Moab Easter Jeep 2013

Moab Easter Jeep 2013



I have childhood memories of coming here, staying in the Canyonlands RV park, walking to the gas station for ice cream, driving with my Dad up Lions Back and of course endless hours of trails in a flat fender and running around looking at amazing rocks that were beyond my comprehension.  Well, they are actually still beyond my comprehension!  I love this place!

Now, mostly a work trip and not as much a family fun trip anymore, I still love the sights and enjoy being around all my friends.

Below is the coverage from the week.  We attended a lot of great events, and are happy to share the whole experience!

Did you know?  The first Easter Jeep Safari was held in 1967!  What started as a one-day event now takes nine days.  Sponsored by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers and the Moab Chamber of Commerce, the safari is held the week prior to Easter every year.  The event features over 30 runs, including several easy enough for stock vehicles.

See 2012 Coverage: Click Here            See 2011 Coverage:  Click Here


Saturday:  It was set up day for the I’m Not Just A Girl clothing line out at AreaBFE.  Here are a couple of pictures!  I also shipped out Shirt & Swag Club on Saturday from here!  If you don’t know what I am talking about, you should!  CLICK HERE

area bfe bfgoodrich  moab shirt swag club

Sunday:  WARN Winches is always generous enough to invite me to their Media Run.  Today we went on Metal Masher.  It was a cold 19 degrees when I jumped into the truck at 7:30 to head to the meeting point, but the day had a beautiful blue sky that really brought out the color of the rocks.   Please visit their website and check out the new ZEON Winch.

warn moab easter jeep



Here are the Pictures from the day:

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Monday:  Today was Friends of WARN Winches run through the Steel Bender trail.  The book said it was 14.9 miles and should take about 6-7 hours.  Yep!  That’s about how long it took!  Unfortunately, the Dodge Truck broke mid-way through so their group had to pull off and cut back.  I will say, that truck continues to amaze me at what it does every year!  Please visit their website and check out their new ZEON Winch

moab warn winches

Here are the Pictures from the day:

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 [nggallery id=142]




Tuesday:  Crawl Readers Ride @ AreaBFE    What an awesome day with folks from all over the US converging together to hang out with the CRAWL Magazine Crew.  AreaBFE is a perfect setting for this type of an event, big enough to have different levels of trail rides, but small enough where everyone still has a sense of togetherness.  For more pictures and info go to


Here are the Pictures from the day:

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[nggallery id=143]

Also on Tuesday, Mac’s Tie Downs made a big deal on Main Street when they put their jeep up in the air!  By far the coolest thing in Moab that I saw this year…was a Jeep in the AIR!  Watch this video for the full scoop.  Very Cool Mac’s Tie Downs!!  Well Done!!



Wednesday:  Today was BFGoodrich ( / Raceline Wheels ( / Rancho Suspension ( / Dynomax Suspension ( day at AreaBFE (


Here are the Pictures from the day:

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[nggallery id=144]


Thursday:  Enjoyed a great day at the Vendor Show seeing some new products, but more than anything talking to the different vendors who were excited by the number of enthusiasts in town.  It is always fun to talk to people that love to use their products every day!


Here are the Pictures from the day:

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Tonight we wrapped up the night at the Raceline Wheels ( and GenRight Party (  It was a huge success with great food, a full moon and videos playing on the big screen!

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Friday:  Today started a little different than originally anticipated with a trail ride on Behind the Rocks with the CRAWL Magazine crew and Bailey & Wayland Campbell. A trail ride and a photo shoot wrapped into one!  Tim McGee took the official photos, but these are a few behind the scenes…

Then we headed out to AreaBFE for the Dirt Riot Pre-Running session.  It was great to see everyone back at it and ready for an awesome race on Saturday!

Here are the Pictures from the day:

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Saturday:  Dirt Riot Race @ AreaBFE

Oh yes, Dirt Riot was a Blast! We just posted the FULL RECAP on our website separately.  CLICK HERE

Also Check out all the photos on Facebook: CLICK HERE

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Did you get our June Newsletter?

It was shipped in the Shirt & Swag Club.  It is available online and printed.  This month we focused on the Easter Jeep Safari.  Enjoy!

Page 1 EJS NL 2013

Page 2 EJS NL 2013

Page 3 EJS NL 2013

Page 4 EJS NL 2013


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