Four Qualify for 2010 King of the Hammers at BITD Vegas To Reno the Long Way Race

JOHNSON VALLEY, CA,   AUGUST 23, 2009:  Four racers join the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers qualifying list after successfully starting Day 3 of the Best In The Desert (BITD) Vegas to Reno the Long Way race.  An epic race that started on August 20 in Beatty, NV and ended 996 miles later on August 22 in Dayton, NV.  The qualifying names added to the list are: Kevin Sacalas, Brandon Watson, Ben Napier, and Dean Bulloch.

Vegas to Reno the Long Way is the longest off-road point-to-point race in the United States. Hammerking Productions attached this event to its widely popular Griffin King of the Hammers series of regional qualifiers after BITD added a new class of vehicles to the rule book known as Ultra4.  “Now that the race is over, we agree that this was a perfect match to test man and machine in order to qualify to race in the King of the Hammers,” says Jeff Knoll of Hammerking Productions.

Eleven Ultra4 rigs crossed the starting line on Day 1.  The attrition rate was high, only two cars finished Day 1: Jeff Knoll and Kevin Sacalas.  With teamwork and dedication, all eleven cars once again showed up the starting line on Day 2.  There was more heartbreak for seven of the eleven teams, with only four crossing the finish line:  Ben Napier, Brandon Watson, Dean Bulloch, and Kevin Sacalas.  That qualified five drivers to start Day 3: Knoll, Sacalas, Napier, Watson, and Bulloch.  Of those five cars, four finished the race at mile marker 996: 1. Sacalas, 2. Watson, 3. Napier, 4. Bulloch.   Only one racer completed all three days: Kevin Sacalas.

“I was proud to be able to race with this quality group of racers.  They put on an amazing show with unbelievable commitment to finishing,” said Hammerking Productions and racer Dave Cole.  After wrapping up a long week, Casey Folks from BITD said, “from our side it was fantastic, we are very proud to have the Ultra4’s with us.”

The final pre-qualifier for 2010 King of the Hammers will be December 12-13 at the Pima Motorsports Park in Tucson, AZ.  Competitors will be given a chance to compete at the WERock “Put-Up or Shut-Up Shootout” which has a reputation for being a grueling event even for the most talented rock crawlers.


BITD Vegas to Reno Ultra4 Class Finishing Order

Place              Overall  Team #      Name                          Day 1                          Day 2                          Day 3                          Total Time

1             67             4435             Kevin Sacalas                         11:40:24             12:19:40             7:12:35             31:12:41

2             74             4488             Brandon Watson             14:45:00             11:17:23             7:13:19             33:15:43

3             78             4461             Ben Napier                         14:45:00             11:19:20             7:56:40             34:01:00

4             84             4411             Dean Bulloch                         14:45:00             12:26:36             8:25:25             35:37:02

5             106             4471             Jeff Knoll                         10:08:32             15:45:00             00:00:00

• 14:45:00 is the max time applied to day 1 due to DNF

• 15:45:00 is the max time applied to day 2 due to DNF

Starters for BITD Vegas to Reno the Long Way Race


Jason Carner (34) Birmingham, AL,

James Schofield (27) Birmington, AL,

Troy Johnson (40) Riverside, CA,

BlueTorch Fab, Superior Axle, Turnkey, JE Reel, Ruggeo Radios, SpiderTrax, PRP,cQal, Fox, The Fab School, Howe, CTM, BFG, United Rentals, ProComp Wheels, Safety Solutions


Travis Carpenter (28) Orangevale, CA,

Dan Trout (24) Rancho Cordova, CA,

Hasa Pool Products, Yukon Gear, Powertank, infinit Graphx, Solid Axle, Fishmouth Fabworks, MFS, Rock Zombies 4×4 Club


Robert Usnick (36) Fayetteville, NC,

Steve Tolbert (37) Fayetteville, NC,

Brandon Kasnick (25) Raeford, NC,

Billy Brown () Fayetteville, NC,

Performance Off-Road, Final Touch Powder Coating, Trail Tough,, Paraclete, Raceline Wheels, BF Goodrich


Dean Bulloch (51) Cedar City, UT,

Tom Allen (49) Weatherford, TX,

PSC, MasterCraft, BFG, Stak, CTM, Currie, Mast Motorsports, Heavenly Bodies, Winchline, Tom Woods Driveshafts, MS Inc, Seymour Martin, Warn, TrailGear, D&P Perf


Kevin Sacalas (26) Riverside, CA,

Douglas Williams (32) Redlands, CA,

Jon Jonsson (51) Ferndale, WA,

Sam Wiseman (44) Riverside, CA,

Viking Off-Road, Winchline, Bilstein, Griffin Thermal Products, RCV

Performance, Trail Gear, BFG, Twisted Stitch, Livorsi Marine, JE Reel Driveline


David Cole (38) Twin Peaks, CA,

Chris Ridgway (38) Apple Valley, CA,

Brandon Naves (29) Camrillo, CA,

Steve Schneider (30) Temecula, CA,

Kirby Off-Road, Griffin Rad, BFG, Raceline Wheels, RCV, Vision X, PRP, High Angle Driveline, Longfield, G&J Aircraft


Joseph Thompson (38) Grass Valley, CA,

Richard Mooneyham (33) Lake Havasu City, AZ,

Scott Ward (36) Lake Havasu City, AZ,

Les Figeuroa (44) Lake Havasu City, AZ,

Trick Toys Fab, Sims Trucking, BFG, Raceline Wheels, PSC Steering Comp, Turnkey Engine Supply, Sway-A-Way,, Longfield-Super Ax, Brannik Machine


Ben Napier (26) Sydney, Australia

David Camp (32) Brisbane, Australia

Randy Slawson (32) Cotton, CA,

Bomber Fab, BFG, Raceline Wheels


Matthew Legg (32) Boulder, CO,

Jason Tomas Walton (30) La Porte, CO,

Camron Abernathy (31) Fort Collins, CO,

Philip Christensen (26) Wellington, CO,


Jeff Knoll (39) Menifee, CA,

Dave Schneider (34) Reno, NV,

Wayne Israelsen (40) Menifee, CA,

HammerKing, Raceline Wheel, BF Goodrich, Vision X, PSC, Griffin, Bilstein, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Superior Axle & Gear, S&N Fab, The US Stimulus Package!


Brandon Watson (34) Glenwood Sprongs, CO,

Stephen Watson (36) Carbondale, CO,

James Watson (58) Carbondale, CO,

Our families, Off-Road Design, PSC, Bighorn Graphics, Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts, Premier Power Welder

Current Qualifier List for 2010 King of the Hammers:

  1. Jeremy Toney
  2. Tracy Jordan
  3. Bart Dixon
  4. Hobie Smith
  5. Jack Graef
  6. John James
  7. John Reynolds
  8. Scott Ellinger
  9. JT Taylor

10.  Brett Porter

11.  Chris Gieger

12.  Scott Porter

13.  Jason Scherer

14.  Casey Currie

15.  Rick Mooneyham

16.  JR Van Ortwick

17.  Brad Lovell

18.  Rob McKinney

19.  Adam Woodley

20.  Joachim Schewiesow

21.  Greg Hussey

22.  Wayne Israelsen

23.  Eric Holder

24.  Tom Wayes

25.  Stephen Watson

26.  Buzz Bronsema

27.  Jason Pickett

28.  Jack Adams

29.  Will Carter

30.  Kevin Yoder

31.  Clayton Walter

32.  Adam Carter

33.  Greg Stone

34.  Charlie Melchner

35.  Kim Sears

36.  Barry Beadle

37.  Doug Bigelow

38.  Eric Miller

39.  Lucas Murphy

40.  Rob Usnick

41.  Shannon Campbell

42.  Brett Jerome

43.  Nasier Adam

44.  Brian Shirley

45.  Ray Mandell

46.  Peter Wells

47.  Roger Lovell

48.  Levi Shirley

49.  Kevin Sacalas

50.  Brandon Watson

51.  Ben Napier

52.  Dean Bulloch


Hammerking Productions, Inc. created the “King of the Hammers” off-road race in 2007 ( and released its first full-length film in 2008.  The 2009 running of the King of the Hammers was featured on Spike TV and in the film “Second Crusade.”  In 2009, Hammerking expanded race action to include three additional regional qualifiers for the 2010 race.  Over 15,000 drivers and fans from around the globe will descend on the desert of Johnson Valley for over a week of off-road related activities in 2010.


For additional stories or pictures on the Vegas to Reno Event or on the Ultra4 Racers please contact Charlene Bower 714-394-1716 or

Live coverage feed can be linked to at:

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