoff Cesmat 85   Yamaha YZ450F 02:10.451 03:40.734 03:07.682 03:29.163 12:28.030
Alessandro Scalabrin 770   Honda CRF450 02:10.451 03:40.734 03:07.682 03:29.163 12:28.030
Chase Guthrie 82   Kawasaki KXF450 02:12.955 03:43.994 03:09.708 03:35.214 12:41.872
Jeff Delio 179   Yamaha YZ450F 02:13.884 03:41.047 03:15.526 03:32.415 12:42.872
Mark Niemi 152   Honda CR450F 02:14.011 03:39.452   06:53.904 12:47.367
Greg Nichols 220   Yamaha YZ 450 02:15.633 03:46.185   06:53.500 12:55.506
Chip Golden 324   KTM 450 XC-F 02:17.123 03:45.388   06:52.995 12:55.506
Eddie Tofoya 515   KTM SX450 02:13.821 03:40.149 03:17.075 03:45.687 12:56.732
Lorenzo Marchini 109   Honda CRF450 02:14.609 03:36.991 03:19.883 03:49.920 13:01.403
Tom Specht 311   Honda CRF450 02:15.400 03:46.769   07:00.984 13:03.152
Scott Lapierre 299   Honda CRF 02:19.042 03:55.944   00:00.000 13:28.56
John Kollars 831   KTM 450 02:17.818 04:04.337 03:20.987 00:00.000 13:29.15
Matthew Hazelwood 468   KTM SXF 02:20.532 04:09.124   07:02.814 13:32.470
Sean Arnold 607   Yamaha YZ450F 02:16.349 04:08.799   07:14.560 13:39.708
Scott Allen 343   Husaberg FX450 02:27.932 04:07.590 03:22.448 03:43.816 13:41.785
Keith Hendry 340   KTM SMR450 02:26.302 04:10.158 03:24.078 03:52.138 13:52.676
Ed Russell 364   Honda CRF450R 02:32.110 04:04.635 03:26.683 03:58.869 14:02.297
Daniel Raygor 314   Honda CRF450SM 02:29.184 04:09.167 03:29.732 03:58.307 14:06.390
Kevin Brown 757   Husqvarna 450SM 02:24.254 04:15.907 03:51.995 04:17.433 14:49.590
Driver Veh #   Make Model Halfway Picnic Glen Cove 16 Mile Summit Finish Time
Robert Spann 93   Triumph t120 02:19.760 03:54.514   07:19.255 13:33.528
Mickey Alzola 49   Triumph EM Ltd. 02:21.234 03:55.645   07:20.632 13:37.511
Marc LaNoue 9   Triumph Champion/Bonneville 02:23.684 03:56.914   07:41.454 14:02.052
Leonard Hale 62   Yamaha Champion 02:27.350 03:56.568   07:44.575 14:08.493
Lloyd Hale 6   Yamaha Shell 02:31.805 04:00.515   07:36.564 14:08.884
Herbert Wolff 177   Triumph Eddie Mulder Replica 02:29.512 03:56.801   07:56.218 14:22.532
Kevin Magner 114   Yamaha XS 02:29.892 04:04.511   08:20.888 14:55.291
Joe Blackwell 916   Yamaha Trackmaster 02:44.413 04:36.227   08:29.133 15:49.773
Robert Gerberich 501   Honda Eddie Mulder Replica 03:08.742 05:03.077   00:00.000 18:13.82
Donald Bjornsrud 777   Yamaha XS         DNF

General Information:

Pikes Peak Official Press Release: 6/20/11 http://www.usacracing.com/ppihc/news_ppihc/4654.html

The Mountain
It probably never occurred to Lt. Zebulon Pike as he first saw Pikes Peak on the horizon that one day 15,000 people would be on the mountain watching motorized vehicles conquer its summit. As a matter of fact, Zeb was so far off base that he did not believe anyone would ever be able to scale the mountain with any kind of help, promptly proving his theory by failing several times himself. He estimated the height of the Peak to be 18,000 feet (5,486m) above sea level.
The Road
By 1888, a primitive carriage toll road was built up the side of the mountain. It was abandoned in 1891 when the Cog Railroad was completed. Two Denver men drove the first automobile to the top. It took them nine hours and they did it by both driving and pushing their Loco Steamer. Spencer Penrose, founder of the Broadmoor Hotel and one of Colorado Springs most famous citizens, built a highway to the 14,110-foot summit. He spent $500,000 to do so, and in 1915 completed the loftiest automobile highway in the world. Today, the City of Colorado Springs operates and maintains the Pikes Peak Highway under authority of a special use permit issued by the United States Forest Service. The City sublets use of the road to the Hill Climb for the race. As part of this agreement, the City maintains the road surface, patrols the road, and provides other general assistance.
The Race
To celebrate his great feat, promote his highway and give his adopted hometown some publicity, Penrose conceived the first Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, which was held on August 11-12, 1916. This is the second oldest continuing race in the world; second only to the Indianapolis 500.
The course of the race has changed very little over the years with the starting line at Crystal Creek Reservoir and 156 tortuous turns over a 12.42 mile road. Drivers later finish the race by crossing the finish line at the 14,110’ summit of Pikes Peak. The drivers compete one at a time against the clock. The race is often complicated by the weather, which could be sunny at the start and snowing at the summit, with rain, sleet; hail and fog, mixed with intermittent sunshine (remember the 1995 and 2004 Race!). We know why it is called the “Race to the Clouds;” and it remains so to this very day.
On August 11th 1916, Fred Junk won in the race “with piston displacement of 230 cubic inches and under” in a time of 23:04.6. The August 11th race was known as a “heat race.” August 12th was the “feature” race. With an astonishing time of 20:55.6 minutes, the first winner was Rea Lentz, driving the smallest car in the race, his Romano Demon Special, with a 402 cubic inch airplane engine. The next race was not held until 1920, after World War I. By this time, the American Automobile Association (AAA) sanctioned the event. The Open Wheel division, the original Hill Climb car, was joined by the Stock Car division in 1929, dropped in 1935 (the entire race was canceled this year), and returned in 1956. Sanctioning was changed at this time; AAA dropped its racing division and the United States Auto Club (USAC) picked up the Hill Climb.
The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb even has its own car called the Wells Coyote that was created especially for this race. It was designed and built by Coloradoan John Wells, who worked at the foot of the Peak in Green Mountain Falls. In 1981 the Rally division was added and comprised of both Open Class Rally Cars and Production Rally Class cars. Today, the Rally division is called the Pikes Peak Open. Competitors from all over the world come to compete in this class.
The fastest cars on the Hill are in the Unlimited Class. This class was added in 1992. The current overall record of 10:01.4 held by Nobuhiro Tajima belongs to this class. Trucks were added in 1988. 1996 saw the addition of Class 8 Trucks – diesel semi-tractors!

Motorcycles have found a home on the mountain as well. The late Floyd Clymer became the first rider ever to top the Peak while the road was still under construction. He later competed officially in the Race. The motorcycles went away in the 1920’s, returned in 1954 and 1955, and then disappeared again until 1971. Rookies were added in 1972. Cycles participated until a tragic accident in 1982. Bill Gross, Jr. went down the Engineer’s Corner and was hit by another rider. He subsequently died from his injuries. It wasn’t until 1991 that motorcycles returned to the Peak. Lessons learned, the riders now begin in waves of five, rather than the mass class starts of years past. ATV quads and vintage bikes have been added in recent years.
In 1996, the name of the race was changed from the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This truly reflects the international scope of the race. Drivers from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, England, Canada, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Kenya have participated.
After three days of practice and qualification comes the excitement of race day. Some cars have literally been rebuilt overnight after having gone off the road and hauled off in a crumpled heap. It’s the most grueling 12.42 miles of asphalt and dirt road anywhere in the world. The drivers compete with the weather – which can bring rapidly changing road conditions. Drivers can reach speeds of 130+ mph in some sections and have to avoid going over 1,500 foot sheer cliffs in other sections. They get up in the middle of the night to be able to practice at five o’clock in the morning.

They spend thousands of dollars on their cars and some spend thousands more just to get here, but still, the drivers return year after year. The fact that they have been in one of the world’s most difficult races is reward enough. There is a certain “kinship” among participants. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last, if you need help, someone will be there. Nothing compares to the “Race to the Clouds.” It’s the drivers and riders versus the mountain.
The Environment
The Pikes Peak Highway is part of the Pike National Forest, and is within the City of Colorado Springs watershed areas, and therefore, it is incumbent upon all parties to insure that all steps are taken to ensure protection of the natural resources. Every effort should be made to keep vehicles off of alpine tundra areas. These fragile areas can take decades to recover from indiscriminate use of vehicles.
In cooperation with the Forest Services, those areas designated as ecologically sensitive and subject to unusual conditions shall be marked off as closed areas. This may apply to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Overnight camping, scheduled the night before the race, is subject to cancellation if weather conditions are determined to be non-conducive to travel, or if unusual fire danger is present. Areas below timberline may be closed in such cases.
The Museum
The Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum, Inc. (PPAHCEM), a Colorado non-profit corporation, was incorporated October 24, 1988, to advance the causes of automobile safety and education by means of the preservation, collection, and exhibition of automotive memorabilia, particularly memorabilia associated with Pikes Peak and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. With the assistance of the El Pomar Foundation and others, the PPAHCEM will achieve its goals for the benefit of the Pikes Peak Region. The primary function of the museum is to collect and display cars, memorabilia, equipment, technology and unique features of the “Race to the Clouds”. The permanent facility in Manitou Springs was closed in September of 2000. To take its place, PPAHCEM is very proud to have a mobile museum, opened in June of 2005. It is now available for display at local, statewide and national events and educational facilities. For historical information please e- mail Dave Bachoroski, President of The Pikes Peak Historical Society at: bachord@aol.com.

Race Course Statistics
Length 65,560 feet or 12.42 miles
Turns 156
Width on Straight-Aways 20 feet
Width on Curves 20 to 50 feet
Surface Gravel / Asphalt
Elevation at Start 9,402 feet
Elevation at Finish 14,110 feet
Elevation Gain 4,708 feet
Length of Plus Grade 61,626 feet (Max plus 10.5%)
Length of Negative Grade 3,934 feet (Max neg 10.0%)
Average Grade 7%

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  1. Herb Wolff
    Herb Wolff says:

    I’m vintage motorcycle #177 Triumph that you have on your website. What is the situation with Dale Wentworth, who was pitted directely across from me—the guy on the Aprilla 550 who sustained major injuries? In your opening line, you said he died. Did he? My buddy Donald Borjunsrud, BJ, broke his neck in three places but is out of the woods. I spoke with Dale’s wife at the hospital, but she didn’t know other than the next 48 hours was critical. I’ve been trying to get information on his status. Wentworth has been in my prayers every hour. Please reply.


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