Disabled Sports USA Far West Rubicon Adventure


Disabled Sports run rubicon trailDisabled Sports Run is one of my favorite trips of the year!  I will be honest:  You arrive with a Smile, Your Smile never leaves all Weekend, and You Leave with a Heavy Heart Wanting More!  Ok, so maybe there are some “alergies” that come into play at the goodbyes…yea, we get it.

The Disabled Sports USA Far West Back Country Access Program is organized on the Offroad side by Jason and Andrea Berger.  Their dedication to getting the program going and continuing year after year is to be rewarded.

This program allows people with all types of physical and/or mental disabilities to go deep into the woods for a weekend of camping, which would not be possible without the use of 4×4 vehicles.

Disabled Sports run rubicon trail webilt 4wd clubThe WEBilt 4WD Club is the pulling force in many of the rigs that help to get the participants and 5 trailers in to the Rubicon Springs to help feed the whole group.

The entire program would not be possible without the generous support of the all the sponsors.

2011 Sponsors Included:

Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems
Lincoln Electric
One Toyota of Oakland
Kelly & Dick Murphy
Applegate Garage
disabled sports run rubicon springs Arrow Mountain Screen Printing
Audra and Kevin Van Fossen
Autoglass Express
Barsotti Subaru
Caitlin Geldien
Capitol City Mountain Goats
Carli Geldien
Clark Frame and Alignment
Diablo Offroad Performance
ETK Painting
Far West Rents & Ready Mix
disabled sports run rubicon springs German Auto Service
Gloria Stone
GM Specialties
Hayes Auto Sales
J&J Body Shop
Jessica and Katie Reynolds
Jon and Candy Graham
Kelly and Dick Murphy
Laura Gallager’s Gourmet Chef Services
Lisa Bellew Creative
Northshore Transportation
PayDirt Media, LLC
disabled sports run rubicon springs Precision Marine
Rieves Auto Parts
Sierra Foothills Electric, Inc.
Steel Horse Industries
The Bunland Family
The Dierksen Family
The Socha Family
Tom and Jeanne Holt
Vickie Schneider
WeBilt 4WD Club
disabled sports run rubicon springs Zoldan’s Custom Window Tinting

I would also like to personally thank John Deere for letting us Prove that John Deere’s are Rubicon Capable!  They are!
I would also like to thank my brother, Brent, for joining me again this year as my driver.  The trip is even more special having that Brother Sister time!


The Stories will come, but I want to share the pictures with you now….

Friday August 12th we gathered on the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail.  Over 20 participants and 30 volunteers gathered around for the instructions of the weekend.  The seat assignments were given and we were on the trail!  After a long day, the amazing spread of Chicken, Salad and (of course) Smores and campfire stories made the day excellent.

[nggallery id=42]

Saturday August 13th everyone started with a huge breakfast and then loaded up into the rigs to head to Buck Island Lake for a day of swimming and …ice cream!  With some trail repairs and some serious repairs, the day was the typical “day of wheelin”.  The water was cool, but welcoming!  When it was time to head back to camp, the trail seemed much shorter…oh it was all down hill!  At the end of the dirty day we all changed back into our swimming gear and went to the river to get a thin layer of dust off and get ready for dinner.  Frisbees flying, John Deere rides and guys working on rigs was the happenings while one of the biggest batches of spaghetti and garlic bread got prepared by the campfire.  Another full moon light (that was so bright you could actually see your shadow) made the whip cream on the top of the Strawberry shortcake glow!

[nggallery id=43]

Sunday August 14th is always the day that you never want to come. “It’s Not a Goodbye; It’s a See You Later”   Tents were taken back down.  Sleeping bags were rolled.  The huge amount of Bacon was finished being consumed and it was time to head back to the trucks.  The ride back was uneventful, unless you want to count the amazingly beautiful landscape that can only be seen while in on this historic trail.  With heavy hearts, drivers said their goodbye’s to their passengers.  Friends hugged, and now it is time to start planning for next year.

[nggallery id=44]

To participate in the Disabled Sports USA Far West Rubicon Adventure as a Sponsor or Volunteer, feel free to Contact me for further information:  charlene@bowermedia.com

To enrole a Participant into the program or any of the Disabled Sports USA Far West programs go to: http://www.dsusafw.org/sports

Pictures Are Available for Tagging on Facebook!
Friday:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.241091882599579.63099.125714130804022

Saturday 1:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.241100082598759.63100.125714130804022

Saturday 2:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.241109485931152.63101.125714130804022

Sunday:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.241115465930554.63103.125714130804022

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  1. David McQueary
    David McQueary says:

    Charlene the stories and pics are great.The memories will last me a life time.The whole weekend was awesome i was so happy our BBQ worked so well and my Ranger didn”t break down.It was priceless the happy faces when your brother and i gave rides to anyone that wanted one.Thank you so much for being there.


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