Ugly Truck Day

National Ugly Truck Day Photo Contest

Ugly Truck DayDo you have the Ugliest Truck Ever?

Saturday July 20th is National Ugly Truck Day… Let’s get the celebration started early!
Starting today Tuesday July 16th through Saturday July 20th
Post Your Ugliest Truck PHOTO to Bower Media’s Facebook Wall…Put it right there where everyone can see it!  (Not in the messages, right up there on the wall!)
Then we encourage you to share with your friends to come over and LIKE YOUR PHOTO.  To help, we will post all the photos HERE with the direct Facebook links.
We will rank by the ‘Likes’
Winners will receive a Box from the Race Team Store and will be Featured on our Weekly Race Results & New News Email next week!  …+ you never know what we will do…
If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you cannot load a picture, like or comment on the picture please make sure you LIKE the Page.



UPDATED 7/22:  Thanks to everyone that came and played!  Pretty fun!  I do think we ran the contest wrong…the Ugliest should have been the one with the Least Amount of Likes! :)  Anyways, we just re-ranked them in order of likes as promised.

Everyone is a winner in our world!  Everyone that submitted a picture has a message from me asking for your address.  You all get something for participating.  Yep, its the way we work around here!

Until next time….  ~ Charlene


Submission #8  Gavin P    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 28 Likes

Galvin P Ugly Truck


Submission #1:  Nancy Cutright    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!)   –  11 likes, 1 share

Nancy S


Submission #6  Jimmy R    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 12 Likes

Jimmy R Ugly Truck


Submission #2  Ronnie L    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 4 Likes

Ronnie L


Submission #3  Ed Molly F    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 4 Likes

Ed Molly F


Submission #10  Josh M    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 4 LIkes

Josh M Ugly Truck


Submission #5  Grant H    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 2 Likes

Grant H Ugly Truck


Submission #4  Donald Y    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 1 Like

Donald Y Ugly Truck

Submission #9  Matt F   CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 1 Like

Matt F Ugly Truck


Submission #7  Greg C    CLICK TO LIKE (aka vote!) – 2 Shares

Greg C


Thank you for having fun with us!!


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