Arizona Desert Racing Association

arizona desert racing associationWhat do I do on my first weekend off in months?  Go Desert Racing of course!  I have heard of this “local to Arizona” desert racing group and was interested to find out more.  Below are pictures of the day and some more information. ~Charlene

On December 18, 2011 Tim Jones announced a new desert racing series; Arizona Desert Racing Association (ADRA) which will kick off its inaugural 2012 season on February 17th, 18th and 19th at the Speedworld Off-Road Park.  ADRA founder, Tim Jones stated: We saw a void in the Arizona desert off-road racing community and determined that there was significant demand for an affordable family fun based desert racing series in Arizona.  Mirroring some of the basic concepts other successful off-road desert series’ on the west coast Tim formed ADRA.   “We have a great schedule lined up for our first year but we are also working on bringing back some of the great old venues in the near future.”

Arizona Desert Racing Association (ADRA) mission is to provide a fun family friendly off-road racing series for off-road racing enthusiast throughout Arizona. Safety of our racers and responsibility to the desert and mountain terrain the environment and its wildlife are paramount to our success.  We feel it’s our duty to provide safe, fun, challenging courses for our members, now and into the future.

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