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Driven Experiences #6199 Truck Finishes BITD Vegas to Reno

GATEWAY, CO – AUGUST 19, 2014:  The Driven Experiences #6199 truck piloted by Chuck Dempsey and Erick Jacobs finished the 535-mile Best in the Driven Experience V2R Eric Minks instaDesert Vegas to Reno race on Friday night August 15th at 9pm.  “We were running 3rd in class with only 4 miles left to the checker flag, when the steering arm broke off the rack causing the driver and co-driver to get out of the truck.  They were able to fix it good enough to limp her into the finish line for 4th place,” explained Chuck Dempsey.  “We are very happy with the finish and to know that we can run at the front of the pack for the SCORE Baja1000.”

Chuck Dempsey started 4th in class and was leading the race by RM100 when they starting noticing some fuel pump issues.  They ran the best they could with a truck that would not run at full throttle, but soon found themselves in second place.  Chuck and Dave Milo handed the truck over to Erick Jacobs and Shanon Powell at RM280 where they would also be challenged with fuel pump issues, although lessening as the evening hours helped cool the truck.  With just 4 miles to go, and a podium finish on the horizon, the steering arm broke off the rack.  With a quick fix to get it to the finish line, the team crossed in time for 4th place.

This is the truck’s third Vegas to Reno race, in coordination with Driven Experiences ProBaja Racing program.  This year, Driven Experiences at Gateway Canyons Resort instructor Chuck Dempsey was driving, along with another long-Driven Experiences BITD V2Rtime winning racer Erick Jacobs.  “We enjoy teaching and having clients race the truck, but there is also that need to provide proof that it is a finishing and winning truck,” said Chuck Dempsey.  “We know where we started with this truck three years ago and are excited at the opportunities it presents today.”

“We are preparing for our upcoming SCORE Baja 1000 race where Andrew Hendricks, Driven Experiences’ President, Jeff Humberson, Driven Experiences VP and I will be in the truck,” said Chuck Dempsey.  “We have a teaser of what is to come with our new moto: ‘Driven to Fight Cancer’ and the American Cancer Society logo on the truck for the weekends race.  Listen for more about our amazing new relationship that we will be announcing soon!”

We would like to thank everyone that made this race a success: Andrew Hendricks, Jeff Humberson, Bunk Talbert, Chuck Dempsey, Erick Jacobs, Martin Gimple, Dave Milo, Shanon Powell, Richard Nolan, Dan Hayes, Crissa Hayes, Charlene Bower & all of our family and friends that put up with all of our racing addictions.  In addition, our proven to finish sponsors including Driven Experiences, Driven Club, Gateway Canyons, American Cancer Society, MSP Films, GoPro, Maxima Racing Oils, RSPCT Apparel, Arctic Cat, Fox, Shox, Terra Dynamics, Impact MasterCraft Safety, Toyo Tires, Hostyle, Calhane Transmission, Tubeworxs, Sparco, James Lin Motorsports and Chuck Dempsey Motorsports

Driven Experiences GoPro #6199 race day posts can still be seen Driven Experiences Vegas to Reno Teamon  TV Coverage of the race will air on NBC Sports October 19th at 5pm EST with multiple re-air times on NBC Sports and MavTV.

Driven Experiences is the only arrive-and-drive school that provides the knowledge and information needed to really understand the profession of sitting behind the wheel of a Pro-Baja Truck.  Utilizing the knowledge and know-how of long-time desert racer Chuck Dempsey, clients are properly taught how to navigate jumps, bumps and rough terrain on their 2-mile course located in Gateway, Colorado.  In addition, Driven Experiences is now offering offsite options of touring or racing through the Baja or California deserts.  The classroom training starts based on any skill level and gains momentum offering the full service opportunity to get into the winners circle.

If getting dirty in an off-road vehicle isn’t a priority, then consider sitting behind the wheel of one of fifteen different sports cars as part of the Driven Sports Car Rental program.  From Vipers and Bentleys, to Camaros and Mustangs, the need for speed is satisfied at Gateway Canyon Resort.

Gateway Canyon Resort is located an hour Southwest of Grand Junction, named the “Best Adventure Resort in Colorado” by “Best of TV” in 2009. In addition to the Driven Experiences opportunity, additional resort activities include: Dolores River Adventure, Horseback Riding, Off-Road Touring, Air Tours and a complete Gateway Auto Museum.

 Race Team Marketing Partners:  Driven Experiences, Driven Club, Gateway Canyons, MSP Films, GoPro, Maxima Racing Oils, RSPCT Apparel, Fox Shox, Arctic Cat, Terra Dynamics, Impact MasterCraft Safety, Toyo Tires, Hostyle, Calhane Transmission, Tubeworxs, Sparco, James Lin Motorsports, Chuck Dempsey Motorsports

Photos Compliments of Eric Minks,

Driven Experiences Contact: Chuck Dempsey

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