Green Flag Waives on VORRA’s 35th Year of Racing Action

Ultra4 Start

Ultra4 Start

RENO, NV    MARCH 26, 2010:   The green flag waved on Saturday for the opening day of the 35th year of action packed racing.  The crowd was thick and the racing was intense for the ATVs on Saturday and the Car and Truck classes on Sunday.  The 35th year of racing brought some changes to the format including a 3 moto, 5 lap race competition which gave the drivers even more time behind the wheel.

There were over 60 vehicles that competed for the purse monies.  The legendary Sam Berri came out on top of Class 1 saying, “This was a great course to start the season off with.  Challenging yet fun.”  I doubt there was anyone that disagreed including Steve Sullivan who took second place after replacing three transmissions over the course of the weekends testing and racing.  In the Group T class, Jake Povey took his freshly built truck for the Mint 400 and rolled it in the first turn of the first moto.  It was a huge disappointment, but he continued to compete in all motos and finished 4th to Ben Phillips.

Class 1 Battle

Class 1 Battle

There were two new classes that got introduced to the VORRA start line.  Sunday was the inaugural running of Ultra4 and also a Bug infestation with Class 11 setting up shop and planning their full on “invasion” for the April race.  The Ultra4 class brought a new type of high paced racing to the technical short course.  The big-tired 4wheel drive vehicles battled in each of the races and had spectacular finishes for every moto, but it was Brad Falin that took the overall win.  Kevin Yoder, the 2009 Sportsman Class Champion, came in second place and said “Thanks VORRA for making a place for Rock Buggies to wreck their junk.”

On Saturday, it was a new wave of opportunities for the VORRA ATV racers. “I’m tired of the Quads getting the leftovers of the trucks and cars, and the leftovers of motocross events.  This is a Quad race and its all for you,” said event director Wes Harbor during the preliminary drivers meeting.  The track will now be set up specifically to the ATV Program, and there may even be additional races on separate weekends from the schedule listed below.

GroupT Crash

GroupT Crash

The weekend wrapped up with an awards ceremony that highlighted all of the winners and awarded them with trophies and purse winnings.  The next race will be another short course race at Prairie City OHV area, April 17-18. More information can be found at

Photo Credits To: Bower Motorsports Media


GroupT Crash:  Jake Povey rolls his brand new truck in the first turn of Moto 1

Ultra4 Start:  The land rush start pushes the Ultra4 Class across jumps and into a narrow turn

Class1 Battle:  Mike Lehners held off Sam Berri for about two laps

2010 VORRA Race Series Race Schedule (ATV’s**)

Date                                                Race Type                                    Location

March 20 – 21, 2010                        Short Course                                     COMPLETED

April 17 – 18, 2010                        Short Course                                    Prairie City, CA

May 28 – 31, 2010                        Desert Race – 300 Miles                        Yerington, NV

JUNE 17-20, 2010                        Xtreme Outlaws 250                        Reno, NV  **Just added**

July 16 – 18, 2010                        Desert Night Race – 250 Miles            Fallon, NV

September 4 – 6, 2010                        Desert Race – 225 Miles                        Hawthorne, NV

October 9 – 10, 2010                        Short Course                                    Prairie City, CA

October 30 – 31, 2010                        Short Course – Halloween BBQ            Prairie City, CA

November 13th, 2010                        Awards Banquet                        TBA

** ATV’s are racing Saturday at the first two short course events, more dates TBA.

Valley Off Road Racing Association (VORRA) was established in 1975 as a family-oriented organization and is led by current promoter Wes Harbor who believes that “off road racing has its roots in people’s garages”.  VORRA is the only organization to offer both four short course races and three desert races as part of its overall season championship.  Each race draws over 60 racers between multiple classes available for Cars, Trucks, Pilots, ATV, UTV and Trophy Karts.  In 2010 VORRA has added two additional truck classes and a stand alone ATV Race Series.  More information can be found at

Sponsors – BFGoodrich, Trick Fuels, Sunbelt Rentals, CSS Photo


ROUND 1 Prairie City

Final Results : March 21, 2010  Prairie City OHV Area, Folsom, CA


NAME                                    Number

Sam Berri                        149

Steve Sullivan                        118

JJ Schnarr                        102

Mike Lehners                        121

Arden Dennington            944

Shannon Harwell            132

CLASS:  Ultra 4

NAME                                    Number

Brad Falin                        457

Kevin Yoder                        434

Greg Hussey                        450

Jason Scherer                        476

Chris Ridgway                        422

John Goodby                        445

CLASS:  Group T

NAME                                    Number

Ben Phillips                        T6043

Mike Koenig                        T603

Gerry Mannion                        838

Jake Povey                        T1402

Joel Swanson                        T635

Scott Rodgers                        T1411

Eric Steiger                        T9


NAME                                    Number

KC Keller                        738

Josh Nie                        715

Patty Hayos                        769


NAME                                    Number

Jay Schroeder                        903

Kathy Keller                        950

CLASS:  11

NAME                                    Number

Gary Herrod                        1112

Richard Palasik                        1107

CLASS:  Sportsman

NAME                                    Number

Anthony Domschott            23

Nathan McBride                        99

Michael McCleary            3

Scott Robinson                        T6043

Brendan Fowler                        13

Randy Scheck                        205

Stephanie Hayos            76

Erich Reinhardt                        33

Terry Shelton                        81

Bill Hermant                        91


NAME                                    Number

Dennis Jean                        1959

Jon Crowley                        1965

Sean Cook                        1930

Ryan Drake                        1943

CLASS:  Pilots

NAME                                    Number

Tim Compton                        8

Aaron Rupley                        77x

Miles Berghold                        16


NAME                                    Number

Colton Scudder                        511

Blake Scudder                        207

JJ Parelli                        212

Ryder Haag                        91

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