60th Jeepers Jamboree Party Extended Due to Fire

GEORGETOWN, CA    JULY 29, 2012  –  The 60th Jeepers Jamboree has been extended due to a fire on the exit path of the Rubicon Trail.  The Forest Service has been diligently containing the fire, and Jeepers Jamboree guests have been asked to stay in Rubicon Springs and enjoy another day of relaxation.  “We have had a wonderful 60th celebration this weekend,” said Dan DeWolf.  “This has thrown a bit of a wrench in the exit plan for some, but we are happy to have them stay with us another day, feed everyone and enjoy another night of celebration.”

The fire started due to an unfortunate rollover on Cadillac Hill.  Three guests were injured, but were responded and rescued by trained paramedics and doctors within minutes.  The fire was result of the roll and was also responded to within minutes by Jeepers Jamboree staff.  Trained fire choppers were onsite and dropping water on the area within the hour.

The Jeepers Jamboree guests and staff are in a safe environment in the Rubicon Springs.  The Rubicon Trail, a County Road, is currently closed at the commonly known spot of Cadillac Hill.  Guests have been asked to stay in Rubicon Springs as they manage the fire today instead of attempting to exit back through Loon Lake.

Any additional information or updates will be posted on www.JeepersJamboree.com and on Jeepers Jamboree Facebook page:



The Jeepers Jamboree is the oldest and largest organized event of this type in the world.   It has received worldwide publicity through television, radio, magazines and newspapers.   Guides have taken more than 35,000 vehicles and 102,000 people from throughout the world over the famous Rubicon Trail, considered to be the “Granddaddy” of all four-wheel trails – a 10 on most scales!  The annual winter storms provide new challenges each year by carving out a different trail among the rocky sluices and granite slabs.  As a result, almost all four-wheeling is done at 3‑5 miles per hour or less.  The Rubicon Springs encampment (altitude 6,060 ft. and the site of a late 19th Century mineral springs and hotel) provides a setting for fun and relaxation. Here you will be wined, dined and entertained in the finest High Sierra style.  The 60th anniversary event is going to be the best yet.  www.JeepersJamboree.com

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