Chris Ridgway Captures 4th Gold Medal at Extremity Games, He Prepares for 2010 X-Games as Reigning Gold Medalist

APPLE VALLEY, CA – July 12, 2010:  Chris Ridgway won his 4th consecutive gold medal in Adaptive Motocross at the Extremity Games over Memorial Day weekend at the Baja Acres Motocross Park in Millington, MI.  A total of 400 contestants competed in the 5th Annual Extremity Games with 17 racers competing against Ridgway in the Adaptive Motocross Limb Loss Division.  In the end of July, Ridgway will be appearing in Los Angeles at the X-Games where he will compete for his 3rd Adaptive MotoX Gold Medal.

Ridgway faced some challenges prior to the race.  He had been practicing non-stop for three weeks, when six days before the race he crashed and injured several ribs and dislocated both shoulders.  “I was devastated, here I had put all of this work into competing, and now I was loosing before I even got there.  It took me a day to regroup, but I knew I had to ride injured and was not going to quit,” said Ridgway. The practice, strength and discipline paid off for him.

Ridgway took 1st in the first moto of the Extremity Games and came in 2nd in the second moto.  Since his main competitor finished father back in the first moto, he didn’t have to win the second moto to take the title, but it sure didn’t stop him from trying.  “The whole second moto we were within a second of each other. It hurt so bad to breath with the broken ribs, but I didn’t want him to pass me and then he finally did on the last lap.  I didn’t have to win, but anytime I can take on the competition and win I want to,” stated Ridgway.

With the success of the Extremity Games in his mind, Ridgway is working towards defending his reign and capturing his 3rd Adaptive MotoX Gold Medal at the 2010 Summer X-Games in Los Angeles, CA on August 29, 2010.  Riding his 2010 RMZ450, Chris will compete against the same group of competitors, but the X-Games track is tougher and the jumps are insane.  “Last year the finish line jump was by far the biggest jump I have ever done in my life, and it was a jump gone bad that I am missing my leg from,” commented Ridgway  “But instead of walking away, it is pushing me to work that much harder.”

The Adaptive Moto-X games will be held on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at the L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA.  For a schedule of the 2010 Summer X-Games visit

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Photo Credit: Corey Bixby

About Chris Ridgway – Chris Ridgway is an amputee and competes wearing a prosthetic left leg.  His professional motocross career was cut short in 1995 when he had a “bad day at the office” falling from over 30 ft in the air and has since struggled to maintain strength in both his legs. After eight years, he finally convinced a doctor to amputate his left leg and is now stronger than ever.  His competitive spirit originated with motocross and now he competes in many different events, including motocross, Rock Racing, King of the Hammers, Grand Am Rolex Series, the Silver State Classic, and Baja 1000.  Some of his impressive wins include the X Games Gold Medalist: 2008, 2009; and the Extremity Games Gold Medalist: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

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  1. Rod Emory
    Rod Emory says:

    Chris is a true inspiration to athletes, amputees and people in general. I was blessed to have an opportunity to race a Porsche with Chris over the years and it is awesome to see all that he is accomplishing. Thank you Charlene for keeping everyone informed and working with chris to share the story. We are looking forward to the X Games in a few weeks.

    Rod Emory


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