Great Weekend of Celebration for 60th Jeepers Jamboree & Scroll to Bottom for More Videos

Jeep Giveaway Winner Jeff Saari of Reno, NV

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Trail

Loon Lake Preparing to Go into Rubicon Springs

GEORGETOWN, CA    AUGUST 2, 2012  –  The 60th Jeepers Jamboree celebration July 26-30, 2012 on the Rubicon Springs had many high points throughout all five days on the historic trail.  The Movies on the Grass, Historical talks, Diamond in the Rough wine tasting supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Raffle, Vendor Show and a Flatfender Show’N’Shine were just the organized events. The camaraderie, food and helpful nature of the Jeepers Jamboree staff and participants tipped the experience to excellent.  “I would like to publicly thank the crews, cooks, rock rollers, mechanics and all the participants for making this the most amazing anniversary celebration yet,” said Bob Sweeney, Jeepers Jamboree Board of Directors.  “I appreciate everyone working with us on the extended stay, it continues to show how big and whole hearted the entire off road family is!”

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Rock Rollers

Rock Rollers were Positioned at all the Right Places

Thursday participants on the 5-day trip started their trek into Rubicon Springs from Georgetown, California.  Rock Rollers were stationed in all the right places to help assist participants through the difficult spots.  Upon arriving at Buck Island, most got a complimentary cool off by sneaky water gunners in the bushes and any mechanical help that was necessary to continue on the trail to main camp.  The Rubicon Springs area was buzzing with tents being set up and camps establishing their stake hold for the weekend.  The pasta and salad dinner with a big screen showing old Jeepers Jamboree movies capped off a great day of 4×4 wheeling.

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Buck Island

Buck Island Mechanic Staff at Work

Friday brought more participants into camp for the 4-day trip.  Geologist George Wheeldon gave a very informative talk on the formation of rocks and mining possibilities in the area. Most relaxed in the river and enjoyed friendships formed throughout the years and came to main camp ready to purchase the limited edition 60th Anniversary shirts, sweatshirts and hats.   Friday night dinner of Pork Loin was serenaded by Papa Blues and followed up with a raffle consisting of thousands of dollars in raffle prizes compliments of the industry sponsors.  The Georgetown Rotary Club Ice Cream Parlor was open all weekend benefiting the local high schools.  Country music group Whiskey Dawn rocked the night away and kept the dance floor full.

Jeepers Jamboree 60 George Wheeldon

Geologist George Wheeldon

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Eating Mingling

Meals are times to Share with Good Friends and New Friends

Saturday was packed with things to do.  Starting the day with a huge and filling breakfast, guests had the opportunity to visit with all the vendors that helped support the Jeepers Jamboree in the form of a vendor show.  Just up the hill was the resurrection of Flatville where 22 flat fenders converged into a show’n’shine competition.  Congratulations to Mike Maloney who won in his WFO Army painted Flatty.  Also in the morning, Steve Morris who has been on the Jeepers Jamboree since its second trip in 1954 gave the history lesson of Jeepers Jamboree and the trail.  Needless to say, there were many intent listeners to all of his stories.  After lunch, the Rubicon Trail Foundation sold out their fundraising wine tasting event that featured over 8 wineries, a selection of snacks and a one-of-a-kind souvenir 60th Anniversary Wine glass.  Congratulations to Patty Peters who won a signature bottle of wine.  Papa Blues again serenaded the steak dinner, but before Whiskey Dawn hit the stage there was business to tend to.  Thousands of dollars in raffle prizes were given away again and then it was time to give away the 60th Anniversary Jeep.  Everyone listening intently, it got a little nerve racking as Bob Sweeney called out the numbers one-by-one.  Congratulations to Jeff Saari from Reno, Nevada who won the Jeep sponsored by 4 Wheel Parts, SmittyBilt, Currie Enterprises, GenRight Off Road, Black Rock, Ten-Factory, Motive Gear, Goodyear, Arabia’s Overkill, J&W Autowreckers,, RockHard and Eagle Radiator.

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Mechanics

Mechanics Area in Main Camp. No Money…Only Tips

Sunday, typically when the day 4-day trip guests leave, had a different momentum to it.  With an unfortunate accident Saturday afternoon resulting in a fire blocking the exit on Cadillac Hill, guests were asked to stay another day.  Most appreciated the opportunity to enjoy another day on the river and others opted to exit back through Loon Lake.  Guests continued to be catered and had another great night of food and music while the Forest Service was allowed to diligently work on extinguishing the fire. “We would like to extend a loud thank you to everybody for supporting Jeepers Jamboree and working with us.  We appreciate you staying with us the extra day and making the exit on Monday go as smooth as it did,” said Bob Sweeney.

Monday guests grabbed their breakfast burritos and were lined up to exit on the Rubicon Trail towards South Lake Tahoe during the window of opportunity that the Forest Service allowed.  “We really appreciate the Forest Service for not only acting quickly on this fire for the safety of the guests, but also for working with us on allowing our guests out of the Rubicon Springs on Monday,” said Dan DeWolf, President of Jeepers Jamboree.  All guests and staff safely exited the area and were greeted just past observation point for one last warm lunch.  After another day on the trail being helped by rock rollers, Jeepers Jamboree staff was at the exit point airing up tires to specified road levels for a safe return to their trailer or home.

Jeepers Jamboree 60 RockRollerBreakfast

Rock Rollers Prepare Custom Omelets for Saturday Morning Breakfast

“Our events are a reflection of the Jeeping industry and we are glad to have important industry partners again this year,” said Bob Sweeney.  Thank you to 4 Wheel Parts, G2 Axle & Gear, Currie Enterprises, FishMouth, GenRight Off Road, MetalCloak, NorCal Rock Racing, Olympic 4×4, OilTek Solutions, OR-Fab, Paramount Off Road, Performance Accessories, Poly Performance, Pro Comp, Roggy Enterprises, Rubicon Express, SmittyBilt, Synergy, Trail Master, WFO Concepts, Arabia’s Overkill, Black Rock, KMF Offroad, Parts Mike, Rock Hard, Savvy Offroad and Varozza 4×4.

We encourage you to put the dates on your calendar to join next year.  It is a trip not to be missed.


Photo Credit: Bower Motorsports Media

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Vendor Show

Largest Vendor Show to Date

Videos To Come

The Jeepers Jamboree is the oldest and largest organized event of this type in the world.   It has received worldwide publicity through television, radio, magazines and newspapers.   Guides have taken more than 35,000 vehicles and 102,000 people from throughout the world over the famous Rubicon Trail, considered to be the “Granddaddy” of all four-wheel trails – a 10 on most scales!  The annual winter storms provide new challenges each year by carving out a different trail among the rocky sluices and granite slabs.  As a result, almost all four-wheeling is done at 3‑5 miles per hour or less.  The Rubicon Springs encampment (altitude 6,060 ft. and the site of a late 19th Century mineral springs and hotel) provides a setting for fun and relaxation. Here you will be wined, dined and entertained in the finest High Sierra style.  The 60th anniversary event is going to be the best yet.

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Steve Morris

Steve Morris has been on the Jeepers Jamboree since 1954

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Fun

Couldn’t say it Better!

Jeepers Jamboree 60 River

Relaxing in and around the River

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Flatville

Flatville had 22 entries for Show’n’Shine

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Rubicon Trail Foundation Wine

Diamond in the Rough wine tasting supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Jeff Saari Jeep Winner

Jeff Saari from Reno, Nevada won the 60th Anniversary Jeep

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Vehicles

Preparing to Leave Rubicon Springs

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Exit

Forest Service at Work keeping Guests Safe


OVER 650 Pictures from the weekend!  Enjoy!

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Flatville Reunion

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Video Gallery

Mark Smith, Founder of Jeepers Jamboree.   ‘Almost’ Unedited conversation with Mark at the 60th Jeepers Jamboree.

George Wheeldon, Geologist, speaks about the formation of the Rocks and …Gold  in these here hills!


Steve Morris, Historian, speaks about the history of Rubicon Springs, the Rubicon Trail and…60 years of Jeepers Jamboree!

Danno Raffetto, past Director and on Trip since Year 2, speaks about Vehicles, Friendships and Local Community Commerce.

Daniel Mainwaring, is a past President and current Director for Jeepers Jamboree.  He talks about not only the history of the Jeepers Jamboree, but also of his family in the area that dates back to the mid 1800’s.

Bob Sweeney, is a current Director for Jeepers Jamboree.  He talks about the Jeepers Jamboree, but also of his family in the area that dates back to the mid 1800’s.





If you have never had an opportunity to meet the Bower Family…. Here we are…this is our “leaving family portrait”  😉

Jeepers Jamboree 60 Bower Family

Ben, Deanna, Brent & Charlene Bower

BenAddiction Prepares for the 60th Jeepers Jamboree:



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