AZ Shortcourse Championship

Arizona Short Course Championship’s Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Successful at Cocopah Speedway in Yuma, Arizona

Friday Monster Truck Display at Alexander Ford Lincoln 3-7pm

Friday Driver Meet & Greet at Wild River Entertainment Center Starting at 8pm

Racing Saturday at Cocopah Speedway Starting at 2:30pm

Cocopah posterGILBERT, AZ    JUNE 12, 2013:  Alexander Ford Lincoln Truck Fest was a full success in Yuma Arizona.  With thousands of fans out for the driver meet and greet on Friday night at the Wild River Entertainment center, and the Monster Truck activities at the dealership, the stands were sure to be packed full on Saturday for the Arizona Short Course Championship and Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Racing Series Arizona presented by ADS Shocks.  Spectators poured into the stands as soon as the smoldering Arizona sun fell down behind the mountains and the evening reached a cooler 80+ degrees.  The seven dozen racers put on a great show and the monster truck Obsession kept everyone entertained in between the races.  “It is pretty cool to have this placed packed with a great crowd and a city backing this sportsman type of racing series,” said Tim Jones, President of the ASCC/ Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona.  “The Cocopah Speedway facilities were beyond what any series has had to offer the off-road group yet, and we are excited to say that the September 7th race at Tucson International Raceway will be similar in nature.  You could say Arizona Short Course is a morphing between Lucas Oil Offroad Racing and the Robby Gordon Stadium Trucks, and we are excited to continue this level of experience for everyone involved.”

            All of the support from the town of Yuma was incredible.  “Ryan Hancock, the owner of Alexander Ford Lincoln, competed in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series last year and is racing the Best in the Desert series this year,” said Blake Stallworth, Alexander Ford Lincoln Sales Manager.  “It was a natural fit for us to support this race series as it comes into our backyard.  It was fun to have the monster truck at the dealership and watch all the kids enjoy it.  We also appreciated talking to everyone on Saturday at the races when they were checking out the wide selection of trucks, cars and SUV’s that we drove over.”

            As for the racing, it was awesome.  The field of racers displayed a broad scope of very competitive racing that brought a lot of action to the six lap qualifiers and ten lap main events.  The Pro Classes really tore up the track that was designed by Tony Benelli, who has multiple years experience in competitive short course racing.  The kid Kart classes are always exciting as the dozens of kids start up their career in racing.  Maybe the most exciting race of the day was the SR1 Side-by-Side Championship points race.  With the addition of the California series racers, this class was really hot!  Pro ATV rider Dustin Nelson was clearly the fastest along with Jason Weller, but it would be Mrs. Corry Weller who would take the win.

There are 14 different classes that drivers compete in at the ASCC Lucas Oil Regional Series.  These are the winners with the full list of competitors and link to lap times below: 1. Open V8 Truck winner Steven Arlia  2. Ultra 4×4 winner Jack Adams.  3. BigO Tires Unlimited UTV winner Adam Gruender   5. McMullen Fabrication and Transaxel Jr2 Karts winner Taylor Wood   6. Jr1 Karts winner Mason Prater 7. Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens Modified Karts winner Cole Mamer  8.  Open Pro winner Steven Arlia  9. Weller Racing SR1 UTV winner Corry Weller  10. Hellion Mini Stock Trucks winner Ben Abatti  11. Mini Mod Trucks Ben Abatti  12. Foddrill Limited Buggy winner Kevin McCullough  13. Foddrill’s 1600 Desert Limited Class winner Alan League  14.  Select Glass Full Stock Trucks winner Will Munns.    All classes are racing for the Kary Environmental Checker Flag!  There are classes for the young kids up to the professional open classes making it a full day of action for all to enjoy.

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Complete Results: 

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Select Glass Full Stock Trucks

  1. #1  Will Munns
  2. #35  Jake Munns
  3. #8  Roger Gonzales
  4. #96  Brian McCutcheon
  5. #81 Greg Baum
  6. #51 Cy McKee


Open V8 Truck 

  1. #32  Gary Zweifel
  2. #1  Neil Weaver


Ultra 4×4

  1. # 284 Jack Adams
  2. #54  Mark Mason

BigO Tires Unlimited UTV 

  1. #1  Adam Gruender
  2. #995 Ken Benson
  3. #657  Nicole Bungartz
  4. #711 Broc Dickerson
  5. #4 Rick Diaz
  6. #623  Hans Waage


McMullen Fabrication and Transaxel Jr2 Karts 

  1. #455 Taylor Wood
  2. #429  Orion Rodriguez
  3. #449  Parker Steele
  4. #454  Lauren Knupp
  5. #437  Mia Chapman
  6. #436  Kali Kinsman


Jr1 Karts 

  1. #205 Mason Prater
  2. #254 Luke Knupp
  3. #218 Daely Penitco
  4. #236 Kali Kinsman
  5. #247 Colton Shope
  6. #256 Justin Wilson
  7. #291 Jesse Stone
  8. #275 Rylie Pierce
  9. #295 Tyler Davis


Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens Modified Karts 

  1. #535 Cole Mamer
  2. #548 Scotty Steele
  3. #555 Gavin Harlin
  4. #588 Conner McMullen
  5. #549 Parker Steele
  6. #577 Trisha Wright
  7. #527 Taylor Wood
  8. #22 Cori Andrews
  9. #503 Elliot Watson
  10. #514 Preston Roben
  11. #547 Jeff Hoffman


Weller Racing SR1 UTV 

  1. #18  Corry Weller
  2. #864 Robert VanBeekum
  3. #815 Lyn Grant
  4. #814 Robert Wilson
  5. #1az  Jason Weller
  6. #811 Clayton Graham
  7. #842 Scott Webster
  8. #881 Brian Smith
  9. #94  Dustin Nelson
  10. #824 Dan Kelly
  11. #805 Josh Rich
  12. #888 Blake Malgren
  13. #838 Dan Burke


Hellion Mini Stock Trucks 

  1. #1  Neil Weaver
  2. #7 Kevin Bartling
  3. #90 Kermit Lennick
  4. #17 Jacob Mosler
  5. #26 Aaron Richards
  6. #6 Kyle Walh
  7. #71 Rich Ward


Mini Mod Trucks

  1. #6060 Ben Abatti
  2. #6077 Brian Antle
  3. #3007 Michael Meachum
  4. #1787 Joey Miller


Open Pro 

  1. #90 Steven Arlia
  2. #17 Stacey Pike



Foddrill Limited Buggy 

  1. #389  Kevin McCullough
  2. #318  Chase Ryan
  3. #300  Ryan Therkildsen
  4. #333  Hayden Melton
  5. #321  Krista Smith
  6. #314  Weston Schuck
  7. #363  Joe Whitely



Foddrill’s 1600 Desert Limited Class

  1. #1648 Alan League
  2. #1669  Will Wing
  3. #1629  Cole Reed




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About ASCC’s Lucas Oil Regional, AZ : The Lucas Oil Regional Series, Arizona focuses on presenting affordable, competitive grassroots racing in a safe, relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.


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