Bower Media Presents: How to Create Your Own Media

The first stop on the Dirt Riot event schedule will also be the first stop for a Marketing Series called “How To Create Your Own Media” presented by Charlene Bower from Bower Motorsports Media.

No, it’s not a lesson on how to edit video and crop pictures, it is a broad spectrum of tips and tricks on how to work with event media groups and how to make your presence known in front of the small group at the event and on the much broader internet.

Among many other potential topics, we will share how to Interview Well, Where to Be, How to talk about Sponsors, and how and why to Utilize Social Media.

Although this program is structured towards the Racer, if you are any kind of Business Owner you will also benefit from the marketing tips and techniques.

It is open to Anyone and Free.

Friday January 13th @ 6:30pm  (Immediately following Dirt Riot tech at Tucson 4 Wheel Parts)
Randolph Park Hotel and Suites – 102 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ

CLICK HERE for More about Dirt Riot in Tucson 

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