Racers sell your Race Team Shirts, Hats and Sweatshirts

Knowing a lot of teams have come up with great team brands and clothing, we are going to offer the opportunity to put it in our store on vendor row at the 2012 King of the Hammers. It is essentially a consignment scenario.  This will eliminate you from having to deal with any BLM selling permits and issues.

The deal is really simple, and there is a lot of opportunity for you to be successful and make some gas money!

CONTACT:  CHARLENE   Charlene@BowerMedia.com   714-394-1716

The Deal:


You Supply the Inventory to the I’m Not Just A Girl / Bower Motorsports Media store as soon as you hit the lakebed.  You decide on how popular you are to decide on the amount of stock to bring.  Use your local t-shirt vendor or I have listed some options on vendors that would not incur shipping below (one is delivering to KOH and the other is local to me).


Sale Price Will Be as follows:  T-shirts $20; Hats/Beanies $20; Ladies $25; Long Sleeve $30; Sweatshirts $40.   $3 for each piece sold goes towards handling, the rest is yours! (you can buy right to make these prices work for you).

We Will Post them for Online Sales:  We will post the items on sale via www.imnotjustagirl.com  for pre-sales and for people at home to buy during the week of King of the Hammers.  We will handle shipping.  All products will be taken offline Friday night to complete the final cash out transaction on Saturday.

We Will Print Two 11×14 Poster Boards for Marketing Purposes:  They will be of your rig and autographed.  One of the Boards will go to your pit tent with information on where to get your clothing…and is yours to keep at the end of the week.  The second Board will be up for Silent Auction in the Vendor Booth all week next to your clothing, primarily to give rig/face/brand recognition.  At the end of the week, we will split the highest bid 50/50 after my expenses on the boards.


Schedule an Advertised Autograph Time at the booth to help draw people and sales on your shirts!  I am not going to make this mandatory…but you know as well as I do that it is a smart move!



Deadlines:  (Earlier than the deadline is awesome!  Pretty Please!)


ASAP:  Reserve your spot on the wall.  First in gets primary spots and from there…

Email your intent and I will email you back with a simple form to fill out.  Charlene@BowerMedia.com


Friday January 13th:  Submit to me Photos/Graphics of all the items being brought to the booth for sale.  VERY IMPORTANT: I must submit everything to the BLM!  Do not bring me anything that has not been previously submitted during this process.  I am sorry, but I am not going to get in trouble for you…I am paying all the fees to sell and respect the rules.


Friday January 20thApproval on the picture for the Poster Board and date and time decided for the autograph session.


Upon Arrival at LakeBed:  Bring product to booth and we will do an inventory of product together to verify stock


Saturday Morning after Race:  We will do a final inventory of product and account for payout.



Shirt / Hat Vendors:


They both have design people that they work with if you are in the need of something right now, but time is super tight, so you better get on it!  All I need by the Jan 13th date is the final graphic.


Foremost Silkscreen & Emb –

John  –  909-941-1713


(Local to me, so I can haul to the desert)


Magnum Ink

Bridget – 702-459-3385
(Will be delivering to KOH)


BLM Regulations

“Include examples of all written and graphic materials. Because of the family nature of the OHV gatherings and events, the sale or display of lewd or pornographic material is prohibited.” 

So….No Flip Off Shirts  😉

DOWNLOAD: Driver Tshirt Form

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