ATC Pictures Featured on Xtreme4x4

Charlene on ATC

Charlene on ATC

When Ian Johnson and the team at Xtreme4x4 needed help with putting their Rhino Build together, they gave me a call to get the list of people to talk to.

Then they called and needed help with old photos including ATC’s, well heck I have some of those!  I learned how to ride on the back of an ATC and then moved up from there.  I went to my brother and my scrap books and found some pretty funny pictures, and also ones of us on the ATC’s.  My dad pulled out the Super8 camera rolls, but we couldn’t find anything that could be converted quick enough…

Note the helmets… For you Motorcycle History buffs, you know that they are skunk helmet from riding the ISDT.  My Dad, Ben Bower, is a 3 time gold medalist ISDT rider on a Bultaco.  From 1973-1976…the same era as Malcom Smith and other historical riders.  I was almost born in Australia where he was competing and my Mom was pitting.  I was born two weeks after they got home.

Watch the full episode, but be sure to have your eyes peeled at minute one!

Loctite “Nominate a Hero” UTV Giveaway

May 11, 2010 – How to upgrade a Yamaha Rhino side-by-side with 13″ long travel suspension, performance exhaust and other goodies.

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