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Gasping Action Planned at the Unlimited Off-Road Show & Expo

Unlimited offroad expThe inaugural Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo will have the best racers in off-road participating in a shoot-out obstacle course outside the very full Kentucky Exposition Center exhibitor hall.  Every part of this show is shaping up to be the wildest trade show and off-road event located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. There will be 4 different classes of vehicles participating for the top cross-category champions of the day: Ultra4 Rock Racers, UTVs, Mega Truck Racers and Rock Bouncers.  In addition, several racers are scheduled to take on the 32’ Back Flip Wall and perform other incredible stunts that you wouldn’t think a 4-wheeled vehicle could manage.


The Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo will be connecting the two fields outside the main hall to 4 acres of outstanding off-road terrain. One-half of the area is set up with obstacles such as long jumps, vertical climbs, table-tops, whoops and a back flip wall. The other half is made of rocks, sand and a dirt section with crawls and climbs up to 32 feet high.   Competitions will be held on both Saturday and Sunday June 21st and 22nd.


Saturday’s competition will consist of 16 vehicles split between 4 qualifying runs at 10am, and another 4 runs at 1pm. Rock Bouncers, UTV’s, Mega Trucks and Ultra4 Rock Racers all start together with each vehicle competing for a spot in the finals. The Finals will start at 4pm where the 2 fastest drivers of each category from earlier qualifying runs will be able to compete together.  One driver from each category will make up a team of 4 cross-category drivers to form a team.  The fastest of the two teams will win the championship of the day, with ceremonies held immediately following.  The same schedule will repeat for Sunday, with new winners Sunday night.


Unlimited offroad expSome of the largest names in Off-Road racing are scheduled to attend this invite only event. These racers are from all different series including Ultra4 Racing, Southern Rock Racing, Mega Trucks and ECORS.  Mega Truck Drivers include: Geronimo Joey Adams, Mud Stick Randy Priest, Air Mundy Daniel Mundy, Ploy Boy Mud Richie Keith, Bone Collector John Gordon, Show Dawg Brian Rigsby and GunSmoke Kyle Adams.


Rock Bouncer Drivers include: Luke Wilson with Oversized, Randall Key with Blaze,Rage, Labronn Osborne with White Trash, Bobby Tanner in the Screamin’ Blue, Shawn Tolson with Phat N Rowdy, Bree Molitor in The Avenger, Brandon Dillon with the Ford Buggy, Danny Smith in Ole Yellow, CJ Bynum in the Rental, Nathan Tidwell in Beatdown and Matt Brinker.


Ultra4 Rock Racers include: Monster Energy Shannon Campbell, Nitto Tires Derick West, Baird Motorsports Bill Baird, Scooby Mike Feagins, and Rosco Racin Tony ‘Rosco” Rietdorf.


UTV Racers include: Brooks Underwood, Derrick Hensley, Tripp Pullen, Cameron Tanner, Rik Steham, Trenton Parks, Bradley George, Britt Mansel and Nate Blackwell.


The Unlimited Offroad American Show & Expo connects all offroad categories in the industry for some pumping adrenaline fun the weekend of June 21-22, at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  Tickets will be $25 per person and kids under the age of 8 are free.  Many discounts are available on the ticket site for military, senior citizens and groups.  To pre-purchase tickets, go to  www.offroadunlimitedexpo.com then click on Tickets.  With the outstanding background and history of downtown Louisville only minutes away, stay for the weekend at one of the many hotels nearby.  There are 150 RV spots on the Expo show grounds, 50 of which are set with water and power.


Don’t hear about it later, witness it all first hand at the “UOR”.

For Ticket Information go to www.offroadunlimitedexpo.com


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