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Bower Motorsports Media has been covering the action at King of the Hammers since 2009.

We not only follow the race, but the fun side of the race, the trials and tribulations of what happens between the time they start preparing to the day they get home.

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Driver: Lucas Murphy
Co-Driver: Jon Hastie
Car: #816 – Red

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/murphyslawmotorsports

Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Murphys-Law-Motorsports-Mens-T-Shirt_p_130.html

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Lucas Murphy king of the hammersLucas Murphy and his whole team has been working hard to build a brand new car for the 2013 King of the Hammers.  “There is absolutely nothing old about this car.  It has a mid engine, is about 6″ lower and is faster,” said Lucas Murphy. “It is built to be a race car not a trail rig racing.”  2012 was a quiet year on the Murphy’s Law Motorsports racing front, BUT they did qualify by finishing 3rd at RCQ, built a brand new car and started on building a new toterhome all without using credit cards.   Their quiet 2012 was to build a foundation for a very successful 2013!  I know we are looking forward to seeing this new car in action!!

LINK TO PICTURES FROM 2012 King of the Hammers: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.348498345192265.83094.125714130804022&type=3



Driver: Doug Bigelow
Co-Driver:  Single Seater
Car: #4413 – Purple   /// and Co-Driver for EMC Jason Kaminsky #4678

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/bigelowmotorsports

Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Bigelow-Motorsports-Mens-T-Shirt_p_148.html

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Doug Bigelow king of the hammersDoug Bigelow will be bring the same single seat purple car that he has been driving the last five years consecutively.  “Somehow it just keeps taking a lickin’!  Now, is it going to keep up with the IFS cars or Bomber cars, No, but it’s pretty reliable,” said Doug Bigelow.  “There ain’t nothing good about wrecking at 60mph in the desert!  I just want to be at the finish line, we may be in 40th or may be in top 10, but I just want to be there at the end.”  Bigelow qualified at Badlands finishing 9th. “I busted the front ring gear, but finished three more laps…somehow.  It was a battle of attrition.”  Last year Doug Bigelow co-drove for rookie Jason Kaminsky in the Every Man Challenge race and he will be co-driving for him again this year.  Back to Back days of racing is going to be part of the 2013 King of the Hammers challenge for Bigelow Motorsports!

LINK TO PICTURES FROM 2012 King of the Hammers:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.380959025279530.89352.125714130804022&type=3


Driver: Kevin Sacalas
Co-Driver:  Tim Carlson
Car: #4435 – Orange

Website: http://www.biguglyracing.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/BigUglyRacing

Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Big-Ugly-Racing-T-Shirt_p_318.html

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Save the Hammers Fundraiser at 2013 King of the Hammers: http://www.facebook.com/events/392159330873128/?suggestsessionid=11770893461357575333

Kevin Sacalas 2013 King of the HammersKevin Sacalas, the mastermind behind Big Ugly Racing, started his racing career with winning the three-day BITD Vegas to Reno race in 2009 and has been competitive and at the forefront of the Ultra4 movement since.  “The most memorable race this year was getting 3rd at Vegas to Reno because that was the race that started it all.  It was fun to do it again, and I will never do it again,” Kevin Sacalas laughed. “You will never get me to sit for 12 hours in the desert.”  The Big Ugly 1.0, went to 2.0 and then to 2.5 after a now famous wreck at the Mint400 this year.  “2013 should be a little more relaxed because we won’t be reinventing the wheel,” said Kevin.  “We are going to run the whole Pro Western Series and Crandon.”  The car will look the same as it has recently with the addition of Maxxis tires for 2013.

**Join Big Ugly Racing, DSquared Racing and Race Prep Racing Tuesday Feb 5th @ 117 GenRight, Hammertown.  Show your support for keeping Johnson Valley land open to to public. Bring a $20 donation and get an event cup. 100% of the proceeds goes to Save the Hammers.


RuffStuff Official Repair Station of 2013 King of the Hammers

ruffstuff welding koh 2012The Free Ruffstuff Specialties Open Pit will be set up for the third consecutive year at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers.  The 8 bay capabilities will include 9 Lincoln Electric Welders and a 4×4 Torchmate Table in addition to 3 full service mobile welding trucks that can come to you anywhere.  Racers have priority, but nobody will be ignored, including those without broken vehicles who would just like a Free RuffStuff T-shirt or koozie!  “Last year we repaired 198 different vehicles and this year we have doubled our size and added additional capabilities,” said Dan Fredrickson, owner of Ruffstuff Specialties.  “We go above and beyond for anyone, and one of the cool things that we offer is allowing you to try all the latest and greatest equipment from Lincoln Electric.  We know that most guys are welders, sometimes amazingly good and sometimes not, but all can benefit from the experience. If you are looking at plasma machines, there is no better time to check out the Torchmate 4×4 Table in use, and while the pressure is on to get it done right now!”

READ FULL RELEASE: http://bowermedia.com/2013/01/ruffstuff-official-repair-station-of-2013-king-of-the-hammers/ 


Motivational Wednesday Set of Pictures

Facebook Link (TAG & SHARE): http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.492450464130385.112297.125714130804022&type=3

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Raceline Wheels Monster $5,000 Bounty at 2013 King of the Hammers and $1,000 Bounty for 2013 Every Man Challenge

Raceline2013KOHBountyincEMCRunning Raceline Aluminum Beadlock Wheels at this years 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers could add $5,000 to the winners pocket at the Ultra4 race on Friday February 8, 2013 in Johnson Valley.  “We have always been about supporting our racers, who in turn support us. This is just one more opportunity that we are happy to put towards their success!” said Greg Mulkey, Raceline Offroad Brand Manager.  In addition, Greg Mulkey announced on the LIVE King of the Hammers preview show that they will be adding a $1,000 Bounty for each Stock and Modified Classes of the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge Race.

Raceline Wheels has always hosted a dinner for the Volunteers during the King of the Hammers week.  “This year is no different, we know that it is a long day for all the volunteers and we appreciate that they are helping, it’s our little way of giving back a ‘Thank you’,” said Greg Mulkey.  Dinner will be served on Thursday night at 7pm at the Raceline booth on Besttop Blvd.

READ FULL ARTICLE Including more about this years TEAM RACELINE: http://bowermedia.com/2013/01/raceline-wheels-monster-5000-bounty-at-2013-king-of-the-hammers-and-1000-bounty-for-2013-every-man-challenge/

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Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.  These are People from Saturday…a Week Before KOH & a Day before EMC!

See on Facebook (TAG & SHARE):

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Driver: George Evans
Co-Driver:  Doesn’t Have One!  Know of someone that can read a GPS…contact him!
Car: #4577 – Green Jeep


Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/george.evans.397

2012 King of the Hammers Picture Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419102844798481.95251.125714130804022&type=3

George Evans king of the hammers


George Evans will be starting 13th in the Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge Modified Race.  Last year George raced for the first time and finished 5th in Modified, 6th overall.  “We’re pretty excited about this year, I can say we are way ahead of where we were last year and the car is a lot stronger,” said George.  “Last year we raced to finish not necessarily to win.  We had tons of tools and spare parts.  This year we are planning on pushing for a win….I’m just not sure who we are yet though.  My co-driver ended up with some family commitments so I am in the process of finding another co-driver.”  The jeep looks exactly the same and still has the stroker motor as it did last year, but Rick Mooneyham rebuilt all the suspension to include King coil over bypasses tuned in by Wayne at AllTech Motorsports.


Driver: Jeff Rector
Co-Driver:  Mark Druman
Car: #4504 Red with Yellow Flames

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-Track-Racing/185871448111944

2012 King of the Hammers Picture Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.424534434255322.96451.125714130804022&type=3

jeff rector king of the hammersJeff Rector and his co-driver Mark Druman will fire the #4505 three times during the King of the Hammers week: 1. Wednesday Qualifying   2. Thursday EMC Modified Race    3. King of the Hammers.  Yes, he is pre-qualified for King of the Hammers with a 6th place finish at the American Rock Sports Challenge, and is also racing the Every Man Challenge!  “Us two old guys are going to Iron Man it!  We learned a lot doing both races last year, know how to be successful in both races this year. We would really like to win it,” said Jeff who’s son is also racing in the UTV race on Thursday.  “I have a hard time doing half ass and I know how much it takes to do it right.  We had a good car, just had to figure it out and tune it in, a little suspension stuff and a few tweaks but essentially the car looks the same as last year.”  Jeff Rector is part of Dean Bulloch’s On Track Racing team effort.


Driver: Michael “Scooby” Feagins
Co-Driver:  Josh Wilson
Team Name: WWSD Rock Racing
Car: #929 – Blue & Silver

Website: http://www.facebook.com/WWSDRockRacing

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/scoooby

Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/WWSD-Rock-Racing-Mens-T-Shirt_p_132.html

Buy a 2012 Autographed 16×20 Picture:  http://raceteamstore.com/WSSD-Rock-Racing-Mike-Scooby-Feagins-Autographed-Photo-Poster_p_216.html

scooby michael feagins king of the hammersMichael Feagins, more commonly known as Scooby, has run all but two of the Ultra4 races this year and 6 others, seeing about 14 green flags in total.  Being from Indiana, that takes perseverance.  He qualified for this years King of the Hammers at the Ultra4 Nationals in Texas.  “We were the only one in the top 45 that weren’t qualified.  We went into the race 19th in points and came out qualified!” said Scooby.  “Having the opportunity to race at Crandon was the highlight of 2012 for me.  It was such a great time, and the course was scary and exciting all at the same time.”  His car will look the same as last year with a few different graphics on the side.  It is finished, improved upon and prepped which is completely different from last year at this time. Scooby explains last year: “there is nothing worse than having someone else drive your truck so you and two other guys can continue working on your car in the trailer as it’s moving with the generator, lights and air compressor running.”  The car did get finished and they LCQ’d for a 127th start position last year.  This year he will qualify 54th on Tuesday.


Driver: Darren Henke
Co-Driver:  Darlene Henke
Team Name: DSquared Racing
Car: #4441 – White & Blue

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/DSquaredRacing

BRAND NEW !!!!  Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/DSquared-Racing-Tshirt_p_333.html

Buy a 2012 Autographed 16×20 Picture:  http://raceteamstore.com/Raceline-Wheels-Poster_p_245.html

2012 King of the Hammers Picture Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.427159713992794.97111.125714130804022&type=3

Darren Darlene Henke king of the hammersDarren Henke and wife Darlene are quite the team.  They started racing only two years ago and have achieved their 2012 goal of being in the top 10 of the Ultra4 class.  Their goal for 2013 is to be in the top 5. “This year we finished 7th overall in the Ultra4 series, year before we finished 17th, so we are just going to try and keep that momentum and work for a top 5 position this year,” said Darren.  “I think our biggest accomplishment is we are still married and I get to do this full time,” laughed Darren.  The car looks completely different than it did last year at King of the Hammers.  They did a lot of front end and engine work, along with a fancy new wrap with blue and yellow graphics.  “All of our sponsors have stuck with us and that is a huge deal, we really appreciate them.”  They qualified for King of the Hammers finishing 8th at the Cinco de Baja race in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A favorite on the Ultra4 series, their dog Lucy passed way at the end of last year. A new puppy Phoebe will be making her first appearance at this years King of the Hammers.


Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.  This group is from Sunday…featuring the Every Man Challenge Race, some pre-running and pit action!

See on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.495439617164803.112840.125714130804022&type=3

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Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.  This group is from Monday…featuring some Pre-Running, the first driver meeting of the week, and of course PEOPLE !

See on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.496793197029445.113044.125714130804022&type=3

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Driver: Paul Garner
Co-Driver:  James Morris
Car Owners: Les Blair & Mike Dora
Team Name: Odd Angle
Car: #4409 Black and White

Website: http://www.oddangle.net/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/odd.angle

BRAND NEW !!!!  Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Odd-Angle-Black-Mens-Tshirt_p_337.html

Odd-Angle-Ultra4 king of the hammersPaul Garner is a hired gun for the Odd Angle team based out of Queen Creek, Arizona.  “We have been building different types of vehicles for a lot of different people for over 8 years. When the Ultra4 cars came around we knew we wanted one, but it didn’t take long to know that we weren’t the best drivers,” laughed car owner Les Blair.  “We had really bad luck this year and couldn’t get the car to stay together for any of the Ultra4 races.  Now we have new shocks, new brakes, fuel system and Paul is in good shape and ready.  We have the car, we have the driver, now if the car can hold together for 4 miles we should finish pretty high.”  The car will look the same with the black panels and oval Odd Angle logo on the side in white and red.  “This is the last year that this frame will be good for this series, so we will be spending most of 2013 redoing the car to be compliant for 2014.  Always keep improving moving onward and upward.”  They will be the second to last LCQ person to try for a starting position, taking the green flag 69th on Thursday.


Driver: Chris Garrison
Co-Driver:  Darin Floyd
Team Name: Billet Rifle Systems
Car: #4494 – NEW Red Graphics

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/hooliganrockcrew

Website: http://www.billet80.com

BRAND NEW !!!!  Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Billet-Rifle-Systems-Red-Mens-Tshirt_p_338.html


Car Wrap heavymetal concepts Chris Garrison is changing it up this year.  “I am sponsoring myself, so we have a new wrap and T-shirt designed by HeavyMetal Concepts. We did add BTR Wheels but other than that the car is pretty much the same, just a more experienced driver this year,” said Chris.  “We have come to the King of the Hammers and LCQ’d every year.  In 2010 we got in the main race, and then made it 16 miles.  In 2011, we didn’t make it in.  Last year, we won the LCQ and finished 36th in Friday’s race after the penalty for taking the high line in Chocolate Thunder.  This year we will be the second team on Wednesday to qualify.”  In 2012, the then TDS Guns team did get to a lot of races and finished all of the Ultra4 races.  “We almost qualified a whole lot of times, but it just didn’t work out.  We almost won the NorCal Rock Racing Series too, but didn’t.”  After King of the Hammers, the Billet Rifle Systems team will be racing close to home and spending lots of time with family.  “My two daughters are going to be the focus of this year,” said Chris.


Driver: Jason Divis   –  Raceline Wheels UTV Division Manager
Co-Driver:  Greg Wells  –  Raceline Wheels General Manager
Team Name: Raceline Wheels
Car: #

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/racelinewheels

Website: http://www.racelinewheels.com

Buy a Shirt to Support: http://raceteamstore.com/Raceline-Wheels-Mens-T-Shirt_p_137.html

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Arctic Cat Mamba nonbeadlock

With the Standard Mamba Wheels, before Beadlocks

“What better way to test and prove the strength of the Raceline UTV wheels and tires than to race them in the hardest UTV race known to date,” said Jason Divis, Raceline UTV Division Manager.  “We trail ride and go to Glamis all the time, so being in the rocks will be totally different and exciting.”  Raceline recently released the new A71 Mamba beadlock wheel. It is a true beadlock that features a forged billet aluminum outer ring, 20 bolt beadlock system and enduro inner lip technology.  The A71-Mamba is arguably the best looking beadlock on the market.  Raceline Wheels also produces the Raceline MT Tire specifically for side-by-sides.  This aggressive tire comes in 25” to 30” options.  All the Raceline SXS Wheels and Tires are available through most powersports dealers.  “We bought the Arctic Cat basically for marketing purposes, to display at shows and continually test our wheels, I don’t think we ever intended to race it,” said Divis.  “We just decided to do this a couple weeks ago so I have been gathering up parts and we installed most of them last weekend. We will only have the week of the event to pre-run.”

READ FULL PRESS RELEASE: http://bowermedia.com/2013/01/raceline-wheels-enters-arctic-cat-in-utv-king-of-the-hammers-race/


Driver: Dustin Sexton
Co-Driver:  Rich Conlon
Team Name: Sexton Offroad
Car: #4437     Toreador Red

Website: http://www.sextonoffroad.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/SextonOffroadRacing

2012 King of the Hammers Picture Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.410788298963269.93809.125714130804022&type=3


Dustin Sexton king of the hammersDustin Sexton may be the only Bronco in the field, at least he was last year.  His company Sexton Offroad specializes in Broncos, so why not race one.  “Since last year we lowered it a couple inches and rerouted the exhaust because we kept smashing it, but other than that it looks the same,” said Dustin.  “Its Toreador Red, a 2003 Ford color, some people call it cranberry, but I’m not happy with that, Toreador is much more masculine,” he laughed.  In 2012 Sexton Offroad raced and finished the point-to-point Baja 1000 in a 7100 truck.  “It was our first Baja, we lead for 2.5 hours, lost a knuckle, had a 9.5 hour repair and still finished.  I drove, co-drove and repaired!”  The Toreador Bronco raced Cinco de Baja and the American Rock Sports Challenge, but will be LCQ’ing 53rd on Wednesday.  “In 2009, we raced with Clay Egan. In 2010 we LCQ’d to start and broke at RM109.  We took 2011 off, then in 2012 we LCQ’d in again and broke at RM65.  So we are used to LCQ’ing, but hope our main race luck will change.”  On October 1st, Dustin retired from 22 years of active Marine duty and has recently been promoted to the Captain of the Park City, UT Fire Department.  2013 should be a good year for racing.  “My military commitments would conflict with race dates, but I think I have that under control this year.”


Driver: Todd Stepehensen
Co-Driver:  Karl Munford
Team Name: On Track Racing
Car: #1944    Green and White Arctic Cat

Website:   http://www.dandpperformance.net

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/WildcatWillys

2012 King of the Hammers Picture Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.415262251849207.94635.125714130804022&type=3

Todd dirt riot arctic cat wildcat willysTodd Stephensen isn’t new to the King of the Hammers, isn’t new to rock crawling, and it is safe to say that he isn’t new to Winning while racing a UTV.  “We had a fun year racing the Arctic Cat, we won the 1000 Production Class and took second overall at last years UTV King of the Hammers race, and then we followed that up with the Dirt Riot Mountain Series Championship.”  The car looks much different than the pictures from last year, but similar to the more recent Dirt Riot pictures.  “There are over 30 parts that we are manufacturing under the Wildcat Willy’s name…and all of them are on the car, do you really want me to list it all for you?” he laughed.  (No, but I did check them all out on the DandPPerformace.net website and they will have a display booth in the KOH Vendor Area)   “Arctic Cat has invested a lot in our On Track Racing team and we in turn are helping with their demo rides, shows and testing.  We were in Glamis last weekend, are home now getting everything ready for King of the Hammers and then going back out to Glamis to help out at the Arctic Cat President’s Day display.  This year we are planning on racing the Ultra4 series, HDRA series and Dirt Riot with the extended help from Arctic Cat, Muzzy Performance and Pit Bull Tires.”  Todd manages Wildcat Willy’s, the aftermarket accessories you need for your Wildcat, along with being a mastermind behind building the parts and a celebrity driver.


Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.  This group is from Tuesday…featuring the first day of Qualifying and LCQ !

See on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.499943613381070.113459.125714130804022&type=3

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Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.  This group is from Wednesday…featuring the second day of Qualifying / LCQ and the Kingdom Party!

See on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.501461503229281.113664.125714130804022&type=3

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Fly-N-Hi 2013 King of the Hammers Race Team Mirrors Shop Quality

Fundraiser at The Blind Pig January 30th 6:30pm Scottsdale, Arizona

fly n hi jeremy hammer king of the hammersJeremy Hammer, owner of Fly-N-Hi Total Performance Center in Phoenix, will race the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers on February 8th.  Well, that is after he qualifies successfully through the Last Chance Qualifier process taking the 3rd green flag on Tuesday February 5th.  “We spent most of 2012 building a new car that will debut at the Last Chance Qualifier,” said Jeremy Hammer owner and driver.  “We took our old proven car that has run the last 4 King of the Hammers, kept the good parts and added better parts to build another masterpiece.”

           The Fly-N-Hi team will kick off the excitement this Wednesday January 30th with their 4th annual fundraiser at The Blind Pig in Scottsdale, AZ.  “We are asking for $10 donation at the door per person for some great Mexican food and soda. There will be an auction for some great items and you can see the newly built car,” said Jeremy.  “This is grass roots racing, we hold this event to raise money to get our team of drivers and pit crew out to the ‘toughest single day race on the planet’…169 miles of some of the most treacherous terrain in the country.”  There will be cocktails and other food items for purchase, located at 3370 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.



 Raceline Wheels Enters New Jeep JK in Every Man Challenge

Raceline-KOH-driver white out OffRoad Division Manager Greg Mulkey to Drive with Teraflex Curt Hildebrand

Two industry product icons will be in one jeep racing the 2013 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge: Greg Mulkey from Raceline Wheels and Curt Hildebrand from Teraflex Suspension.  This is the first career race for both, and have no doubt earned the opportunity to experience the thrill of a victory.  They will be driving a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport with Arkansas registered street legal tags. “This Jeep is a stock jeep…on steroids,” laughed Mulkey.  “Curt and I have worked together on different projects for years so it is even more fun that it will be the two of us out racing together.”

Of course the Jeep isn’t quite as stock as when they started working on it a mere 3 weeks ago.  The list of changes includes, but not limited to: KM2 BFGoodrich Tires mounted on the new Raceline Liberator Wheels with Staun equipped beadlocks.  The suspension system is a brand new R&D version of the current pre-runner suspension design by Teraflex with King 2.5 Shocks.  This JK is going to boost 12” of travel in the front, 15” of travel in the rear and 9” of up travel in both the front and the rear.  Although they don’t anticipate it’s use, the Jeep rounds off it’s white outfit with a very attractive WARN Winch matching the bold Raceline Wheels graphics.



Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.

This group is from Thursday…featuring the UTV Race, King of the Motos, Contingency, Raceline Taco Feed and LOTS OF PEOPLE!

See on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.502182709823827.113759.125714130804022&type=3

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LetzRoll Offroad Racing Continues Positive Momentum into 2013

letzroll offroad racing king of the hammers The 2012 LetzRoll Offroad Racing Team delivered 2 National Championships, 2 Southwest series championships, a 3rd place Dirt Riot National series finish and is focused on continued success in 2013.  LetzRoll Offroad is the only shop in the country who can say they have podium Champions in every class.  The 2013 race year starts at the Griffin King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA, February 3 – 8.  LetzRoll Offroad Racing is proud to be entering 4 cars in this year’s event: Andrew McLaughlin #4493 will be racing the Griffin King of the Hammers and three entries for Smittybilt Everyman Challenge include Alan Johnson #4511, Shawn Passmore #4669 and Matt Salyers #4634.  Learn more about the entire LetzRoll Offroad Racing team by watching the 2013 team preview: http://youtu.be/9MqddDE0RrE

“I am so proud of the entire team,” said Andrew McLaughlin, #4493 driver of record and owner of LetzRoll Offroad.  “The variety of people that we have on the team; all different backgrounds, all different skill sets… that’s what makes us unique.  We’re really strategic with racing, but when everybody comes together it’s a 100% solid team.  Adding the two other classes not only brought more people to the sport… more friends to the sport…but also brought more challenges and more rewards.  We continue to step up the level of the #4493 and we improve with every race.  We start 2013 pushing 500hp in the car and it is supported with Artec and Yukon products that can handle the new power.  The ADS shocks have made all the difference in the world at race speed in how it handles the desert.”

READ MORE & Watch 4 More Videos on the Team: http://bowermedia.com/2013/01/letzroll-offroad-racing-continues-positive-momentum-into-2013/



Another Group of Pictures from 2012 King of the Hammers.

This group is from Friday & Saturday…featuring the Main Race & Saturday Awards and LOTS OF PEOPLE!

See on Facebook:

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Rubicon Express Joins Forces with Jason Scherer for the 2013 Ultra4 Season

Jason Scherer KOH 2013Industry leading suspension manufacturer, Rubicon Express has announced it will be sponsoring professional off road racer, Jason Scherer.  The new partnership brings together a company that pioneered modern high performance suspension systems for Jeeps with a championship winning driver and race team. Both Rubicon Express and Jason Scherer are based in Northern California with strong roots wheeling on the famous Rubicon Trail. As their newest ambassador, Scherer’s Ultra4 single seat race car will be wrapped with the very recognizable Rubicon Express black and silver logo which will be debuted at next weeks 2013 King of the Hammers and continue its appearances at the three Ultra4 Western Series races.

Rubicon Express brand manager, Adam Trowbridge said, “We are very excited to have Jason Scherer representing Rubicon Express. His professionalism, sportsmanship, and reputation as an exceptional racer are a great match with our company and what we stand for. We are looking forward to kicking off the 2013 race season with Jason at the King of the Hammers.”

Jason Scherer is a highly respected racer who has stood on the podium in many disciplines of racing including winning one of the most prestigious events, the 2009 King of the Hammers, making it four consecutive top 20 finishes.  His consistency has earned him multiple Pro-Rock Championships and a nomination for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row.  “I work hard to be the best driver that I can be, between being in good physical condition and understanding my vehicle limits. I have learned the pace that I can stay fast and not risk failure,” said Scherer.  “I am very excited to join into this partnership with Rubicon Express.  It’s truly a natural fit for both of us and I am glad to represent a professional group that has it’s roots in the Rubicon, one of my favorite places.”

READ FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE: http://bowermedia.com/2013/02/rubicon-express-joins-forces-with-jason-scherer-for-the-2013-ultra4-season/


Bower Motorsports Media will be at King of the Hammers all week.  Keep tabs on the latest info!  Come to the store in the main tent and check out all the goodies!

BMM Ad KOH 2013


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