Bower Media 2012 Calendar

Yea, it’s not a Firefighter calendar, Sorry!

But better!  The Bower Motorsports Media photo team at this years King of the Hammers event is composed of some of the best in the industry.   Each photographer will hand pick their favorite to display on the pages.

Bring the memories of the King of the Hammers week home with a calendar that keeps flipping a month closer to next year!  Each month will have a theme with a predominate picture, and then surrounded by a collage of pictures that you will probably find yourself in!  It is my goal to include as many of the drivers/teams as possible!  14 months will bring us back to next March, where we will start all over again.

The calendar portion will have the typical holidays, my birthday, and the different Rock Racing Series dates.  All the important stuff!

If you would like to ensure that your car or company is in the calendar, you can sponsor a page.  Please contact Charlene immediately.  Pages are already filling up, because it’s cheap! or 714-394-1716

1 x 2012 Calendar = $20  (Shipping Included)

Team of 5 x 2012 Calendar = $15 each = $75 + $5 Shipping = $80

Team of 10 x 2012 Calendar = $10 each = $100 + $10 Shipping = $110

They will ship Hot Off the Press – I would say in the first week of March.

Click HERE TO ORDER via I’m Not Just A Girl website  OR ORDER while on the Lake Bed at the Bower Media/I’m Not Just A Girl Booth.  V52 on the corner of SmityBilt St and WARN Way.

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