2013 Dirt Riot & W.E. Rock Schedule

As the 2012 season comes to a close, we are proud to announce the 2013 schedule for Dirt Riot and W.E. Rock.

*** www.werocklive.com will always have the most current information.  Please review periodically for changes.  They will be noted.

W.E. Rock

New for 2013:
– 3 Event Series
– Combined Events with Dirt Riot

*Friday Night Driver Meet & Greet
*Saturday & Sunday Events; except  Dayton, TN – Fri & Sat Night Events
*Sunday Shootout & Awards Ceremony; except Dayton, TN – Sat Night

West Series
3/16/13 Thunderrock Offroad Park, Congress, AZ***
5/25/13 Cedar City, UT***
7/20/13-7/21/13  Goldendale, WA

East Series
4/19/13-4/20/13  Dayton, TN
6/29/13-6/30/13  Badlands, Attica, IN
8/9/13-8/10/13    Dayton, TN

WE Rock Grand Nationals
9/28/13-9/29/2013  Cortez, CO



New for 2013:
– Southeastern Series
– Combined Events with W.E. Rock
– UTV Only Event

*Friday Night Driver Meet & Greet
*Saturday Racing & Awards Ceremony

Southeast Series
2/23/13  Great American Park, Auburn, AL
4/27/13  Gray Rock, Birmingham, AL
8/24/13  Durhamtown Plantation, Union Point, GA

Central Series
3/2/13   Brazos Valley Off Road Ranch, Bryan, TX
4/13/13  Coppermines Offroad Park, Altus, OK
6/1/13   Canyons Offroad Park, Fredericksburg, TX

Southwest Series
3/17/13  Thunderrock Offroad Park, Congress, AZ***
5/26/13  Cedar City, UT***
7/6/13   Cortez, CO***

Mountain Series
3/30/13  Area BFE, Moab, UT
6/15/13  RAM Offroad Park, Colorado Springs, CO
7/6/13   Cortez, CO*** 

Dirt Riot National Rampage
10/12/13  Bridgeport, TX


UTV Only Race
5/18/13  Area BFE, Moab, UT  (Moab UTV Rally)


***Combined Events:
3/16-3/17 – Thunderrock Offroad Park. Congress, AZ     Saturday: WERock   Sunday: Dirt Riot
5/25-5/26 – Cedar City, UT       Saturday: WERock   Sunday: Dirt Riot
7/6 –   Cortez, CO    One Day Dirt Riot for both Southwest &             Mountain Series


Schedule Always Subject to Change Please Reference WERockLive.com  For Most Current Information

If you would like the schedule emailed to you in a .docx or .pdf format please email Charlene@BowerMedia.com

2013 Schedule PUBLIC werock dirt riot

More Information on What Dirt Riot and W.E. Rock is:

 werock dirt riot 2013

Why be part of the Dirt Riot and W.E. Rock family of sponsors and racers?  Here are a few of our stats from 2012:

Stats for 2012 werock dirt riot

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