2012 W.E. Rock Rock Crawling Championship Series

Bower Motorsports Media is proud to be part of the W.E. Rock series composed of a West and East Pro Series.  Each Series hosts 4 events in each region and then the final Grand Nationals event brings the East vs West championships to one spot.

Please scroll down to the bottom for the most current race recap links which are posted on W.E. Rock’s website:www.WERockLive.com.  In most cases, Graphics, Pictures and Videos are products of Bower Media.


W.E. Rock Western – Congress, Arizona

Website Link for Results and Pictures:  http://www.werocklive.com/2012/w-e-rock-western-series-round-1/


W.E. Rock Eastern – Dayton, TN

Website Link for Results and Pictures: http://www.werocklive.com/2012/w-e-rock-eastern-series-round-1-dayton/


W.E. Rock Western – Cedar City, UT

Website Link for Results and Pictures:  http://www.werocklive.com/2012/w-e-rock-western-series-round-2-cedar-city/


W.E. Rock Eastern – Hannibal, Missouri

Website Link for Results and Pictures:  http://www.werocklive.com/2012/w-e-rock-eastern-series-round-2-hannibal/ 


SEE FULL SCHEDULE:  http://www.werocklive.com/events/

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