Kevin Yoder Maintains Championship Lead After Weekends Race

GRASS VALLEY, CA     OCTOBER 13, 2009    Kevin Yoder took fourth place at the VORRA short course race at Prairie City last weekend.  Yoder maintains a 129 point lead for the VORRA Sportsman Championship that concludes Halloween weekend.

The week leading up to race was a challenge to get the Buggy ready.  One month prior at the VORRA Hawthorne 250 he took the win with just enough of the car left to cross the finish line ahead of the competition.  Yoder, with help from the boys at WFO CONCEPTS, rallied together to get the broken ring and pinions replaced and the buggy back in running order.

Eleven cars competed for the win on the short course track that included high speed turns, long jumps and fast straight aways.  During the practice round Yoder discovered a loose front drive line and broken rear sway bar.   Both were removed from the car and he was forced to race in rear wheel drive only.  “It worked out pretty well actually.  I learned a lot more about entering and exiting the corners by sliding the car instead of using the brakes and 4 wheel drive to pull me through.  When a rock took out my rear brake line in the first moto, I wasn’t as effected because I had started sliding already,” said Yoder.

Short courses are a challenge to stay competitive in this type of vehicle. Yoder used his experience and knowledge of the vehicle dynamics and made a few adjustments prior to the race, including lower gears and dropping the tire size to 37” Pit Bull Rockers.  “The new Pit Bull tires and gearing worked perfect together.  The tires are very stable and provide incredible traction,” said Yoder

“I want to thank everyone that showed up to support me. I had everyone wrenching, even people that I hadn’t seen in years!” said Yoder.  His next race will be the final round of the VORRA Series where he can clinch the VORRA Sportsman Championship October 31 at Prairie City.


Photo Credit: Speed Bump Racing

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About Kevin Yoder: Kevin Yoder proves weekend after weekend that he is a force to be reckoned with on the track, and an all around off-roader that gives back to the community on the trail.  He is currently the Nor Cal Rock Racing champion for the second straight year in rock short course racing.  He is in the lead of the Sportsman Class in the VORRA series that combines desert racing and short course.  He also competes in the CalRocks series and finished the 2009 King of the Hammers race in 18th place.  On weekends not at a competition he is trail riding assisting with trail maintenance, trash pickup and other club activities. 

Sponsors: Pit Bull Tires, Performance Cryogenics


If you would like more information about this race, wish to schedule an interview, or want to inquire about sponsoring Kevin Yoder, please call Charlene Bower at 714-394-1716 or email Charlene at

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