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BFGoodrich® Tires Driver Brad Lovell Finishes First in Every Man Challenge Legends Class

KOH-2014-BowerMedia-1-300x199 2GREENVILLE, SC (Feb 19, 2014) – Team BFGoodrich® drivers Brad and Roger Lovell took on a challenge many wouldn’t: race the King of the Hammers twice in two days. On Thursday, Brad Lovell, with brother Roger co-driving, finished first in the 114-mile Smittybilt Every Man Challenge Legends Class. Following that feat on Friday, Roger took the reins, with Brad co-driving, and finished 12th in the 194-mile Griffin King of the Hammers.

“It sounded like a good idea at the time, but my body is telling me different tonight,” laughed Brad after Friday nights’ finish. Roger was smiling and nodding in agreement beside him. Successfully completing all of the 308 race miles, plus qualifying and pre-running earlier in the week, complements the entire teams motivation and vehicle preparations.

KOH-2014-BowerMedia-1-300x199 2The Legends Class is new for 2014, giving cars that are built of a little older technology the opportunity to still be competitive. There are multiple class rules that limit these vehicles, including a DOT-approved tire rule. The intent of the tire rule for the stock class is to restrict tire use to only standard production models designed, sold, and advertised for use on highway vehicles. Therefore all tires used in competition should be readily available to the public from any local distributor. Tires with special construction or compounds created for the sole purpose of competition are not allowed.

“We ran the DOT-approved 37 inch BFGoodrich tires on Thursday. It really made us appreciate the competition KRT-B’s that we are used to running!” said Brad Lovell. “Like any DOT tire, we eventually cut a sidewall and had to change tires. Not something we are used to doing.”

Friday’s King of the Hammers race was the complete opposite; it was a day of consistency. “Roger stayed at a consistent pace throughout the entire morning section and we starting moving up in positions. By the time we got to the BFGoodrich Main Pit we had already moved into the top 30,” recalled Brad. “We had just a couple of minor issues and took the podium in 12th place.”

KOH-2014-BowerMedia-1-300x199 2Brad Lovell will continue to represent BFGoodrich Tires in the 2014 TORC Series starting April 5th – 6th in Primm, Nev.

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