New Raceline Motorsports ATV and UTV Wheels Complete the Look of Your Unit

ATV - Spyder Raceline Wheels

Spyder Wheel

GARDEN GROVE, CA    SEPTEMBER 28, 2010    Raceline Wheel, a leader in the off road and street market for 15 years, rolls out a complete line of ATV and UTV Wheels and Tires.  “We are really excited to introduce the Monster and Spyder wheels alongside the Raceline MT tire,” said Jason Divis, UTV/ATV Category Manager for Raceline Motorsports.

Raceline first introduced the Monster ATV/UTV Wheel after the huge success in the off road 4WD market.  The machined finish gives the vehicle a hint of class, while still easy to clean after a day pounding through the mud and rocks.  Now you can have a quality look without sacrificing performance.

The most recent release is the sleek, all black, Spyder Wheel that will attack the market.  The current trend with black wheels and a spoke look makes this wheel look closer to a truck wheel than one you would put on your UTV or ATV.  The strength and durability behind all their wheels is matched to the same quality that a one ton truck would utilize or a rock racer that pounds through the rocks.

Raceline is also proud to introduce a new aggressive all terrain MT Tire.  There are multiple sizes available, but most significantly goes up to a 30” tire that is not considered a mud tire, but a true all-purpose tire.  “What’s unique about our tires is there is actually a step which helps you with your traction, especially in mud,” said Divis. “On the East Coast, it is really popular for the rock crawling scene, people are starting to rock crawl with their UTV’s and this is the tire for this person.”

The quality of the wheels and tires is a reflection of 15 years building high impact, aggressive and solid wheels for the offroad, street and trailer market.  These UTV/ATV products are available at Discount Tires Direct.

Monster Wheel

Raceline ATV/UTV Wheel Sizes: 12×7 and 14×7

Bolt Patterns: 4×110, 4×115, 4×136(Teryx), 4×137, 4×156

Raceline UTV MT Tire Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×9-12, 26×12-12, 27×10-12, 27×12-12, 28×10-14, 28×12-14, 30×10-14, 30×12-14

Video from Sand Sports Super Show Highlighting Wheels and Tires:

Raceline Motorsports 1-800-529-4335

Raceline Tire

About Raceline Wheels®  Raceline Motorsports

Founded in 1996, Raceline Wheels® are competition proven wheels with multiple championships in many different racing disciplines.  Raceline Wheels® has had great success on taking knowledge from racing to the street, and bringing the same high quality products to a full line of wheels for everyday vehicles. Raceline Wheels® distributes its products through an independent distributor system in the United States and through international distributors in more than 30 countries.  Headquartered in Garden Grove, California (Orange County), Raceline Wheels® is a wheel industry leader in performance, craftsmanship, engineering and innovation. Contact Raceline Direct if you are interested in becoming a stocking dealer.  For more information on Raceline Wheels®, log onto

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