Get All Your Bower Media Pictures

If you are looking for your pictures from the season, this is a great opportunity to get them all!  In High Resolution.  Use them as you please on printed materials, posters or for your sponsors.  A select set of pictures will be cleaned up and in a low res file that you can immediately upload to your website and facebook pages.

$500* / Vehicle
All Your Photos in High Resolution (Raw, not cropped or colored) (good for posters/sponsors/anything print)
Select Group of Photos Colored in Low Resolution (Good for website/facebook/emailing)

$700* / Vehicle
Above Photo Package Plus
Video Roll with Intro/Exit, Voice Over (good for You Tube/Website/Sponsors)

____  W.E. Rock West Tucson

____  W.E. Rock West Oroville

____  W.E. Rock West Miller Motorsports

____  W.E. Rock West Donner Ski Ranch

____  W.E. Rock East Dayton 1

____  W.E. Rock East Dayton 2

____  W.E. Rock East Badlands, Attica

____  W.E. Rock Grand Nationals Miller

____  Dirt Riot Colorado Springs

____  Ultra4 King of the Hammers

____  Ultra4 Rausch Creek

____  Ultra4 American Rock Sports Challenge

____  Ultra4 Stampede

____  Ultra4 Grand Prix

____  BITD Silver State

____  Where else did you see me?  😉

End of Year Catalog Special<< Download and Print the form and email the information to

* Pricing Ends Wednesday December 14, 2011     * $250 for 1 race / 2 or more Races $500

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