Ultra4 Norcal Jason Scherer

2013 Ultra4 Nor Cal Stampede

Congratulations to Jason Scherer for the win!  Full Story posted CLICK HERE

Second: Loren Healey     Third: Wayland Campbell

Full Results posted at: http://ultra4racing.com/featured/local-racer-scherer-wins-metalcloak-nor-cal-stampede/

Photos from Saturday Afternoon Main Races

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Photos from Friday Night & Saturday Morning

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Photos from Friday Qualifying:

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Prelim Results: http://ultra4racing.com/the-inside-line/metalcloak-nor-cal-stampede-prelim-results/


jason scherer rubicon express kevin yoderMetalCloak Nor-Cal Stampede Driver’s List 

Driver Name Car #

Matthew Rager  74

Eric Anderson 66

Wayland Campbell 3

Loren Healy 67

Nathan Unruh 4477

Wayne Hartwig 4502

Alex Hardaway 4481

Damen Nikolakakis 50

Jeff Russell 4427

JP Gomez 4483

Kevin Kidwell 4428

Robert Daly 775

JT Stephens 4454

Matson Breaky 4576

Kevin Sacalas 4435

Marcos Gomez 4486

Brian Tilton 4416

Shad Gunderman 213

Darren Henke 4441

Brent Geogebeur 4473

Jeremy Hengl 85

Jake Hallenbeck 4775

Andy Brown 4455

Troy Stone 212

Dee Wade 457

Matt Nieman 4487

Jesse Haines 4499

Kevin Yoder 4434

Douglas Evans 623

Jason Scherer 76

Michael Trebino 4449

Justin Foxworthy 10

Raul Gomez 4482

Shannon Campbell 5

Dustin Sexton 4437

Jake Yeoman 777

Greg Lundeen 313

Jim Brown 104

Ivan Van Ortwick 4465

Mike Klensin 4431

Brian Wood 510

Larry Anderson 742

Michael Mcquigg 221

Jason Blanton 966

Keith Xavier 4459

Rob Larson 689

Gary Ferravanti 4476

Matt Thorson 666

Mike Anderson 412


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