Charlene is a Guest on Steve Parker’s World Racing Roundup

Bower Motorsports MediaCharlene was honored to join Steve Parker on Sunday nights episode of Steve Parker’s World Racing Roundup talking about the off road industry.  A show that is typically about NASCAR, Indy cars and other asphalt racing, he welcomed the information on the Dirt world as they talked about all the different disciplines.

Steve Parker has a 35 year background in the industry as a journalist covering the worldwide car, truck, motorcycle and motor racing industries from drag boats to F1.  He is still very active including writing for the automotive blog at the Huffington Post (, the Santa Monica Daily Press newspaper (; column: Tornante, runs each week) and they are also consultants and contributors to the NBC-TV show Whipnotic ( He host shows two shows on Saturday it’s THE CAR NUT general interest auto show, Sunday WORLD RACING ROUND-UP, which is self-explanatory, both start at 5pm PST.

Information for Sunday 4/11/2010 show


NASCAR, F1, IndyCar and NHRA drag racing happen this weekend and next and we’ll have all th results and prognotications. Plus — Off Road bRacing! We’ll have one of the country’s off road racing experts – Charlene Bower — and get up-to-date on the race Dr. Hunter S. Thompson covered in his classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Mint 400 (Johnny Depp played Thompson in the film version; Benicio del Toro his ‘attorney’).

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