Jason Scherer Encourages You To Vote In BFGoodrich 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 Wide Open Excursion Driver Competition

DANVILLE, CA   JUNE 2, 2010   BFGoodrich has opened up a competition among its sponsored drivers to see who will be the lucky driver of the Wide Open Excursion (WOE) car for the 2010 SCORE Baja 1000.  Jason Scherer, the 2009 King of the King of the Hammers, is in the hunt to add the Baja 1000 to his resume.

The “Win a seat in WOE Challenge Car at Baja 1000” is the opportunity that Jason Scherer has been looking for to finally add the Baja 1000 to his racing career.  “It has been a race that I have always wanted to compete in, and if BFGoodrich can give me that opportunity, then I am going to take it!” said Scherer.  “Please go to the Nation of Go website and vote for me, it will be a great experience!”

BFGoodrich has raced the SCORE Baja 1000 for 34 years in order to prove the extreme capability their tires. “The Baja T/A tire may grab the headlines, but a majority of our wins come from racers who compete with tires that are available off-the-shelf. That off-road BFGoodrich tire on your truck has won the SCORE Baja 1000,” said Roberts Kukainis, Motorsports Manager, BFGoodrich Tires.  Each year, BFGoodrich teams compete on a variety of tires, including the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tire, BFGoodrich® Baja T/A® tire and BFGoodrich® Baja T/A®KR tire.  BFGoodrich Tires also supported the entire Baja Challenge Class with Mud-Terrain T/A®KM2 tires.

VOTE FOR JASON SCHERER: http://www.nationofgo.com/forums/?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3a793a6efd-1a75-49d3-9a4a-12b103eb7bc1Forum%3a07d6fd3e-7fac-43bd-a9cb-1b47b5b9fd79Discussion%3abf741759-c89b-41e2-b673-e4d27e5ad731

In Car Camera You Tube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB9Gi67ycDI

About Jason Scherer: Jason Scherer has stood on the podium at most events winning one of the most prestigious events: 2009 King of the Hammers.  His consistency and race car set-up is also proven winning the Pro-Rock Championship in 2006, repeating in 2007.  Jason’s growing list of high profile finishes have earned him the honor of being nominated for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row and Jason is a Team BFGoodrich driver for 4 years in a row, an honor reserved for those who embody the image and determination to be the best. Scherer embraces his racing career with a very supportive wife and daughter who join him on the trails of Northern California.

Sponsors: The Pelican Group, BFGoodrich Tires, IronClad Energy and Performance Wear, High Angle Driveline, PowerTank, High Performance Air Systems, Beard Seats, Shaffer’s Off-Road, www.Pirate4x4.com, AEM Filters, Red Line Synthetic Oil, ARB USA, CTM Racing


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