BFGoodrich® Tires Driver Tom Wayes Sits on Pole of King of the Hammers after Day One of Qualifying

Larry-McRae-BFG-KOH-300x199GREENVILLE, SC (Feb 4, 2014) – BFGoodrich® Tires Tom Wayes is currently sitting on the pole position for the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers. His new to him single-seat Ultra4 buggy charged the course on Tuesday for the fastest qualifying time of 2:58:91, beating out 2012 King Eric Miller by .06th of a second for the pole. A long-time veteran of the King of the Hammers, Wayes is familiar with the brutal terrain and the determination that it takes to finish. This is his first year transitioning from a two-seat car to a single seat car, which may make the difference between a finish and a win for Wayes.

Marcos Gomez, one of the three Gomez brothers racing on Friday, qualified 3rd on his BFGoodrich tires. “We have had a busy week getting all the cars prepped to race, but we are excited to be at the front of the pack by the end of today.”

Reigning King, Randy Slawson, finished 6th in the field today. A quick 18 seconds behind Wayes. “The car ran great and the tires did what I needed them to in the rock sections that have already been dug out considerably.”
Randy Slawson BFG KOH


Randy-Slawson-BFG-KOH-300x199There are still 112 cars to qualify on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday during contingency, drivers are encouraged to coordinate with BFGoodrich to qualify for the $5000 contingency award.

The BFGoodrich Tires team is onsite and offering tire support thru Saturday morning, with full pit service available on Friday February 7th at Main Pit next to the Redbull Semi.

“This year’s racing season commences again with one of the most brutal challenges for racers, trucks and tires at the King of the Hammers,” said Peter Calhoun, Motorsports Manager, BFGoodrich Tires. “We’ve been proud to have provided the tire solution tough enough to endure the hazards of this race and been on the winning racer’s truck the last two years and five times total in this event. We are equally proud to provide a

Historically, BFGoodrich has been the tire of choice for five of the six past Kings:

2008: Shannon Campbell – BFGoodrich
2009: Jason Scherer and Jason Berger – BFGoodrich
2010: Loren Healy and Rodney Woody – BFGoodrich
2012: Erik Miller and Robert Ruggiero – BFGoodrich
2013: Randy Slawson and Michael Slawson – BFGoodrich


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