2012 Cinco de Baja

2012 Cinco de Baja race in New Mexico

Pre-Race – Photo Shoot and Contingency

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Video from Friday PhotoShoot:


SPLIT TIMES: http://www.moto-tally.com/BRT/Results.aspx?EY=2012&EID=2&SC=O1&SV=CT

As Per BRT Website:
Race results for the ODR/BRT Ultra 4 Racing Cinco de Baja.

TT- 1st- #57 Carl Beal
Class 1- 1st- #105 Mike Luny
7U- 1st- #777 Pat Sims
7S- 1st- #707 Greg Wells
10- 1st- #1044 Gordon Self
10- 2nd- #1016 Mark Melson
12- 1st-#1229 Dennis Sonnenberg
3000- 1st- #3013 Randy Watson
1900- 1st- #1912 Joe Dixon
1900- 2nd- #1999 Rob Usnick
1800-1st- #1473 Mitchell Martinez
4400- 1st- #4417 Matt Messer
4400- 2nd- #4428 Loren Healy
4400-3rd- #81 Levi Shirley
4600- 1st- #4646 Ferris McCollum

66 racers started the day which made for some great racing on the very fast 38 mile loop. Fastest lap in the Baja race was put down by the #57 Carl Beal with a 39 min lap with a top speed of 126MPH and the fastest lap for the 4400’s was #4417 Matt Messer with 37 minutes, alot of racers were really putting in some great lap times. We will have complete results with times, etc when we get back into Texas. Everyone at BRT is proud to be part of this event and we would like to thank Drew and Dana Garcia, Joe Cowling and the entire ODR staff, Dave Cole and Ultra 4 Racing, IRC, Charlene Bower and Bower Motorsports Media, Travis Johnson with Torx productions, Ross Creek TrailRiders Mike, George, Tara, Ron, The Boys from Texas Tech and A&M, Ultimate accessories, Sunstate Equipment, Overland Motorsports, 4 Wheel Parts, OG Extreme Clothing, Gordunos, Burntables, and all of the supporters that helped to make this an incredible weekend of racing. Thank you. Keep checking back here and on our sitewww.bajaracingtexas.com for more info on complete results, pics, and video from the Cinco de Baja.


Photos from Motorcycle / ATV / Sportsman UTV Race


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Photos from Main Race


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Ultra4 Finishing Order & Qualifing Status for 2013 King of the Hammers

Name – Number – Qualified

1 Matt Messer 17 qualified
2 Loren Healy 4428 Former King
3 Levi Shirley 81 qualified @KOH
4 Rick Mooneyham 554 qualified @KOH
5 Gary Ferravanti 4446 qualified
6 Stephen Watson 4488 qualified
7 Nick Nelson 4404 qualified
8 Darren Henke 4441 qualified
9 Scott Ward 4438 qualified
10 Cottin Rodd 4407 qualified
11 Jason Pickett 4444 qualified
12 Chris Hoyt 53 qualified
13 Jeremy Dickenson 4419 qualified
14 Shannon Campbell 5
15 Todd McCullen 4422
16 Andy Brown 4455
17 Matt Rose 4456
18 Jason Shipman 4414
19 Mike Feagins 4456
20 Kevin Gamble 4476
21 Marcos Gomez 4482
22 Dustin Isenhour 4472
23 Mike Nappi 4490
24 Greg Lundeen 701
25 Dustin Sexton 4437
26 Chris Garrison 4494
DNF Jason Scherer 76
DNF Chad Wheeler 4423
DNF Alex Hardaway 4481
DNF Clint Ellett 4470
DNF Brian Shirley 18 qualified @KOH
DNF Paul Garner 4409
DNF Mike Hoffman 509
DNF Ben Swain 36
DNF JT Stephens 4454
DNF Troy Stone 4429
DNF Jim Brown 104
DNF James Morris 6665
DNF Andrew McLaughlin 4493
DNF Bill Baird 5252



This album includes more pictures of individual drivers that purchased their pictures. These are the “Charlene Picks” that I set up for display.  Drivers that purchase their pictures get all the high resolution photos, the set that we set up for display in both high res and low res.  They are available to utilize for team promotion.  To purchase your Driver Set please contact charlene@bowermedia.com.

Larry McRae – Poison Spyder
Matt Messer – Trail Gear
Loren Healy – 667 Racing
Matt Rose – #4456
Troy Stone – #4429
Mitch Funk – #4515
Jeff Rector – #4505
Clay Gilstrap – UTV
Shawn Rants – #4531
Marcos Gomez – #4482
Rob Usnick – UTV
Jason Scherer – #76

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