2013 Cantina for the Con Rubicon Trail Foundation Fundraiser Information

This is the information to be a Raffle Donor, Sponsor and/or Vendor at the 9th Cantina for the Con Event.

When: Labor Day Weeeknd – Saturday August 31 – Sunday September 1   2013

Where:  Loon Lake Entrance to Rubicon Trail –>  Accessible by Car or RV

Who: Rubicon Trail Foundation  –>  www.RubiconTrail.org  –> 888-6RUBICON  –> Facebook.com/RubiconTrailFoundation

Why:  This is an annual Fundrasier for the 501(c)3 Non-Profit Mission: To Enhance the Future Health and Use of the Rubicon Trail while Ensuring Responsible Motorized Year-round Trail Access. We advocate for your Continued Motorized Access to the Trail and Surrounding Public Lands.   Why Doc PDF

Why Doc


What: See this series of images that explain the event.  You are welcome to share any/all of them. (Click to make them bigger)

What is Cantina for the ConWhat is Cantina for the Con  How Support Cantina for the Con  Why Come Cantina for the Con  Why Support Cantina for the Con



All Raffle Prizes are accepted and appreciated.

Your name or company name will be on a list published on the RubiconTrail.org website.


See the Handout Below to understand how to participate as a Sponsor or Vendor  (Click to Make Larger)  Be A CTFC Sponsor Doc <- PDF

CTFC Sponsor Doc

What we are saying online, on Facebook and on the trail about some of the NEW Additions for 2013

Event T-Shirt – This will be the first year that you can pick up an event tshirt!  The Rubicon Trail inspired design will be a must have for your closet and the first pick when it is time to grab a Tshirt to head out!  Everyone has been asking and we are delivering.  We will also have the original RTF Shirt and other items for sale as well.


“Cantina Coupon Book”  – This is a new idea…How about we give you a coupon book filled with discounts from all of our Sponsors and Raffle Prize Donators?  We will put all the deals together for you into a simple booklet.  It is our Thank You for coming to the event and also a great way for you to know what companies are supporting the Rubicon Trail so you can support back.

Everyone that buys a Raffle ticket at the event and any raffle prize that is shipped out will get a Cantina Coupon Book!


Drive-In Movie Night on Saturday – There were all kinds of ideas thrown around for a Saturday night activity and we all agreed on a Drive-In Movie!  What better way to watch a movie than in the seat of an off-road vehicle!  Without knowing how many people will join us for this 1st ever movie night, we opted to bring it “into town” and hold it in the main cantina area.

The Movie?  It will be a combination of lots of Off-Road Videos!  (of course!)


Encourage at Home Ticket Purchases – If you can’t come all the way to California for this event, we understand and appreciate your support from where ever you are!  You can call 888-6RUBICON to purchase tickets and be entered into the Raffle.  If you win you will be responsible for any shipping fees and will receive a Cantina Coupon Book in your package!


New Kitchen Layout for Quicker Taco Line – If you are coming…wait until you see what we brewed up in the kitchen.  No, it’s nothing new to taste, but it is a much fancier kitchen layout that will get you through the Taco Line much faster than ever before!


The Website RubiconTrail.org is Rockin – The website got a makeover in the last year and we are excited to show it off!  Not only can you come to the website before the event to see the list of donators build, but you can also stop by after the event for the list of winner and tons of pictures!


Pre-Sale BBQ is Almost As Fun!  – Tuesday August 20th we will have our annual Pre-Sale BBQ at Extreme Gear Off-Road in Rancho Cordova from 5:30-8:30pm.   Join us for a BBQ, buy up some raffle tickets and join us for a all around good time!


We Keep Talking About Tickets – The Raffle is known for its amazing set of products that are given away every year.  Our goal this year is to sell 44,000 tickets!  Can you help!?  Remember…everything goes towards the health of the Rubicon Trail…   Here are the deals: 1 for $1 ; 15 for $10 ; 32 for $20 ; 100 for $60 ; 200 for $100.  Reminder, you do not need to be present to win!  You can order over the phone Today: 888-6RUBICON


Have you seen the ads yet?  – We have placed a couple of ads out there in the print and internet world telling everyone about the event.  Let us know that you saw them!



FLIER Print #1

2013 RTC CFC Flier 3





Did you see last years photo album?  CLICK HERE!   < Facebook Album, feel free to TAG & SHARE


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