Hammerking Productions Inc Announces Date For 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers

JOHNSON VALLEY, CA,   SEPTEMBER 10, 2009:  The 2010 running of the Griffin King of the Hammers race will take place on Friday February 12, 2010 in Johnson Valley, California at the legendary Hammers Trails.  King of the Hammers has grown into a weeklong event in 2010 which will offer even more opportunities for drivers and spectators alike. Plans are in the works to build on last years theme of off-road industry related workshops, meet and greets, vendor area and more.  To completely experience the King of the Hammers this year plan on being in Johnson Valley from Monday February 8th through Saturday Night February 13th. A formal schedule of events will be released soon.

The growth of the race has required Hammerking to expand the popular Last Chance Qualifier to a two-day format to be held Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9th and 10th 2010. Hammerking will limit the LCQ entry, but has made arrangements to accommodate as many teams as possible and will be expanding the mileage and increasing the difficulty of the LCQ.   Entry for the Last Chance Qualifier opened on September 9th, and will close December 1, 2009. Registration forms can be found at www.kingofthehammers.com. Twenty main event spots have been reserved for the LCQ drivers with the possibility of more becoming available.

In just three years King of the Hammers has become the fastest growing form of motorsports racing. KOH combines the technical aspects of rock crawling with the endurance of off-road racing, with many participants calling it the most brutal one-day race on the planet.  One hundred teams from across the globe will line up on February 12th for one of the off-road industry’s biggest adventure. Teams from Australia, Germany, Canada, and almost half of the United States have made their intent to race known. “The East Coast will have a stronger presence this year with a larger number of teams being able to pre-qualify,” said Dave Cole of Hammerking Productions.

With the addition of VisionX Lights as the official light sponsor of 2010 King of the Hammers, speculation has many believing that KOH will include night racing. Jeff Knoll of Hammerking Productions response stays consistent, “We do our best to keep the details of our race-course a secret until race week, but historically the race has become more and more difficult. We will continue the tradition of brutality that has become KOH. VisionX Lights coming onboard is great news for our sport, they are a company who’s product is well suited for this type of abuse.”

Hammerking Productions anticipates well over 15,000 in attendance over the course of the week. Feedback on the national coverage of the 2009 King of the Hammers event on Spike TV has been better than expected with interest spreading around the world.  The media coverage from last year ranged from TV, Print, Web and Movie Production.  This year there are plans to increase the coverage to an even larger scope.

Long time sponsor Raceline Wheels will return for 2010, and FOA has signed on as the official Shock of KOH.  Title Sponsor Griffin Thermal Products has shown intent to return for 2010 as well as BFGoodrich Tires.

For more information concerning King of the Hammers, please visit www.KingOfTheHammers.com

For marketing opportunities please contact Charlene Bower at Charlene@BowerMedia.com or 714-394-1716

There are currently 52 qualified drivers for the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers

The remaining 48 spots will be filled in the coming months.

1. Jeremy Toney                         Original 13
2. Tracy Jordan                         Original 13
3. Bart Dixon                                     Original 13
4. Hobie Smith                                     Original 13
5. Jack Graef                                     Original 13
6. John James                                     Original 13
7. John Reynolds                         Original 13
8. Scott Ellinger                         Original 13
9. Jt Taylor                                     Original 13
10. Brett Porter                                     Original 13
11. Chris Gieger                         Original 13
12. Scott Porter                         Original 13
13. Jason Scherer                         2009 KOH Top 20
14. Casey Currie                         2009 KOH Top 20
15. Rick Mooneyham                         2009 KOH Top 20
16. JR Van Ortwick                         2009 KOH Top 20
17. Brad Lovell                                     2009 KOH Top 20
18. Rob McKinney                         2009 KOH Top 20
19. Adam Woodley                         2009 KOH Top 20
20. Joachim Schewiesow             2009 KOH Top 20
21. Greg Hussey                         2009 KOH Top 20
22. Wayne Israelsen                         2009 KOH Top 20
23. Eric Holder                                     2009 KOH Top 20
24. Tom Wayes                         2009 KOH Top 20
25. Stephen Watson                         2009 KOH Top 20
26. Buzz Bronsema                         2009 KOH Top 20
27. Jason Pickett                         2009 KOH Top 20
28. Jack Adams                         2009 KOH Top 20
29. Will Carter                                     2009 KOH Top 20
30. Kevin Yoder                         2009 KOH Top 20
31. Clayton Walter                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
32. Adam Carter                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
33. Greg Stone                                     Rausch Creek Qualifier
34. Charlie Melchner                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
35. Kim Sears                                     Rausch Creek Qualifier
36. Barry Beadle                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
37. Doug Bigelow                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
38. Eric Miller                                     Rausch Creek Qualifier
39. Lucas Murphy                         Rausch Creek Qualifier
40. Rob Usnick                                     Merit Based
41. Shannon Campbell                         2008 King of the Hammers
42. Brett Jerome                         4 Wheeler Magazine Winner
43. Brian Shirley                         Lands End Qualifier
44. Ray Mandell                         Lands End Qualifier
45. Peter Wells                                     Lands End Qualifier
46. Roger Lovell                         Lands End Qualifier
47. Levi Shirley                                     Lands End Qualifier
48. Kevin Sacalas                         V2R Qualifier
49. Brandon Watson                         V2R Qualifier
50. Ben Napier                                     V2R Qualifier
51. Dean Bulloch                         V2R Qualifier
52. Nazir Adam                                     Dave Cole Wild Card


Hammerking Productions, Inc. created the “King of the Hammers” off-road race in 2007 (www.kingofthehammers.com) and released its first full-length film in 2008.  The 2009 running of the King of the Hammers was featured on Spike TV and in the film “Second Crusade.”  In 2009, Hammerking expanded race action to include four additional regional qualifiers for the 2010 race.  Over 15,000 drivers and fans from around the globe will descend on the desert of Johnson Valley for over a week of off-road related activities February 9-13, 2010.

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