Supporting OffRoading in the Media and to the Masses

This has been a sad weekend… We have lost 8 members of our offroad community, more are injured and a driver and co-driver are devastated.  My prayers and thoughts go out to them, their families and all those that helped in the rescue efforts at the event.

The offroad community has wanted this national attention, and now we got it.  Unfortunately, it had to take some drama to get it.   With the focus on us… We need to  show the world what our community is made of… Quality, stand up citizens that rally together.

Here are some ideas on how you can help!

*  If you are not a public speaker…today is probably not the day to start  😉

* Post on all the comments sections of the different articles that you read online as a Positive Person in the community.  Even if someone has already said what you wanted to…post it again.  We are outnumbered in the masses.

* If you see something posted that is incorrect, or a bad representation:   Post against it… but do it Smartly…Professionally… Respectfully….
Please watch the words that you are using…
Instead of -> Use
Tragedy  ->  Accident
Killed ->  Casualties
Crashed into a crowd -> Landed off a jump into crowd
Isolated Incident

* Send a letter of support to the BLM:  We understand that this is a challenge, but the solution is not to stop desert racing.
Bureau of Land Management
Barstow Field Office
2601 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311
Phone: (760) 252-6000
Fax: (760) 252-6098

* Educate and Teach your co-workers and friends that are seeing the mainstream videos and think this is what desert racing is all about.

* BE POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL  I can’t stress this enough.  This is not the time to be angry or vulgar…You represent our Entire Community to the one person that you are talking to, or the entire forum that you post on (not sayn’ any of you have :smile:)

* Assist with getting the word out about FAST-Aid, similar to Red Cross, where people can help support the families that lost their loved ones, or that have medical bills to pay now.
Link to spread around Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc:

Link to send to any Local or National Media that you have contact with (includes logo and Word Doc Download):

* We need to get some POSITIVE Desert Videos out there that have California 200 as a tag. We can outnumber the negative videos pretty quickly…   If you have Good Representative Desert Racing Material (family oriented, non-biased), think about putting together a short video in remembrance. If you feel the need to do a voice over, please make sure that you watch the words that you use… If you are not a public speaker, this is probably not the day to start Remember, by taking on this project, you are representing the entire community.

Encourage people to help support “California 200″ … It can scroll across the bottom of the screen…   Use the logo on this post and be sure to tag the video in You Tube, Vimeo or any other video account with California 200, desert race, accident, crash.  Once it is up…post it on FB, the forum that you frequent, email to friends…everywhere and lets get the view count up so general people that are searching have it pop up on their search…

* Support a Fundraiser in coordination with FAST-Aid.  Make sure that the media local to the event is contacted with the Who, What, When, Where, Why information.  Also, Email me the detail information and I will add to the calendar on this website that shows up on multiple websites across multiple disciplines of offroading.

Thank you!!If you have any questions, or see something that we should help combat or filter to the correct person, please email me at

* I will be adding to this with additional ideas…. Be sure to come back!
* Feel Free to email me with additional ideas
* Please help spread these ideas to your friends and family!
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  1. Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson says:

    Please let people know that it is not normal to try and reach out to touch the race truck. I don’t know why people keep agreeing that this is poart of the adrenaline rush and part of our sport, it is not!!! Races are normally viewed at a safe distance.

  2. Eric Filar
    Eric Filar says:

    Please note for those that don’t know, that this type of spectator gathering is actually not that common in state side desert racing. This is a 200 ft. section of a 50 miles course that gets the attention it does because of it’s proximity to the north end pits and easy access.

    The other 49.9 miles of that course are desolate and spectators are rarely seen.

  3. Robin Stover
    Robin Stover says:

    Now more than ever, it is important for EVERYONE in the Dirt Nation to band together, become a united force against organizations and critics that threaten to limit our lifestyle choices. Do your part. Act now!
    If we wait, those who don’t understand us will eventually shut down off-roading as we know it.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I must say that I hadn’t really thought much about Desert Racing aside from growing up in Pismo and hearing about races. Then this recent tragedy happened and I became curious. My first thought was, I hope they don’t arrest or blame the driver. This seems to be truly an accident.

    I started reading LA Times articles and different news sources and all the posts said there needed to be barriers and basically kept saying negative things about racing. I saw the bajaracing blog and assumed that all these guys and girls are dumb.

    Then I found forums. Seeing that everyone knows each other and the racing community spectators know the risks, I hope this sport isn’t changed too much.

    My thoughts go out to the families of the deceased and to the driver and co-driver. At least the fans were doing something they enjoyed when they passed on.


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