2011 Soldier Meadows

Our Fall Motorcycle ride consisted of over 300 miles of Northern Nevada desert riding from Gurlach, NV to Soldier Meadows for Saturday night and then back to Gurlach.  A pretty regular trip for the family, some new faces were added to the pack.  On the ride this year was Ben, Brent, Charlene, Dave, Kevin, John, Scott, Tim, Jerry and Gil.  As always, Deanna drove the chase van with gear bags and fuel, also this year wives Shari and Mardi joined the chase crew.

For More information on Soldier Meadows go to www.SoldierMeadows.com


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Charlene takes you with her on a family weekend.  Meet her family, ride with her, even when she gets off the trail…whoops!, see petrified wood, caves and check out Soldier Meadows….



And Everyone Walked Away…

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  1. Michael Dickerson
    Michael Dickerson says:

    Loved the videos, looked like some great family fun at less that the kind of fun me and my family like to have. thanks for sharing


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