Madam Susan Preparing for First Desert Race in the Rod Hall Hummer

In an Email from Charlene…

You may have heard I had an awesome opportunity to join Madam Susan on what turned out to be her 5th pre-running experience as she prepares for the Hawthorne 225 VORRA race this weekend, and the Baja 1000 this fall.  We were in a Hummer that she bought from her main instructor Rod Hall, that is now prepped by ORI of Reno.  The area that we are in is the new Exit 28 Motorsports Park, where we will watch the next decade of racing history be laid into the dirt.

All of you know that I usually laugh at everything that I do…but this time I laughed while we were out there, when we got back, and again as I cut the video.  We laugh, we talk, we stop for a quick voicemail break, and we almost crash!  I said almost….  She is a ball of cheer and a great woman.  Madam Susan said, “I image most people don’t take this up at 60, I think most women take up knitting….I don’t think I will ever do that!”

~ Charlene

Video of PreRunning at Exit 28 Motorsports:

For More Information:

Video Credit: Bower Motorsports Media

Susan Austin

Susan Austin

About Madam Susan Austin

Susan Austin, renowned Madam of The Mustang Ranch, became a “working girl” in her 40s after raising her 4 sons. She fell in love with a client, real estate mogul Lance Gilman, who then built the Wild Horse Resort and Spa brothel on his property a few miles east of Reno, Nevada, for Susan to run. In 2003, Gilman bought The Mustang Ranch on an eBay auction. At great expense, he had the entire building moved onto his gated compound and, with Susan’s creative direction, turned it into a modern, luxurious destination. The World Famous Mustang Ranch reopened in 2007 with its rich historic heritage impeccably preserved. The Mustang Ranch and the neighboring Wild Horse Resort and Spa are widely considered to be the premiere bordellos in the US, and two of the best in the world.

Susan was the technical advisor on “Love Ranch,” a feature film based on the rich, early history of The Mustang Ranch, that was directed by Taylor Hackford and stars Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci. “Love Ranch” opened in theatres in select national release this past spring. In her spare time, Susan designs a line of jewelry, collects Western art, and joins Lance on long rides on their custom built Harley Davidsons.

About Exit 28 Motorsports Park

Built around the enthusiasm for offroading in the Reno Sparkes area, this motorsports complex will be able to host all styles of racing with its diverse terrain, weather, nearby hospitality and International Airport within 20 minutes. In 2010, Exit 28 Motorsports Park hosted the VORRA Xtreme Outlaw 250 desert race, two CalRocs rock crawling events, the LivFast Motocross Park and the Stampede a King of the Hammers qualifier. In 2011, the schedule will extend to include additional high profile desert races and multiple other events. The park is available to be rented for any style event, race, concert series, corporate function, club events, offroad testing, and new product releases. The options are endless with over 100,000 acres to utilize for executing a world class event.

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