Dirt Kings Source Interlink Response with FAST-Aid and BlueRibbon Comments

In response to the new Magazine produced by Source Interlink, Dirt Kings, they have released this official statement:

We’d like to take this opportunity to make an official statement regarding Dirt Kings.We absolutely did not intend to draw any connection between Dirt Kings and any tragedy.  We regret that the cover came across as insensitive and inappropriate.  The article that the cover references is a comic-book style/jokey piece, and the cover was meant to convey a campy 80’s movie poster.We have been paying very close attention to the complaints voiced by people on this forum, and we are taking them very seriously.  Certainly, in hindsight, the cover was a mistake and we would change it if we could.  We are very sorry to those that found the cover to be harmful to the community.Dirt Kings is a one-off, and the current issue has been the only one planned, despite any rumors to the contrary.  The advertisers included in the issue bought the space in good faith, and no finger pointing should be aimed at them.

Our staff has long been supportive of land use rights, having written numerous articles on the subject, organizing fundrasiers, and spending time to help the cause.  With that in mind, we have turned to two of the most trusted names in protecting off-roaders’ rights and supporting the community: Fast-Aid and Blue Ribbon Coalition.

With the help of both of these organizations, we’ve come to an agreement that will create an immensely positive program with the aim of something good resulting from this debate.

Fast-Aid and Blue Ribbon Coalition will be penning a series of Public Service Articles educating offroaders in a number of Source Interlink Media print magazines–publications that had no part in Dirt Kings but have agreed to help in order to spur some positive action.

Off-Road Magazine, Diesel Power Magazine, Four Wheeler Magazine, Mud Life Magazine, 8-Lug HD Truck Magazine, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine, RV Magazine, and Jp Magazine will all participate.  Again, these publications were not involved with Dirt Kings but simply would like to help.  These pieces will have important and interesting content relating to both land use and general off-roading practices.

Look for the series of full-page spots to start running soon.  These will put both organizations in front of a huge audience (these titles sell more than a million copies combined per month) and the effect will be lasting as the issues run throughout the year.

Dirt Kings was only planned for one issue, but the idea that a humor-themed magazine with adult content persists.  If any future issues of Dirt Kings were to come about, we’d be in touch with both Fast-Aid and Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure content would not be harmful to the community.

Very Sincerely,
The Dirt Kings staff

FAST-Aid Response    www.fast-aid.org

Concerns over the recent release of a magazine titled “Dirt Kings” were brought to Fast-Aid by several off-roaders regarding the message portrayed on the cover and magazine content.  Shortly thereafter, avenues of communication were opened between management at Source Interlink Media and me regarding the magazine and its potential impact on the off-road community.

It quickly became clear to us that, while the perception and reaction were clear, it was unintended on the part of the publisher.  They expressed an interest in doing what they could to repair relations with those who were offended and turn a negative situation into a positive and lasting impact for the off-road community.

I am pleased to pass on the e-mail below from Source Interlink Media.  It outlines the mutually agreed upon plan that will be put in place to give Fast-Aid and BlueRibbon Coalition the opportunity to educate    off-roaders across the country and make a positive impact using the vast reach of the reputable magazines published by Source Interlink Media.

I hope that whatever your awareness of the Dirt Kings cover and whatever your reaction may have been, you will join with Fast-Aid and BlueRibbon Coalition in supporting this educational effort supporting responsible off-roading.

Jared Tetzlaff



BlueRibbon Coalition Response  www.sharetrails.org

We have reviewed both the magazine and the reaction from our off-road community to “Dirt Kings,” and find that our only course of reasonable action is to turn this into a positive outcome for our members and for trail access in general.  BlueRibbon Coalition serves as the national grassroots champions of responsible access, and this opportunity to partner with Fast-Aid and the crew at Source Interlink Media will provide new avenues to ensure a positive future for off-road recreation.

We are pleased to pass along this email from Source Interlink Media, reaffirming their longstanding commitment to land use issues and outlining the mutually agreed upon plan of action.  Many of our members did not initially see the “spoof” attributes of this magazine, but in these days where image is everything, we are also pleased to know there will be no other issues like this, and that the rest of the company magazines will be enhancing our mission to improve our recreational image, save trails and provide education.

We hope you will join with BlueRibbon Coalition and Fast-Aid in supporting these new educational efforts to ensure a positive future for our sports.

Greg Mumm
Executive Director
BlueRibbon Coalition

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